September 20, 2012

Animefest Sunday, Sept. 2

Before I begin this post, I just wanted to start out with saying OMFG XIAXUE'S FUCKING PREGGY! ⊙▂⊙ *ahem* Now with that said and done!
A few weeks ago I went to animefest for a day with my sister and meet up with a couple of friends.  It was kind of slow which was expected because although it wasn't the last  day of the con, it was on a Sunday. So I felt kind of silly for buying a badge :/ Didn't really use it to its full potential. Blah, aside from that I did take a few snaps here and there...
Of course I saw two slendermen there. This one was the shorter one but there was a taller one I saw soon after I took a pic with this guy but he looked like he was in a rush so I didn't wanna stop him. 
I was so mad I didn't have the money to buy this adorable plushie :< I would always use more plushies. Oh and h.Naoto was there like they are every year. I love seeing their collection as well as Hangry & Angry. It really makes me want to be lolita for a moment just to wear their pieces.

And lastly a shot of my sister with Adventure Time dude...
But that was really it. The con was extremely bland this year which explains why this post is abnormally short for a convention post. I missed all the good stuff that happened on Saturday when all of my other friends went but next year I hope to go to Anime Matsuri in Houston if others plan on going with me. These Dallas cons just aren't doing it for me like they used to including A-KON and I never thought I'd find myself saying such a thing. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the bit that it entailed.

This music video and song of GD has been on my damn head all week long! Have you heard it? I love the chaos of it all -w- This sadly reminds me of how I found out I won't be able to go to Big Bang's concert because of a wedding I'm going to on the it'll be kinda hard for me to afford since I'm inbetween jobs atm.


  1. adshgdjsgdfg oomgg about xiaxue. I saw on instagram and her blog and was so shocked! Like i wanted to post it on my blog..but didn't know if alot of my readers knew her! I never thought she would have a baby well because of how self centered she is lol.

    anyway, i wish i had events like this where i lived. even though you said it was pretty bland it's still nice to go ;-; I never been to anything like this. The slender man was really on point xD I bet alot of people will be slender man for halloween. Such cute things to buy there too~!

    Omggg gdragonnn <3 So funny how we both posted today about it xD I love

  2. Oh~!! I'm so happy for Xiaxue and Mike when I found out the news too! I noticed it on Facebook and tweeted her eventually to congratulate her!

    The black skirt you wore is really cute! We have one big con here that comes every November called, Youmacon. I plan to go to it this year. I love the picture with the slender man! He looks really awesome. XDD

    Anyways, nice post! I always enjoy reading your blog ^^

  3. Yeah when I found out about it I was like srsly?!! o.o I hope she becomes a good mother no matter what despite her personality traits that aren't so attractive. We'll just have to wait and see. She's already talking about if it's not a girl she'll feel a little less excited which I guess I can understand why but still -.-

    Lol Slenderman used to be so scary to me for the longest time and here I am posing with him like it ain't nothing XD He still freaks me the fuck out! But I can see a lot of people dressing up for him during Halloween as well haha gunna not leave my house that night 0.0

  4. Thank you! :D I hope you have fun at your convention :) You planning to cosplay or dress up?

  5. you look so cute <3

  6. I never cosplayed before and my first time going to a convention was last year, when I went to two cons. I would like to dress up this year, but I'm not sure yet. I want to be a maid for some reason, lol. Like Misaki from the anime/manga Maid Sama, if you have heard of it. XD

  7. Aww well maids are definitely adorable and are usually a crowd favorite. If I had a legit maid costume I'd have done one by now but sadly I don't -__- They look like so much fun to do. Bet you'll get lots of pics!

  8. I was so happy for Xiaxue when I saw her instagram picture! I feel you when you say you need more plushies. I need a plushie to even start a plushie collection! And omg the BIGBANG concert in NJ sold out before the day even ended >.< Thanks gawd a bought my ticket that morning!


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