September 15, 2012

Bday gets + OOTD, other news~

In relation to my previous post about me being on hiatus, I made a video discussing why I chose to not create a new blog/new YT channel after all. In short, I can't see myself restarting yet again for the sake of money. It's only money, but my followers are my awesome ass followers lol so I chose to stick with this blog and my Youtube channel in the end *horray!* :) You can watch my new video I included at the end of this post talking about it in more detail. On to the goods I've been aching to share with you guys was my birthday a few weeks back and I already posted pics on my Facebook so some of you have probably already seen them but I'll share my outfit that I wore and presents!
Remember that shop Kevin took me to when he bought me those clothes? My mom bought me this lovely gold one sleeve dress from these and it is super sexy to say the least. I got the necklace off ebay for really cheap, the bangles were from F21, and the earrings were from a vendor at my college. Then there's the shoes...
Put in the insoles because they hurt after a while lol!
These sexy motherfuckers...oh my heavens they were calling my name from the moment I saw them! I got these for only $23 at a store inside the local mall called Shoe Mart and although the quality of customer service there was shitty as well as the interior design (sorry it really was -.-), the shoes they had there were out of this world gorgeous and affordable! Going there again for some boots this fall/winter. I am so into mint/pastel colors as of late too which is why I pinked these :) On to my face...
The day before, this lady threaded my eyebrows with a higher arch which I actually grew to love. Normally they're always the same semi-straight shape so at first I wasn't sure how it framed my eyes since I have never went that high before but I really love it and might even go a few millimeters higher next time (watch me have no brows TAT lol jk!) But it helps make you look sexier, trust me. Gaijin gals like my friend Sukoa have some of the sexiest brows and I think a large reason is because of how high the arch is. I love it :D 
Here was one of the two cakes I got. This was bought at Mozart by my honey (*´・v・) I never had one from there and always wanted one but they're so expensive, however rightfully so. This was a strawberry shortcake and the design was simply captivating.

 Ate it up! Was delicious man. Here are some of the presents I got as well.
I know some of y'all are like wtf, that's so old! But I never played it and a good friend of mine highly suggested I play it so she bought it for me :D I need a mem card for it though so I haven't played on it yet.

 From Kalicia :D Wore the necklace in my newest video!
I'll be doing proper reviews of these very soon :D I love how the last one was given to me for free on my bday when I was at TheFaceShop and you can see the fruit seeds in them. So healthy and nutritious looking!
I have not read thoroughly through a manga in heavens knows how long so I'm glad I got this. I'll see if it's any good. The girl looks adorable!
 Hello Kitty headphones! These are pinned up right next to my bed :D Thank you Sam for these! I get to tune out my sister's annoying t.v. in the next room.
That was given to me by a lovely girl who follows me on my fb and she was such a darling. A fellow college student like myself still managed to buy me a gift. I felt so touched! Honestly, I have some of the best group of friends out there. Even those who couldn't buy me anything, I am still so grateful to have them in my life. Here's to being 20 years old! Going to get my goals and accomplishments done from this point forward more seriously. Wish me luck! Tomorrow's Kevin's birthday so I gotta make sure I got all his gifts together and what not. Can't believe he's already 25! His mom was like...when am I going to have my grand babies the other day again XD I couldn't help but lol, mom's are always the first to ask that question it seems like. Anyway, I will see you in my next post! Please watch my video I mentioned earlier below!


  1. Mmmn, yaaaaaaas you better work! Look at you Crystak looking like a bag of money! LOl >.< I love the dress and the heels! you look AH-MAZING!

  2. Alicia Anderson9/15/12, 6:30 PM

    I had to do a double take when I read the card, I was like, "I sent her something? O.e" Lol, but really, I'm glad you had an awesome birthday, and I agree, you looked fab! :D

  3. OMGAAAH you look like a model! *_*
    I actually really love your eyebrows :)
    In general, straighter eyebrows look more friendly while arched eyebrows are ^^'
    Whatever it is, the shape suits you well.

  4. Ivie darling, your comments always give me joy <3 lol thank you doll!

  5. Haha yes you did, thank you once again. I love the smell of the body spray! :D

  6. Ahh yes, you put it really well! My brows were definitely on the friendlier side before I got them threaded haha but these look hot! Thank you for the compliment :D

  7. Them shoeees!!! You look so gorgeous! and The hello kitty headphones are the cutest!

  8. Haha ikr oh my goodness, I was spazzing out when I finally put them on and saw how nice they looked on me. Thank you Lolo sweetie!

  9. Oh gurl you so hawt ! You look freaking beautiful! I love those shoes. I recently got a pair of pumps in that color too. Mine are about six inches though with a 2 or 3 in platform though. I hope you had a lovely bday :) I love your buys too! Oh your eye brows, looking good! You know how i love eye brows with a high arch haha, they make a huge difference right! Now watch you start filling them in soon xD Ohhh love your wig in that video, does it get tangled easily...I want to get one similar but not sure can you curl it? Sorry for the questions xD

  10. Aww your presents look soo cute. I love that dress and the colour of those shoes. Those head phones are amazing, I got some like them from Hot Topic, they're TMNT though.. ^^

  11. Thank you! I'd love to see yours :) & yes, they do make such a major difference! I can't see myself going back now haha!

    It actually doesn't get tangled especially in comparison to my straight Prisila wig ironically. I just finger comb through it and out comes the tangles if there are any. I haven't styled it yet since it is still in good shape, but when I do I will let you know. Something tells me that you can curl this wig though. Do you plan on buying your wig off ebay or another site? Because I can recommend my shopping service guy who helped me get this one if you'd like.

  12. Thanks! Hot Topic should definitely sell some like those, I wouldn't be shocked if I found them there. They're so good too!

  13. You're weclome one of these days ill do a haul xD
    Wow i would figure the curly one would be such a hassle. Please do let me know because i dont want to buy a curly one like that and then not be able to recurl it.
    I was planning on buying a prisila one with tenso or something but please i'd like the extra help <3

  14. Awww, I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday! Between the cake and the shoes, it looks like you got the proper birthday treatment~ Also, your birthday outfit is gorgeous!

    I can tell you that I remember Kitchen Princess was cute when I read the first couple of volumes waaaaaaay back when it came out (old gal is old, lol~), so I hope you like it!

    Thanks for sharing and good to see you back~

  15. Oh sure thing girl, not a problem! Well this guy is on my facebook but feel free to look him up and add him if you'd like. Look for Keisuke Motoyakishi on FB and he should be the only one to pop up. He's the guy who helped me so you can tell him I referred you. But ask him any questions you may have and he should be speedy with how quickly he answers them :) I really hope it works out for you! I still gotta make a post about him, you just reminded me lol!

  16. dam your makeup looks on point

  17. Just spreading joy in the world :3

  18. Aww thank you sweetheart! :D

  19. Thank you Chrissie!! Oh so it's an older series? Had no idea, but I'm definitely loving it so far :) I'm going to have to go out and find the other volumes now. You're very welcome. I'm glad to be back hopefully this time for good.


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