October 26, 2012

† DIY Pastel Goth spiked floral headband tutorial †

I must be slow for not knowing I could share my new videos on my blogspot from Youtube from a simple button feature they have .__. Haha anyway, I know this post was unexpected but last minute I decided to share this tutorial of my floral headband I made for my pastel goth outfit :D More videos/pics coming soon! Please please please like, share, favorite, subscribe it really makes a huge difference and helps a lot :) Have a good Friday everybody!


  1. Oh so cute!!! Too cute for me though, I would be happy with just spikes xD! Large spikes hmm..i want a giant bow head band with spikes on it nao...
    Check you out in your silver wig, so hawt i love it! And omg you got the sneakers how awesome!

    Ohhh your fucking stockings are so cute! You know i want those so freaking bad I want to where them all year round...especially on christmas so people can look at me like im cray cray.

  2. Thank you and lol that'd be cute! Yeah the whole creepycute subculture is great with combining cuteness and creepy/edginess together and I love it so much for that! Pastel goth seems to be more edgy though, I could see you fitting in well with that more than the creepy cute business. And hahaha if you wore those stockings during the holidays, pleeeeeease take pictures so I can have a laugh xD you'd still look cute regardless of what anybody says though :)


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