October 6, 2012

Like my Facebook Page and heavy rant...

Hi guys! I wasn't going to make this post but since I did it I thought I'd share with everyone here too. I created my Facebook "fan" page today in hopes that you all would show your support to me through there and keep in contact with me on that page instead of my personal Facebook. I haven't deleted anyone currently on my Facebook but I don't plan on adding a bunch of people I haven't spoke with as much as I used to before, hence why the creation of this page. Anyway, I did mention that I planned on doing a fun giveaway soon so if you want to get a head start on participating you can go ahead and like my page on the sidebar of my blog or here :)
I even made a little graphic for you, tehe~
I can't say thank you enough to everyone who genuinely likes what I do online. I don't get paid for it, it's just an honest hobby I do as a form of escapism sometimes and also more importantly to release my expression. When I see people jump to the conclusion that I'm attention seeking because of what I post on my facebook, blog or Youtube, it confuses the shit out of me o.O It has only happened once being last night and that was when some cunt decided to hop her sloppy ass on this picture of me and Kevin...
Last night, my sweetheart kindly agreed to doing my hair and went all out! He cut in layers AND curled it and it looked great! I couldn't have done it by myself and after making such a difficult wig for the past 2 days, I had no energy to do so anyway. Shockingly, not even my sister knows how to do what he did and she's good at doing hair...just not that. He was dressed for my friend's wedding we were going to later that evening further explaining the formal attire. We both would do anything for each other no matter what people may think of us, that includes my friends, family, or whoever else has an opinion about it. So when I read what this piece of shit said about how he looked like a gay hairstylist and that she wasn't really feeling the picture because of that, I saw red. After a few friends kindly intervened, I came back and replied with something along the lines of if you don't like it, gtfo. The bitch would not understand my point and continued on to defend herself when she was clearly in the wrong. I can't have people even slightly insulting someone like Kevin to me. He means way too much for me to let that slide so I put her whack ass on blast then eventually blocked her but it led me to want to say this, and it's a first.

I'm not purposely prancing around with my boyfriend showing everyone pictures of me and him together for the sake of gaining popularity, PERIOD POINT MOTHERFUCKING BLANK. I understand that the AMBW/BWAM community are the biggest audience that watch our content but if you can tell, I do not and will never dedicate 100% of my posts, videos, statuses about our relationship. That shit gets old, fast! No matter who does it and if people also think that I consider myself above their level because I went and snagged myself an Asian boyfriend, you need to listen and listen good. I never think or had the thoughts of my boyfriend being a future trophy Asian husband or some shit. 

I get that I made videos discussing hot topics centered around black women and Asian men but that was NOT me desperately pleading for the attention of Asian men. If that were the case, I would have blatantly said "I want an Asian guy! Why won't they like me??" which I have seen sadly on some channels. I made those videos as a way to open discussion in the comments based from those topics and gain a better understanding of what most Asian men think of black women when my curiosity of the matter was at it's peak. Before Kevin came along, I didn't even have a preference. Did you guys forget that my ex-boyfriend was Nigerian American? Dark skinned tall lanky guy who looks NOTHING like a k-pop star...yeah, I guess people wanna act like I don't like my own kind or some bs. But do you wanna know why he didn't look like a k-pop idol? Because I date for love, not shallow stupid reasons like wanting to be with some oppa for the rest of my life and have blasian babies to brag about. If that were the case, I'd have already been with an Asian guy prior to Kevin who I'm sure would have not clicked as well with me as me and Kevin do. What is the point in focusing so much on race? I really am going to make a video about this soon because this topic works my last nerves...

Is it so hard to believe that I am not one of those girls? I dropped that stupid ideology long, long, long ago. I find men of all races highly attractive so to hear complete fuckery like that drives me absolutely insane. I can't even speak too much about how some people think I am only popular because of my AMBW videos and Kevin being my bf. It makes me not want to put him on my blogs or Youtube channel at all and I have really been considering just completely ignoring the topic of our relationship entirely so that these dumb fucks realize that. But when the majority of others approve of our relationship and show so much support and love, I couldn't possibly do that to them when it obviously makes them feel so happy to see us happily together so the good wins over the bad. 

All I can say is, I love my blackness. I love being Nigerian American. I love being apart of my culture however I also love experiencing other cultures whether they're Asian or not. Don't judge people you never even spoke with right off the bat based on what you see. Not only will it lead to inaccurate assumptions, but it could really hurt someone's feelings. I hate that Kevin unfortunately read her rude comment before I could steer my laptop away from him and felt hurt. He's not used to people talking that way and shouldn't be exposed to such trolls like her! I don't ever want this to happen again, and if it does that will be the last straw. I really can't stand for stuff like that. I had to reassure him after he read it and he felt better soon after but still. I remember how it felt to read something hurtful from someone online when I wasn't yet immune to it a few years ago and it really does stay in your mind for a few days depending on what is said so just watch what you say. Anyway, we didn't let that one stupid girls comment ruin our night thankfully. I have so much to talk about on my post about the wedding. 

To end this on a happy note, guess who got the brides bouquet? Hahaha yup! Anyway, hanging out with my gal friend in another hour. Toodles!
EDIT - I know there are errors but I wrong this in a hurry. 
EDIT again -__-" - I wasn't solely referring to this one girl in this rant...obviously! But some idiot went on g_s and decided to be cute to make it seem like I was being irrelevant in my rant and my response to that is uhm...no. This is a reference to a compilation of bullshit I've dealt with concerning my relationship with my boyfriend...didn't think it had to be so damn important to announce that but to those who wondered, there you go. Now keep my name out of your mouth ffs and stop making me your hobby.


  1. I love you guys! There's always going to be stupid people on the web =="
    Just remember you have amazing people that support you regardless! :D

  2. "some cunt decided to hop her sloppy ass on this picture of me and Kevin"
    LMFAOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Yeah I saw that this morning and the girl was being so stupid. Like, I was just.....I couldn't even because other people had already said everything that needed to be said. Honestly, I just don't understand why people take the time to write hateful comments on people's pictures. Like? Whut? It's mad excessive for no reason. But LOl, keep it pushing girl! You're popular for you. I didn't find you when you were dating him. People need to calm their crazy boobies and get them under control with a secure and proper bra.

  3. LMAOO I remember reading that comment and I was like..'They bout to get it' XD Lol i'm tired of this whole stereotype of black people who date Asian men or white men. I don't have a preference either and I don't see anything wrong with a black girl dating outside her race. Its not like we're trying to get rid of our blackness that's utter bs~

  4. Aww :KEVIN IF YOU READ THIS!! Please know that you have nothing to worry about. YOU && crystal look great! Don't let stupid comments get in the way. I was so hurt to read that bullshit. The fact that you took the time to do crystals hair was very kind, && on top of that you did a good job lol. && I hear future wedding bells.. Invite pwease ^_^

  5. Thank you Cassandra! I do have a lot of amazing people that support me and Kevin, they're the reason why I don't quit the internet all together! Thanks for bringing up that point :)

  6. Yeah so am I. I used to get it a lot when I was younger but as I got older it went away since I live near people who have a larger diversity in their own families so it's not abnormal being with Kevin to them but these people online I think are just wanting to bring me down because they see I am genuinely and utterly happy with this man. Such a pity for them really but *shrug* it's not my problem. *brushes off shoulder* :)

  7. Haha I'll tell him to read your comment when he gets off work :) I'm sure he'll appreciate that, thank you!

  8. lmao that last sentence = <3 hahaha thank you Ivie! It never makes sense when people have something negative to say about something that was intended to spread the idea of love but people wanna try and act out because they think I won't speak up. Uhm, hell no! They dun goofed, because I call out anybody who tries to mess with me like that and so do my online buddies like yourself :3 Couldn't be happier to have you around as well as the several others. Means so damn much.

  9. You guys look soo cute, ughh I wish I could find a boyfriend competent enough to do my hair, because I damn sure hate doing it. I dread every time I wash it, because then I have to dry it and style it. I can't say anything better than what everyone else said so I'll quote T.I, "Never mind what haters say, ignore them 'til they fade away." Sorry my sister loves that song, corny, but relevant. xD

  10. Online Buddies!!! :) Yeah, I guess the concept, "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all," needs to be taught more. But yeah, just do you. haters gon hate.

  11. miyabi lemon10/7/12, 5:16 PM

    Bitches ain't shit! LOL seriously like wth.

  12. Okay. First of all I think its fucking cute as fuck your bf did you hair. Does he do hair? Like went to school for doing hair or no? Just asking because that's so awesome. I would love if michael would do my hair LOL.
    The girl is just JEALOUS. She is jealous because she probably had NO MAN in her life and is hating on you because you have an amazing boyfriend who takes care of you and treats you good. Obviously you both love each other an do everything for each other so why does someone need to hate on other people happiness?
    On to the Black and Asian dating. I hear it all fucking day long too. Yes I have a thing for Asian men, but that doesn't mean I go around like I ONLY DATE ASIAN MEN AND I ONLY WANT ASIAN MEN SO I CAN BE POPULAR I WANT HIM TO LOOK LIKE A KPOP STAR OMG BRAG BRAG. No. My exboyfriend was Asian (Laos) and my current one is Asian as well (Viet) but that doesn't mean shit. Just because it's 2012 and everyone dates out of their race doesn't mean anything. I LOVE Michael and he loves me. I DON'T LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE IS ASIAN.I love him forrrr him! His personality and he stands out to me other than anyone else. AND OBVIOUSLY YOU DONT LOVE KEVIN BECAUSE HE IS ASIAN AND YOU'RE BLACK!!! OMG! I could just shoot the fuck out of someone right now. Little petty shit like this is what pisses me off. People are so quick to jump to their own assumptions it's ridiculous. You and Kevin are happy! Why can't people understand and shut the fuck up. But you know damn well no one will say this shit right to your face. They hide behind the computer. I'd fuck up anyone in a heart beat over some shit like this!
    You look cute though <3333!! :DDD!!!

  13. Haha Kevin does his sisters hair and his own. He styles and cuts and has been doing it for years for the both of them so I'd say he can be pretty trusted and her hair always looks good.

    I honestly was thinking the same thing too when she said what she said. It's funny because on one of her older statuses she posted something about how she was happy to be single and blahblahblah some other bs but always sounds so bitter on her updates. Such a mess. But LMAO! your anger sounds like a perfect reenactment of mine that day, lemme tell you hahaha! I was so ready enraged but I almost feel pity for that girl. Such a shame but one day, karma's going to bite her hard in the ass. Or probably already has which would explain why she is the way she is. It's good that you and Michael are together for that reason. I didn't think you'd be one of those girls who'd be like the ones I previously mentioned. Let's justs hope we can educate people about stuff like this through our experiences.

  14. oh my goodness, it's funny you say that because that song is one of Kevin's favorites XD He sings it every time he plays his CD in his car lmao but I do love that quote. Thank you so much :D

  15. I've never thought or got the feeling you were ever seeking attention or displaying AMBW fetishistic behavior. You always seem to be genuinely interested in sharing parts of yourself and your interests, while still keeping certain boundaries in place as you should. You and your boyfriend strike me as being very kind and loving people that are well matched. You've also never even mentioned the fact that you're in an interracial relationship or anything about AMBW, unless it was within some of the questions in that boyfriend tag.

    People just project, have their own agendas and make up fantasies when often times it's not truly what's going on, in addition to being haters. I don't blame you for the rant. If someone made a side azz comment about my man I'd rip them another ahole too, hahaha.

  16. lol thank you for seeing where I'm coming from in all of this. It honestly really upset me at first because I know for a FACT that that is not the type of person I am or ever will be so to have anyone, even if it's just one person, assume that really put me in a negative place. I'm glad you noticed that about me though. Our relationship is just a relationship. Yes he is Chinese American and I am Nigerian American but that isn't something I constantly refer to when talking about our relationship all of the time. *sigh* but I feel better now :) Especially knowing there are people out there who can see through all the lies like yourself. Thank goodness for you!


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