October 12, 2012

My friend Katherine's wedding :D

Hey guys! Hope everybody is having a good kick off start to the weekend. I actually editing a buttload of stuff atm. So much to be shared with my lovely readers of mine n.n First thing is the wedding I went to last week. It was beautiful! My friend Katherine and her new hubby Glen got engaged a few months ago and now they're finally husband and wife :) I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid! I had so much fun tbh and would do the entire night all over again. Here are some of the many pictures that Kevin, my photographer for the night, took.
Left: Aaron, my friend who was the maid of honor's bf; Right: Kevin ^ ^ Someone else actually took this pic.
Groom's cake lol looks awesome!
Beautiful bride's cake :D

sister Victoria in the front lol not too sure what she's grinning about.
Here's where Kevin blew me away with his photography skills with my new camera. These pics came out to look so stunning!

lol almost the same identical outfit from our 1 year xD haha!
I really like how you can see the red hair color in this pic. I dyed my old Indi Remi extensions and this was the results. I wanted something more vibrant but oh well *shrug* this looks more acceptable to have in a work place anyway. I might make a blog post tutorial...maybe?? Idk, there were some steps I forgot to take pictures off and something kind of went wrong which would explain why it didn't turn out as red/purple as I'd hoped but I still might make it.

One of the most memorable parts of the wedding was this moment right here lmao!
I got so lucky because she threw it slightly in my direction. I almost wonder if it was intentional or not because I think she heard me going on about how I was going to really try hard to catch that bouquet xD I hurt my knee cap a little in the process but it was worth it :D Such a pretty bunch of flowers that are now a permanent decorative piece in my bedroom :) When I told my mom, she started speaking in Igbo, praising God lmao smh oh mommy.

The wedding was so nice though and for a young couple like them, they did a bang up job at having all their shit together! Nothing seemed out of place like some weddings I have gone to in the past. I felt like crying so many times but shockingly held in my tears. Weddings really make me feel so happy about the future. Catching that bouquet doesn't mean I'll be getting hitched just yet though! Kevin and I both are not ready yet for that .__. We talk about it sometimes and how great it would be so at least we're on the same page that we both want to get married :3 It was such a relief because too many dudes try and act like they don't wanna hear nothing about that married life! lol but I think there are more and more people of this generation are wanting to hold off on marriage because of their career goals and what not which is reasonable. Hell it's my reason! But when you say you don't wanna get married when you're with someone who definitely does, there's a problem o.o So if anyone was thinking we are talking about weddings too soon with each other, there's my point for doing so right there. Communication is something I really value about our relationship. Maybe in the next 5-6 years is what I told him haha and no crazy ass proposal stunts! Something memorable but not outrageous. I seriously want to have beautiful wedding though, and my mom had already talked to me about how much she is going to invest in both mine and my sisters for us. I can't wait! I'm inviting my closest online friends but that won't be for some time from now so when it comes I will definitely announce it and hopefully by then everybody will be financially stable enough to pay for their flight and what not over Texas which is where I plan to have it ^ ^ Haha okay lemme stop! I'm over here unintentionally planning my wedding on this blog post. 

Before I go, have you heard this song by Verbal? It was on my friend's Facebook so I gave it a listen and unnnf! That falsetto *fans self* Just listen lol


  1. Awh you and your bf so cute together in your purple !
    The wedding seemed really nice and yay for catching the flowers haha :D!
    I see you are also changing your layout around! I just changed mine :D! Looks good~

  2. The wedding looks so beautiful!
    Congrats on catching the flowers, it'll be you next ^^ ~

  3. love the cake, simply beautiful <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  4. I did but my goodness, I think the next time I change it I'll just have my friend do it -_- It frustrated me so much trying to get it to look the way I wanted it too and it's still not exact but oh well.

    Thank you! lol it was pretty nice :D Glad we went!

  5. lol one day, I sure hope so and thanks! :D

  6. Sure! :) but the link was to a pair of cute leggings haha I'm guessing that was a mistake?

  7. The picture of you and Kevin together is gorgeous! And I love the gif of you catching the bouquet It's so funny omg!


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