October 13, 2012

New layout + Testing out the cam in Rockwall + Great news/Announcement!

Look at who updated her banner? Hehe, not sure why, but it looks good I just wish the html coding was tweaked a little better here and there. Plus I had to import my comments on my blog again when I already had knew ones so hopefully they'll update because I know some people left me some on my last post that I don't see there anymore xP *sigh* I will never master graphic designing especially on blogger. Anywho, everyone liked that picture of me on my Facebook so I figured I'd incorporate it into the design :) I noticed that I'm always changing my layouts when the fall/winter time comes around to something darker. I might change it again though tbh haha this is just a temporary one for the time being. Comments on it would be much appreciated! I also have good news to share with you all at the end of this post so don't forget to read that before you leave my bloggy!

Anyway, last week me and Kevin went to go to the Rockwall harbor together and spent our time mainly snapping pictures using my new camera. I really like how they came out and it is official. This camera is THE bomb!! So in love with my baby~

Wai he gotta be so damn photogenic though? >:x
And lastly, is a nice little gif I took on our way back when the sun was getting ready to set. So pretty!
It was a nice and chill day. We went to go watch Dredd and shockingly that movie turned out to be pretty good like the guy who rides the bus with me to school said O.o I was not expecting that at all! I did think it was pretty good for a movie I typically would avoid seeing. Kevin liked it too ^ ^ 

Today I'm going to a friends 21st bday party afterwards. Not sure what I'm going wear yet but I'll think of something. Trying to wear more heels nowadays lol wish my feet weren't so flat so they didn't hurt like hell but I'm gradually getting used to it. 

Before I go, I mentioned how I was going to announce some good news and that is I am going to be a model at Cosplay N Charm's Fashion Show! It'll be hella grand and anyone can come support me that lives in the DFW area :D I'm so stoked because who would have guessed a modeling opportunity would have come about so unexpectedly...I certainly wasn't looking for it that's for sure but boy am I thankful for it! I'll post an update on it as the date gets closer. 
You can find the event here on Facebook for the contest they're having as well. I can't wait for this!! I feel so proud TwT lol well till next time! 


  1. Aww, I wish I could attend but I'm in Washington~ Oh well, I'm sure there will be oodles of amazing pictures. And I love the banner! As well as your blog's BG too ♥

  2. Nice layout! I see you finally got it to work out, you look great in the banner pic! Check out your defined brows ;)
    You took some nice photos, glad you like your camera :3 Haha why are men so photogentic...good question LOL

  3. Aww thanks and I will make sure to take as many pictures as I can :3 There's going to be a lot to do so I know it might even be a 2 part blog post lol ^ ^ And thank you! Pretty glad it came out okay after all.

  4. Thank you Banny! Haha yeah I just got them done a few days before I took that pic for the wedding. Oh yeah I was meaning to get on that because I have another friend who wants to do the same lol I just am not sure how to share the code...should i just hand over the direct img/blog links together or something? Not sure how it really works.

  5. First CONGRATS! That's awesome you get to model<3
    I love the layout~ And the photos are gorgeous~ The water is just sparkling!

  6. Thank you Lolo my dear! Ikr! I hope more opportunities like this happen again. I'm sure it'll be so much fun!

  7. STYLE-SQUARED BY Z&amp;M10/14/12, 3:28 PM

    you are gorgeous and you are a magician when it comes to make up!!!!wow!!

    ps. let us know if you would like to follow each other



  8. Lol, he is photogenic ain't he lol. but you are as well. APPRECIATE IT GIRL lol. some people be looking a hot mess. >.< <3 I was so inspired by your camera post, I might be getting one really soon! :D


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