October 31, 2012

New look:Pastel Goth OOTD/FOTD + Happy Halloween

First off, Happy Halloween everyone! I know it was kind of unexpected seeing me dress this way but I've been waning to try this style out for a few months now and I'm really happy I gave it a shot :D I hope to buy more accessories soon to incorporate in my future outfits. Anyway, I wanted to share some of the very many pics I took of this look as well as some gifs. You can see the new turquoise lenses I'm wearing as well that I got from Crystal Eyes.
Everything is from ebay except the bracelet (Kevin's) and necklace(gift) lol 

Went a little heavy on the photoshop to try something out in case anyone's wondering. I also feel like I'm going to change my watermark soon. I've gone on a never ending change spree for my blog and I guess I just am not totally satisfied with my blog's appearance just yet although the more I change it the closer I get to what I want it to look like. 

After doing this, it made me realize even more that there's so much more than just gyaru styles and such so I will most likely be dabbling in more styles in the future than just gal...that's just me though. I won't quit it but I would like to open the doors to newer ideas. The make up though will most likely stay the same...I cannot see myself stray too far away from the make up ever! XD I did say a while ago how I can never stick to one thing so that shouldn't be a big surprise. I can't even really label myself as anything anymore lol damn my indecisiveness! But I hope that doesn't change anyone's opinions of me in a negative light and if it does, well it's a shame but it is what it is.
Hmmm...did I go gif crazy in this post?
I hope you all liked it and will continue to support me doing other styles like this one :) Please give my video a thumbs up below and leave a friendly comment/subscribe. I'm going to see if I can post my giveaway up by tomorrow after I filmed it yesterday. I want to get it going asap because the year is almost over for crying out loud and I've delayed it long enough so be on the look out for that. I still gotta blog about my fashion show but I think I'll have to do that while I'm in Atlanta this weekend for my cousin's wedding. I'm also going to get a touch up at Mia & Maxx in the afternoon so I plan to start making hair journey videos/updates soon again. I am 4 months post relaxer so this should hopefully show more length retention than my previous touch up did. Other than that, everybody be safe today! I'm just going to chill at my brother's apartment with my other besties and watch scary movies all day :) Till next time!


  1. It's different but i love it. Im all for looks that stand out and draw attention and yours really caught my eye ;)

    Love the shoes but ill never be able to wear em like to work and stuff so ill just get creepers xD
    I see your outfit shots came out nicely :) !!
    Wai so cutie~

  2. Haha aww thank you! :D I'd only wear these out for when I hang out with my friends haha don't think my job would appreciate these shoes very much unfortunately. Butt hey are comfortable too! Really nice fit :) I still wanna get my creepers :x

  3. I really think your eye make would work well if you did it for a gyaru style :3

  4. Love the wig, soo cute! Happy Halloween, and love all the gifs!

  5. Thank you sweetheart! :D Happy Halloween to you too!

  6. Yeah I kept the eye make up still gal but changed up everything else a bit. Mainly the lip color.


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