October 24, 2012

Photoshoot with my hubby (to be...one day lol) (‘∀’●)♡

If you guys follow my Facebook page, then you probably have already seen the pictures I uploaded on there from the photoshoot that me and Kevin did for my friend Mary who is an old classmate I knew in high school and is now a photographer :D She's even going to get her own studio sometime early next year and we plan on working together for more photoshoots with me, my gyaru meets, and of course Kevin for when we do couple photos like the set I am going to show you :) The ideas we briefly talked about range from cute to super sexy! I can't wait for that!

So these were taken in Old Town Lewisville which was decided on last minute since the lake was restricted that I wanted to go to plus the heat and thought of creepy little critters crawling all over my bare legs and feet made my skin crawl! But one day I am going to get my pictures taken at a lake or by a pretty body of water(^v^)Anyway enough chitter chatter, the ones I will upload on this post are only my favorites out of the 50 that were taken. Click the images to enlarge!
My personal absolute favorite! Top - Pac Sun Kevin bought earlier that day :3
Kevin: "Eeeeehhhh sexy laydeh!!" ;D

These were fun and some people who were walking by stopped and smiled at us. If you would like to contact Mary for any photoshoots click the link below:
As I said, there were a total of 50 pictures so if you wanna see the rest go to my Facebook fanpage and browse through the album. Remember to like the pics and page if you haven't already :) lol I think it's kind of cute how some people have been commenting by saying things like ding dong, here come the wedding bells (´ ▽`).。o♡ I would so love to get married one day...every time we see each other it goes through my mind at least once. I know he thinks about it too so it's a pretty strong possibility at this point which may sound pretty exciting to hear haha~ Just gotta get our careers going or at least be close to finishing school in another few years. I cannot wait for that omg so much magic will happen! *w*  Not sure if I'll post an update before the fashion show I'll be modeling in but if I do, wish me good luck! I am also going to join the contest too ^ ^ I'll make sure I get lots of pictures taken! Till next time and have a good one loves!


  1. I swear you guys are the cutest and just remind me so much of me and Michael. We want to get photos taken when he comes and visits. You should def get these pics framed girly!

  2. You guys are too damn cute.

  3. Thank you :D He is going to blow our favorites up and get them developed soon :) Most likely when we move in together in the next 2 years it'll be displayed somewhere in our living room so eeeee, I cannot wait for the day!! You and Michael are going to take sooooo many pics together when he comes down to see you next month I bet :D Y'all are going to make my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cuteness! I can't takes it! OMG >O< That b&w picture of you two looking at each other making faces is too precious omg stop before you kill me oh look, there, great, I'm dead >.<

  5. pahaha no don't die on meh! D: *revives back to raifu* good! :3

  6. Yess! I can't die! I must stay alive to come to your wedding and see your childrennnssss!

  7. EXACTLY!! Lol and you WILL be at my wedding!

  8. Ohhmyygoshhhh every photo makes me all warm and smiley inside :D You guys look really great together ^^

  9. Aw...! Those photos are extremely cute ♥ I wish you the best for your future plans...<3


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