October 15, 2012

Sponsored Review: Green EOS 3D G-212 Lenses

Sup guys~ In case you didn't notice, I already posted my review of my green EOS 3D G-212 circle lenses on my channel yesterday morning :) I'm really happy with how it turned out and my camera quality is simply superb! I plan on doing more with my videos with it soon in my reviews and soon to come make up tutorials! Anyway, lemme not go too far into a tangent. So I got these lenses sent to me by my sponsor Crystal Eyes a few weeks back and automatically adored seeing the pattern in person of these babies! But most importantly what did it for me was the color. It is so well balanced when worn for people who have dark brown eyes and if you have a chocolatey skin tone like mine, do not fret. These lenses actually compliment darker brown skin tones even though it is a somewhat unnatural color :D

Before I go any further here are the optical information about these lenses.


B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.50mm


At a distance.
Close ups.

As a little note, I know you can see my hard lenses on top of my circle lenses. That is because I have an extremely high prescription, not even in the range of 10.00 to -10.00 would fit in. Believe me, I've tried. But in case anyone is wondering I never officially okay'd it with the doc so if you are in my shoes, don't try it unless you are given the go ahead from a professional. I simply am doing this to show the lenses themselves. No sense in harming your eyes over cosmetic reasons. If I won't do it, neither should you. Okay continue! :3 
Using flash.

Pretty stinking sweet if you ask me. The enlargement totally went unmentioned in my video I realized though lol but I think it's pretty average for enlargement. Nothing too big but certainly not too small. It's like the idealistic circle lens size in diameter being 14.5 along with it's black rim so I can't complain.

I was hoping to get free cases with this as I normally would but for some reason I didn't :< Other than that, the only problem I had was that it felt less soothing after a short while of wearing them due to the lower water content it had in comparison to my EOS Adult pink lenses so boo for that but it's not anything a good couple of eye drops can't help.

Crystal Eyes is reputable enough for me to suggest you all to purchase from them. They aren't Pinky Paradise but I know majority of everyone has heard about the traumatic craziness that happened to a well known blogger when going through other big companies like Eyecandylens o.o Not sure who was to blame for that incident but either way it just goes to show those sites aren't always full proof but I do hope that she and anyone else who has gone through something similar to it is okay, especially their vision. So hopefully you will give them a try :) Plus, if you don't think paying only $15 for these is a deal, then you must be bonkers.

The link to Crystal Eyes website is listed below but you can also find them on Facebook as well below.

I didn't want these cute little gifs to go to waste after testing out my burst shot on my camera so I figured to plop em at the end of the post :) lol please rate the video of the review giving it a thumbs up and I will continue to do more reviews in the near future. I have like...three more to do D: lol so much filming/editing! But it will be done. K, toodles!
Haha, having too much fun~


  1. I love the pattern! It's different! Kinda reminds me of like fish scales or a golf ball and that color is amazing! OMG! It's bright but it's good! I like it! On another note, did you color your hair or are you wearing extensions?

  2. Hey girl! What kind of lashes are you wearing if you don't mind me asking

  3. I've always been a bit iffy on green contacts because I can never be sure that they'd look okay with my skin tone, but now I'm tempted to give green a try! I think they look very nice on you~

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. phillicia deanell10/16/12, 6:55 PM

    I had a post but this took over instead.
    Link exchange! We should do it....forgot what else I was going to say about the post other than I never really seen the hard lens over the soft lens thing? Do you always do it? do you do it the other way as well with the hard under the soft?

  5. Fish scales! That was exactly what I was trying to say in the video, not polka dots! Lol! But I didn't dye my real hair it's actually a full wig I made out of my in I rem I extensions that I dyed. I tried doing a tutorial on it but halfwsy through I started to run out of dye so lol it would've been weird to show and upload. I might still share the products I used to get it that color :)

  6. no problem! I hope the other lenses I review will help you make a decision as well because I know what it's like not know which ones would look best for dark skin tones.

  7. I am going to start a link exchange and was planning on making a post about it later today actually so your most definitely free to do one with me n.n I definitely don't always do it because it does feel odd and probably isn't recommended but it's tolerable for a couple of hours MAX imo. I have never done it the other way around though, no. I guess I could try? But it sounds freaky doing it that way.

  8. Oh okay! I was wondering!! I was like I knew your hair was long but zayuuum! Lol. It looks great!

  9. Aww thank you and haha yeah girl I wish!!


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