October 20, 2012

Two Face Skull Halloween Make up Tutorial (*-`ω´- )

Haha what do you think? I made a few mistakes here and there but even so, this is the best Halloween tutorial I have personally ever done and I had oodles of fun with it! *pats self on the back* I'm proud of myself. I can't wait to do more in the future! :D I was thinking of filming another one buuuuuut only if people request it because it did take me a lot of time to put this look together not to mention the time editing the videos/pics. Nevertheless, this is a large reason why I love the Halloween season! Dressing up and doing theatrical type make up similar to this is so thrilling! I got the idea from sasakiashi's recent Halloween tutorial video but I used this picture here as a reference instead. It was so much fun to do but it took me so long to film. That's why the lighting in the video changed from sunlight to nighttime but luckily the lights made up for it :) Anyway, it was my first time doing voice overs...I wasn't going to do it at first but now I'm happy I did. Still, if you prefer texts over my funky voice I wouldn't feel hurt by you letting me know haha! It was just an attempt at it. May or may not be a permanent thing, we'll see.

Today I'm going to Move To The Grove performance Kevin's broski Alex is performing in then we're probably going to get some pho since that's his favorite but I hope it'll be at another place than the one he always takes me and Kevin to. Theirs is so bland! I plan to take pics of both the performers and my outfit ^ ^ It'll also be Halloween themed so you know there's going to be good ones! Till next time, please give my video a thumbs up and share with your friends!

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