November 1, 2012

♡TheLovelyIfy's First Giveaway♡ ヽ(・∀・*)ノ

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Surprise!!  I'm happy to announce I am beginning my first giveaway as of today :D I could not thank everyone enough for being so supportive of my blog and Youtube channel so here's a gift for you. This giveaway will only have 1 lucky winner but next time I will hopefully be fortunate enough to allow up to 3 or more winners. It was all of the gifts were purchased from my own money so there was only so many prizes but next time I promise to go all out, you all deserve the best!

If you enter, you can get a chance to win these lovely prizes! I went to TheFaceShop and H-mart to go shop for these prizes but two of them are some I threw in as well.

Gift shop at H-mart:
This cute little vanity mirror was bought at the gift shop and it is so cute when it's opened up! :D I liked the message on there as well. A neat little way to brighten up your day while putting on your make up.
This Sanrio Hello Kitty wallet had such an adorable design and it's soft on the front where her face is ^ ^
Domo-kun notepad for writing in. I was really thinking about my college folks out there when I got this one lol!
Goodness, this Goliath of a's pretty big in person but still will fit well in a cute princess styled room or kitchen. I would so have fun making hot beverages using this mug this season!

 Pretty pink chunky glitter nail polish. It has heart shapes in it too♥
'The Rose' Face Mask. Personally have yet to try this face mask but Lord have I been trying all of the others at this shop. They make my skin feel so supple, I have to do reviews on these soon.
Lovely Me-Ex Lip Tint in 'Wine 02' and yes, I am so ready to buy myself one of these because it showed up really well on my lips without needing to use that much product at that :) Korean beauty products do work well for dark skinned people too!

My own UNUSED items:
Contact case. This was originally bought off ebay but I'm giving it away since I don't need extras and it has cute bows and a purple color :)
Pink comb from my Prisila Wig review. I had two, so I figured to not be stingy and give away the other I wasn't using :)

And that's really all of the gifts! I wish I could give away more but next time it will be better, promise! I will contact the winner and if I get no response within a matter of 3 days then a new winner will be selected.

How to enter:
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Extra entries:
♡+1 Reblog this post on tumblr
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♡+1 Tell me what you would like to see in my future blog posts and videos
♡+1 Follow thelovelyify on Instagram

♡Must reside in U.S.
♡If under 18, you must have parental consent.
I was having some fun camwhoring so I'll leave you all with pics of me being silly and I also was screwing around some more with PS just because I can! Too much, I know but I was just having fun. Good luck to everybody!


  1. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"11/1/12, 6:08 PM

    this is the easiest giveaway entry ive seen. Just a click of the buttons

  2. Dude, right?? I love using rafflecopter! I can see it being difficult using other means to pick winners and have them enter.

  3. Jazelle Allure11/2/12, 2:52 AM

    <3 so pretty

  4. Jazelle Allure11/2/12, 2:58 AM

    How do I reblog?

  5. Valeria Hernandez11/8/12, 11:49 PM

    Great giveaway hope I win :)

  6. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"11/9/12, 12:34 AM

    posted your giveaway on the slider on the yok page XD

  7. Realy nice contest!!! I hope i win!!! <3 you are so sweet!!!

  8. THOSE LENSESSSSS. WHAT ARE THEY? Hehe, entering! ^^ I'll also post it on my sidebar later. I'm hosting my first giveaway as well if you wanna' check it out!

  9. Tokyo-Dollie11/30/12, 4:35 AM

    I hope I win i never win anything before xD Good luck everyone <3


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