December 18, 2012

Ordered from Bodyline & Sasa again :D

I am such a shopaholic and I'm not too proud of it tbh. Younger readers, don't follow my unhealthy path of impulsive buying, it's really careless to habitually find yourself doing the moment you get some cash. *sigh* One day I will have to grow up and practice what I day. Just not this one! :D

In case you guys are curious as to what I recently ordered, I finally bought some stuff off of Bodyline for the first time ever. I was originally going to purchase off of Dreamv but I chickened out and went here instead but I will come back to them soon to pick some good stuff for the spring and summer next year now that I finally have been informed on how their sizes work. Another reason why I went with Bodyline was because they're having their holiday sale going on where airmail shipping service is only $10. At first I thought that was a great deal but then I read online somewhere that last year it used to be cheaper than that :/ Oh well, a deal's a deal, right?

There originally was a cute school girl uniform I wanted off of Bodyline a few months ago but my decision has matured since then...I suppose? Idk. So instead, I ordered two really cute bow ties to still get the feel of being a school girl if necessary despite my sudden change of thought.
That pink one had me drooling and I thought a nice deep red colored bow tie would look sexy and wearable as well plus look at that price! They'd go great with a cute white colored blouse I imagine. You can find them on the Ties subcategory of Sundries.
Next I got this awesome skirt! I legitimately screamed when I saw they had it in my size too...
I would have died if they had it in a pastel pink color but this beige is something my wardrobe has never seen outside of my boring work pants. I got this in their medium size which should fit me well, but if now I can always sew it in a bit...or have Kevin do it for me since I suck at doing stuff like that. lol he's good at tailoring clothes, he does it for his all the time. Random fact time over!
Mirror that I need to have when I do my make up in the bathroom or for make up tutorials. My sister has been stingy with her mirror so I will just get a cute affordable one for myself ^ ^ It'll blend right in my girly room on my white dresser! 
Cheap and stylish choker. I been wanting this to test out the waters with pastel goth but it can always work with rokku-kei styles I may dabble in as well. The chains and cross bones are a nice touch imo.
Lastly from Bodyline I got was this.
I saw this a lot last year if I'm not mistaken...or maybe it was the year before that? Anyway, Tsubasa was the gal model I remember who wore this and I saw different sites selling it for a while. Ever since then I've always wanted this so now I got it. Dunno how often I'll wear it out though, but we'll see when it arrives. It's going to take about a months time at the earliest for my package to arrive which I am completely okay with since I'm not in any rush to receive these items but my main concern is just hoping that nothing gets damaged or lost because I didn't pay extra for EMS shipping. I hear that people who have got air mail shipping from them get their packages just fine so I hope I have their luck. Total with shipping was $58, imo was not too bad. Now onto the Sasa goods!

I have been all about skincare products lately and I have to say, if my regimen doesn't pay off in some way by either reducing the pigmentation in my acne scars or tightening up my pores being my major problem areas, I give up on life itself. But I would seriously feel ticked off since I put in so much time to get together a regimen that will work for me that I can consistently keep up with...will share that soon btw! Just hold your horses ^ ^ Also, all of these items were on sale.
I bought this Natio Young gentle gel scrub because although I like using the previous skincare products everyday, what I missed about my old products was the feeling of something exfoliating my dead skin away which I don't have atm so I bought this to test it out. I like the description of it and it also got decent reviews so I thought, why not? I may just use this once or twice a week along with a face mask.
Got this Rosehip Peeling Gel since it was pink, cheap, and different. I never tried or heard of a peeling gel before but it sounds pretty exciting! I have a lot of ugly blackheads on my nose so I'm hoping this will help take care of that as well as other impurities in my skin. Best thing about this is it claims to tighten pores :D YUS!! 
Okay, in all honesty, the main reason why I went back on Sasa was to buy a cleansing oil but those other two products were calling my name sooooo yeah > < lol Shills Sakura Skin Cleansing Oil has a pretty nice smell and the prettiest bottle from all the other ones I saw on there for the price I was going to be willing to pay. It's so much product too! I want something that will immediately take off my make up without so much effort and cleansing oils are known to do that but careful for those who may have oily skin. This may not be a great idea to buy for you, otherwise, others say it worked well for them! 

I got a free gift too so I can't wait to try that out when it all gets here! I'm off today and tomorrow from work. I hopefully can get out some posts and videos soon. I got my schedule for next week and I work on Christmas day which blows, BIG time but there's not a whole lot I can do about it. At least I'll be home in the evening. I just can't wait till the holidays are all over. Anyway, I'm seeing Kevin tomorrow. Hopefully we can go to the waterpark at the resort but if not, we'll figure something out :) Have a good one guys!
PS. My package from Sammydresss finally came in! :o lol will be reviewing everything soon! & my disqus is gone because it was acting poopy! Hopefully will get it back up eventually but I'm not too worried about that right now.

Have you guys seen this ridiculously adorable chick on Youtube making these tutorials? She is unbearably cute I can't stand it! I like her videos! Gives me ideas on future ones of my own, with my own twist of course. 


  1. Damn it. I just stopped myself for going on ebay cause im spending to this XD

    1. lmao don't follow my path of destruction Glee, it's not worth it! D:

  2. Cool! I wish I could be a shopaholic, but lack of funds always prevent me from spending more than I would. xD Cool stuff, but just so you know Bodyline's Airmail shipping is always 10.00 dollars. The big sale is when they make their Airmail shipping 1.00 dollars. Which they did last year, but I'm not sure when they'll do that again. :)

    1. Ohhh haha I feel silly now XD Thanks for letting me know that. Darn, maybe I should have waited then.

  3. Love the bunny's ears :)
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  4. I'm glad to see someone I'm following post about Sasa! I've been thinking about purchasing from them, but got scared away because Soompi's reviews for their customer service was pretty hit-or-miss. I think I'll go ahead and take the plunge now!!

    1. Really? Wow, I haven't heard any negative reviews from Sasa, so that's a surprise to me but I hope everything goes well with your order!

  5. SO much stuff! I can't wait for you to get your stuff! I haven't ordered from bodyline or Sasa but i've crept through their websites and they have nice stuff. One day, I shall order!!!

    1. Me neither girl omg I cannot wait because I been saying for the longest time that I need to order from there one day and I finally get to! I hope you do so I can oodle at your goods :D


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