December 19, 2012

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Hey guys! Last Monday, I got these adorable goodies in the mail sent to me from Kendallicious Kreations which was so kind of them! The shipping was pretty fast too, it only took less than a week to get here! If you never heard of them before, they sell fairy-kei and lolita accessories however, if you aren't fully dedicated to either style like myself you can still find several things that will put your strong desire for mouthwatering worthy deco pieces at ease :D Everything was neatly wrapped well too!
I'll start off showing you guys the phone case they sent me. This was my favorite out of the bunch! It is just full of lovely little pieces that will make you craze sweet delights and the best part is that the white marshmallow fluff feels really soft. The other pieces are harder except the cute pink bear toward the bottom but still be very careful when handling this case! Sadly, I say this because my only con is that it is attached to the case by a sort of suctioned friction from the marshmallowy material so the edges has began to already peel away from the case a tad. I think some glue would help fix that but if you don't own a hot glue gun or at least some nail glue, then be extremely cautious of that.

I also got these cute charms to attach to either my phone or key chain! I think I will attach it to my phone because I know I am rather rough with my keys lol don't want to ruin these little cuties, especially that cupcake!

She threw in some rings and a cute hair bow accessory as well that are sweet and cutesy I can hardly stand it! jk lol I love the color scheme of her pieces. I see lots of light purples which is my favorite color since I was little :D Total win!
Lastly, she sent me her business cards and some ice cream stickers! Gahh the temptation to turn to the lolita side is so much stronger now lol seriously everyone should really give Kendallicious Kreations a good look and consider buying from them for their excellent service, fast shipping, and great items!

Check out their Blogspot, Etsy, Facebook page, and Twitter down below!

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If you follow me on tumblr, you would have read why I didn't release the video version of this review. My freaking ugly wig cap I wore that day was revealing way too much. When I found this out I damn near came to tears, I was so pissed! But I will film it soon so don't worry! When it's u I will have it posted on here for you guys!


  1. Wow The items look so delish! :p
    Not to mention you look lovely as always. I want to try a more out there sweet look kind of wig color, but I need to find something that works well with my skin tone. :3

    1. Thank you darling! You're so sweet and you should do it! There are a lot of great ones out there for darker skinned dolls like yourself. I often like the unnatural wig colors that have low lights, darker streaks in them than the super bright colored ones. Good luck on finding some that suit you best!

  2. Where is the wig from?

  3. So freaking cute and that pink wig fits you soooo well! Ugh! I loves it<3<3<3!

    1. Thank you Ivie <3 It's so pretty in person, I can't wait to show you in person! It's my favorite pink wig now that I own ^^

  4. I didnt even noticed it was a wig, untill i saw it in the comments! BUT I LOVE YOUR WIG
    i want iiittt and those pretty cute stuff aaahh :) lovelovelove iiittt.


    1. Haha aww thank you! lol That's a good thing then! lol it's one of my favorite wigs hands down, I just hardly wear it for some reason.


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