December 6, 2012

Sponsored Review: EOS 3 Tone Gothic Turqoise Lenses

Hey guys! Long time, no talk. I already posted the video version of this review here. I got another pair of lenses from Crystal Eyes sent to me as well and I was pretty eager to try these ones on since they're my first semi-blue lenses I've tried since my GEO Super Angel Grey ones...which were the very first ones I ever tried like 2-3 years ago? lol yeah, it's been a minute! Here's my more elaborate review of these EOS 3 Tone Gothic Turqoise lenses...

Optical information:
Usage Duration: Yearly
BC: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%

Comfort: I can't say that there was anything majorly wrong with the comfort or extremely satisfying either. It was fairly average in my opinion so I can't see anybody complaining while wearing these lenses for a duration of time.

Enlargement: There was none lol which wasn't a surprise as I knew these were mainly appealing to me for their design and pretty turquoise color. It's diameter is at a 14.0mm and the rim is not dark enough to imitate larger eyes so if that's going to be a concern for you, then you may want to reconsider getting these lenses however there are many people I know prefer these than the dollier type of lenses with massive enlargement so to each their own :)

Design: The design has to be it's best feature! I love when I see multiple colors blend in well with others on lenses making them look natural and all the more alluring. That's what got me to take a moment and consider getting these instead of the other blue lenses I saw.

Color: *wa wa waaaaaaaa* :{ The color was my only major disappointment in these lenses. Seriously, I had hoped for a little bit more of an obvious tint to my eyes but it was less noticeable the more I wore them as opposed to how they look like through pictures and even in some of my pictures they don't show up enough to my liking so *sigh* that's my one thing I would warn people about is that if you have dark brown eyes, these lenses are not quite for you. That is if you would rather go for something more noticeable than natural and subtle in terms of the color. I mean, I knew they'd be less dramatic compared to my other lenses but still...waiii does it have to be so subtle?

lol at any rate, I saw on Ninoshka's blog that she got these ones in Sapphire and they looked pretty good on her, so go check that out if you want to get a different perspective. You can buy these lenses by clicking the link down below for only $15!

I hope you all are having a blast doing whatever it is you are doing. I am going to annouce the winner of my giveaway later today via Youtube. I was supposed to have it up last night but time got ahead of me so now I'm just waiting on the video to finish rendering and you all will know who won! :D Can't wait for the future ones I have! You all will be very excited for them, trust me :) I already am slowly collecting more prizes. I will talk to you all later! Buy guys!

Here is the video of who won the giveaway! :D


  1. Those are pretty! It's too bad that they don't show up real good on dark eyes *has dark eyes XD*

  2. Yea ikr :/ What a shame. Otherwise they are lovely lenses.

  3. Really? They look pretty intense to me, haha. The design is nice though, and 14.0mm is a plus! Might have to try these one day. Thanks for the review! They look lovely on you~

  4. Those lenses are so gorgeous <3 I think they look very bright on you~ They go perfect with your skintone~


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