December 22, 2012

Thanksgiving / Lolita meet up (heavy)

Going through all of these back up files, I realized that I completely left out what I did for Thanksgiving didn't I? What a shame...I had to work that day but ended up calling in. I just couldn't after being with the family, Tam, and Kevin that morning and afternoon. It didn't feel right. Luckily I didn't get chewed out too much, but now I gotta come in for Christmas. lol I was going to work that day anyway, but still...ew. But yeah, we had yummy turkey that my sister made given free from my job! Although they make me work full time, it's a pleasure working there with all the benefits you get, my gosh.

Tam came over and was happy to see us all and join our feast as well as Kevin! But they had to leave after about 4pm to head back to their families.
lmao Vicky thought I was taking a picture when I was doing a burst shot XD Tam is so adorable!
Babe listening to my mommy tell a story about whoknowswhat.
It was a dull evening once our company left so our Thanksgiving ended there.

I also went to now my second lolita meet up, again not dressed up in lolita because it was a rather spontaneous decision on my part to go but I will dress up next time! It just won't look well coordinated because I still don't have proper brown shoes other than my winter boots lol xP But we had so much fun and the girls really were easy to talk to. Me and Kevin were already in the area so we just met up with them there.

Bad focus but she look absolutely darling!
They were all inside the purikura store at H-mart
Awesome group photo of the dolls!
Sisters! :D
 This guy wasn't apart of the meet but he had sick style! Damn I wanted his everything!!

Such a cute coord ahhhh~
Before we left, I had to buy some of my favorite Korean sweet snacks! These Honey Flavored Twists are dabomb! So damn good but fattening I'm sure. Bought more Golden Curry because I'm official a curry addict and a new paddle brush. It's a really cute design too! My old one was so busted haha! It was high time for a change.
After this place we walked to the store 10 x 10 where we shopped for a bit before eating at Mozart.
 Some of us waited outside while the others were finishing their shopping. Luckily the weather wasn't cold.
Camille looking adorable as always!
Our last stop was at Mozart! Such a nice place to go just to chill, I love this cafe so much! They opened three new ones in the area as well, I will hopefully get a chance to blog about them soon! Here's what some of their cakes looks like. It's the same place Kevin went to buy my birthday cake!
They all went to karaoke but me and Kevin felt like doing our own thing at that point so we bid them farewell and parted ways. They're always lots of fun to be around though! I wish there were as many gals in the DFW area that would organize meets like these.
 Kevin and I tried this sushi place near my place that we really liked afterwards.
 He would not stop going on about how good this rice was!

November was a good month overall. Hell, it was the month I started my new job so it definitely was a pleasurable one! I work today but am off for the next two days. I need to make my Sammydress review video and blog post if I can before Christmas. I have so much to say about them...some good but mostly bad so stay tuned. I'm off to get ready for work now!


  1. The guy was wearing leggings by Black Milk and the shoes were the Shadowspike by Jeffrey Campbell. :D

    1. I had a feeling those leggings were by Black Milk when I saw them. Didn't know about the shoes though but Jeffery Campbell makes sense. They looked so good on him too, he was putting them to werk!

  2. Awww cute! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! And those lolita pictures are great. I love love love Camille's outfit!!<3

    Check out my blog:

    1. Thank you deary! Camille is such a cutie pie, but I think she's older than me haha but yes, they all looked lovely!

  3. Lolitas are always soooo cute ^^
    That sushi looks incredible :D

    1. aren't they? Well, the good ones are at least ^ ^ That sushi was delicious in all honesty, I nearly cried from being so satisfied with it's taste. So yummy!

  4. So cute, and all that food looks amazing! I want to go eat sushi now. XD

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! Sushi is so good. I can eat it any time of the day and be happy with it ^^

  5. Lil sooooooo CUTE you Kevin and Your FASHION U R AWESOME. ; ) !

    1. Aww why thank you so much! :D That makes my day, happy holidays!


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