January 3, 2013

First post of the year - Xmas gifts :D

Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a safe NYE celebration with their loved ones! I'm so late on my posts -.- I was going to do the whole 2012 progression in outits and what not but I felt too lazy to do it and now it feels like it's too late to bother so instead, I'll just mention the goals I hope to achieve this year at the end of this post.

I actually worked on New Years Eve and day but it was both opening shifts so I got off early. Goodness I got so many great gifts this Christmas as I hope you all did as well! I was really excited with my boyfriend's gifts too! He bought me a few things that I am going to share first.

I love this jacket! It keeps me so warm and cozy and he said this was one of the most expensive gifts he ever bought me *0* Didn't wanna tell me the price but it's gorgeous! I love the inside material too that the jacket is lined with, it makes me feel so glamorous! I hope to shop at Express as I get more mature over the years.

Then he took me out on a shopping spree at one of my favorite malls and I got to pick out a few things I've always wanted like these over the knee high boots so I picked out these ones from Love Culture, my new favorite store!
 These were from Love Culture as well as...
These awesome galaxy leggings! They're not in super high res like the ones from Black Milk or romwe are but they still look amazing when wore! Very pleased with these :D

lmao I needed new bras and panties, okay! Well, the bras were just an impulsive buy since I didn't really need that much more but they had super good deals at that Charolette Russe we went to. Never thought I'd say that since the one I unfortunately live by sucks donkey balls. I got 3 pairs for only $10! And that cute pink one in the front makes me look like I am a C cup o.o And I got this amazing urban decay primer!
I've been using it a few times and I have a feeling that this works best on people who don't already have massive skin problems like I do. I think once I get my skin to the state it needs to be, this will work more effectively and I will be sure to do a proper review on it when that time comes. That's all of his gifts, now moving on to my sister's.
Why I have never owned VS lotions, body butters, scrubs, shower gel before beats me, but I am soooooo happy that she got me this when we went shopping together! My old Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath & Body Works ran out a while ago and I've been waiting to find a new one that I wanted to try. This one is awesome though! I still feel like the ingredients in the ones they sell at TheBodyShop are better because of the long term results it has on my skin as opposed to this one from VS, but the smell is so relaxing and their scrub is great too!
 I never owned any cute little boots like these before but omg so freaking cute!! They feel super soft on the inside and now I wear them at home all the time!
 I am going to be styling this semester with my laptop lol it's the perfect size too, I was afraid it may not fit my laptop but it does! idk how she knew I needed this either, I never hinted it to anyone!
I use this thing like every morning and night when I am getting ready to go out somewhere or go to bed. I like listening to Pandora but sometimes, my favorite songs just are played on there so I get my Zune and pop it in these adorable speakers and relax. It makes doing my skincare routine all the more enjoyable now! Speaking of skincare, my friend Elise got me some of these!
 Who knew feet had masks too? I sure didn't.
I like the smell on all of these! I can't wait to use them during the spring/summer seasons after my current ones run out.

Then guess what my mom done did... -.-

 Authentic...I can't even--understand like...WHAT?! When I saw these I nearly passed out. They're beautiful bags, and over 1k each. I can't even explain the joy I had but I will rarely ever wear these out lol would hate to see them get the slightest scratch on them.

I almost laughed when I opened this because in 2011 she got us this same one but it got water damage not too long afterwards so it was nice seeing how much we needed a new one lol since the telenav on my phone kinda sucks because we have a 3G network on our iPhones through Sprint. Can't stand slow directions during busy times of the day, freaks me out! But not anymore with this bad boy! :D She got me some other stuff too but I'll share that in another post.
This cute calender was given to me by my friend Adria! I love it so much and it's perfect for my bathroom!

I got some things for myself too but I think I'll just make that a gets post instead because this post is already looking too long like many of my other ones lol but I hope you all are having a good winter break and aren't freaking out too much about going back to school. I need to buy books pretty soon off of chegg xP Before I go, I did want to mention briefly a few things on my goals I have for this year. Here's a little list!
  1. Save up for California trip this summer.
  2. Seriously dedicate self to learning Japanese and Cantonese.
  3. Hang out with friends more often than last year when possible. Last year was tough for me to do this but I hope to change that this year.
  4. Make more quality videos than quantity.
  5. Do some photo shoots!
  6. Pick up a damn book and read the entire thing! lmao!
  7. Improve overall style.
  8. Regain my relationship with God.
  9. Learn new recipes.
  10. Road trip for my 21st birthday!!
That's really it though! I might be leaving out somethings that aren't on this list but atm, this just about covers the major things. I hope to be an overall better, strong, adventurous, and inspiring person this year! Last year was great, but there were times I made not so wise decisions. I don't want that to happen this year. So what are your new years resolutions or goals? :D


  1. omg..... you're spoiled. jkjk XD you have soo many stuff!

    1. Haha I figured I'd adopt that label after making this post but I can't deny it at this point XD terrible!

  2. jelly overload! Some amazing gifts you got there! So lucky.

    1. lol thank you! I'm sure you got a bunch of great gifts yourself missy :D

  3. Yes!!! Spoiled. lol But in a modest way of course. Loving all the items. esp the Hello kitty speakers, I am a music lover <3

  4. Holy fuck you got soooo much stuff and expensive shit that is! I only got a couple hundred dollars for my car insurance LMAO. You so lucky!
    Omggg i wana go to California too this summer ;o!!!

  5. que coisas mais lindas, esse casaco rosa de bichinhos é muito fofo ^^

    amei o blog, parabéns beijos grandes

    ( ᐵ ᗜ ᑈ)ᘉ Endereço>> Dany's Place ▓ ▓ Tutorial

    1. sorry...I don't speak Spanish.

  6. Those leggings are amazing!Omg I wish I were you right now xoxo <3

    1. Aww <3 You can get some too! I've seen more and more stores sell them lately instead of them just being available online.

  7. I love Express :)
    Your boyfriend has fantastic taste :O

    Super jealous of your LV bags! Dx They're absolutely gorgeous!

    I really like Charlotte Russe panties. They're really inexpensive yet soooo cute. I've never been able to purchase bras from there, though =/. All of mine are either white, beige, or black. Woooo.

    1. He does. I love that man so much haha! Yes, CR has some great deals with their panties and bra sets. I save so much money going there for them. Sometimes I'll go to Ross but CR has THE absolute best deals and designs!

  8. Happy New Years! You got some pretty damn good stuff for Christmas!!!

    1. Happy New Years to you too and thanks!


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