April 8, 2013

Gets - Urban Outfitters, MAC & MakeupForever + AMBW rant video

What is up my lovely people! I wanted to do this quick small haul post since I haven't shown you guys my latest buys during my hiatus. I was recently admiring Urban Outfitters and although I've already been told that I'm a little late hoping on that band wagon, I can't help but rave about these buys I made with them. I got my first pair of creepers and high tops and they definitely won't be my last.
First I'll review my off-white Sam Edelman Alexander high top sneakers. These were on sale for $44 but were originally priced at $100. Good discount is good!
I lavh them! I feel like a boss when I wear them especially because of the nice touch of the chain connected on both ends of each shoe in the center not to mention the studs *w* It comes in a slightly worn down sort of distressed texture so some people have had negative feedback when they saw this. I personally don't care too much since I paid such a low price for them but had I paid the original amount, I'd have been a little irritated.
My next pair of shoes I got were these T.U.K. Mondo Suede Creepers also from UO and I bought these because thankfully the girl who was working at the local store was wearing them and told me they sell her pair on the website. I ordered them and am in love! The comfort surpassed my expectations which was my main concern I had for creepers for the longest time. They're my most comfortable pair of platform shoes and the color is absolutely perfect for me as you all know I really like pastel purple. It's made of good material too and seems like it will hold up for a few years to come. You will be seeing me wear these babies in future ootd posts either on here or on my instagram: thelovelyify.

I also bought this awesome dress for only $20 too because it was on sale, but I have yet to have taken a proper full body length pic of it. I did make a video of me wearing it so whenever I get around to editing that I will share it here with you guys. Next is my make up stuff! I felt like I needed some brushes to enhance my eye make up looks so I went to MakeupForever's store and bought these.

I phail for taking these pics with the brushes upside down -.-
This brush I wanted to spread the concealer when I outline my brows but I found out it doesn't work too well with that technique compared to my ELF liner brush. I use this for doing cut creases for my eye shadow and it works like a charm that way.
This liner brush is awesome sauce! It's so pointy and applies my cream liners on with such precision :) Then I went to MAC because I am finally doing away with my Clinique pressed powder I've had since the beginning of time and am trying theirs since I know they have great products for oily skin. This is their Studio Fix pressed powder foundation in NC 45. If you have large pores, an oily T-zone or even combination/oily skin like me, I promise you this powder will do you good!
I have been using it on top of my bb cream but it looks best when I pair it when my studio fix fluid foundation underneath. Either way, I am in love and hope to buy it again in the near future as well as their Mineralized foundation. But that's all I have for this post! Later today me and my friend are going to a fashion show rehearsal. I hope it goes well and is pretty fun, the actual date for the fashion show is this Thursday at UTD. You can find the event page here if you are interested in going:

Oh and I made a video a week or so ago about a rant with some questions I frequently get concerning AMBW relationships and what not. Haha it's a goodie, I promise. Here it is, enjoy!

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  1. Alena Paris4/8/13, 3:05 PM

    The shoes are great :3

  2. I want those creeperssss. You did some damage to your wallet haha xD

  3. Love those high tops! The chain is definitely a nice touch. I agree with you on your video. I'm not sure why being a different race means that girls/guys aren't people. They seem to think that people from other races (not just Asians) are some mythical creatures or something lol.

  4. thank you! They feel so nice and comfy, both of them!

  5. Haha eh, kinda but I have slown down significantly since my last splurge which was this one. Now all I'm focusing on is paying for my dental bills soon xP

  6. Haha thank you dear! ^ ^ So do I, sometimes it's a hit or a miss but lately I have been in love with their stuff.

  7. So pretty~~!
    You always have the coolest hauls

  8. I know, so glad to hear people understand where I was coming from in that video. Thanks for being so supportive!

  9. Haha aww I feel honored to hear that coming from a fashionista like yourself <3 Thank you!

  10. Yea haha thank you so much :)


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