April 23, 2013

Japanese Fashion Show @ UTD by JSA + VIDEO

Hey love muffins! I hope you guys are doing good. I have a few things to update you all on and they should be slowly coming out this week if I am not distracted enough by other things so hold on tight for me please :) I talked about how I was prepping for the fashion show last time and it was lots of fun! I was asked to mainly do make up but I also chose to help model in a few of the numbers of the show since they needed a few extra volunteers. I did lolita, gyaru, and mamba. The last two were my "specialty" I guess you can say lol but mainly gyaru was my personal favorite look I did out of the three. Sucks no one took a proper pic of me in that one but at least I got the video clip of it in the vlog I posted below ^ ^ Here's some pics taken by some of the people who went.
Here you can slightly see my gyaru outfit but just watch the video to get a better look at it. It starts @ 9:35.
Some of the models were also doing ganguro which explains the make up of the lovely gal next to me :3 She looked awesome and did her make up by herself! I wish I was that good on my first few tries at that make up. I didn't have enough time to perfect my mine for mamba or even gyaru because of people needing help backstage with their make up :c but I figured that would happen so I wasn't too upset and luckily my crappy mamba make up off stage looked decent but up close it was a train wreck so I wiped it off immediately after exiting the stage xD lol that's why I wasn't wearing it in most of the photos with the group. Here's group pics after I took off most of my make up.
These past two times I've been blessed enough to be in a fashion show like these, I have taken new friends and I'm so thankful for that! About two weeks later (last Sunday), we all meet up again and ate sushi. I really love how kind the members are in JSA (Japanese Student Association). It makes me want to consider staying at UTD. Speaking of which, one of the models who's also a student there was telling me about a program that they offer and it definitely peaked my interest so I've been calling the advisers all morning to set up an appointment to get more info about it. I hope it works out for me in the end...still haven't fully admitted to my mom about me not wanting to become a doctor yet though but when I do I'll tell you all how it goes. Here is the video of the fashion show before I go! Ttyl!~

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