May 15, 2013

New gets: Splurging @ Sanrio, Binki shopping + OOTD/FOTD

Hello all! How are you doing today? Good I hope :) I recently bought a few things that I wanted to share with you all! I'll start with the stuff I bought from Sanrio! I wanted a new summer bag to have that was relatively cheap and they were having a lot of cute purses on sale for 30% off so I bought a new bag and a new was high time to get rid of that thing.

Only thing about this bag as cute as it is inside and out, the sequence will eventually come off bit by bit so I don't expect it to be around long. It was kinda impulsive for me to buy but it was cheap so whatevs but this wallet was needed!
I have to get used to where everything is now in there but I really like it's design and spacey pockets so I'm really happy I got it :D Lastly out of the bunch I went with some friends and shopped for a new swimming suit. It's actually a one piece but the design is something I've been wanting to have for over a year now and it's a sexy animal print too! Got it from Wet Seal and they had it on sale for 30% off that day.

Not gunna lie, I feel hot when I wear it haha! It's one of those that I feel the need to wear some sort of accessories with like bangles or a necklace...I've never done that before with a swimsuit but I will this summer! Anyway I mentioned in the title how I'll do an OOTD/FOTD since I haven't done one of those in ages.
Blouse: SweetSoulShop
Skorts: eBay
Bracelet: A'GACI
Shoes: can't see them but they look cute and girly!
Ring: eBay
Earrings: Charolette Russe
I was wearing some natural eBay lashes that day but I doubled them up. They're nice I just wish they were longer but you get what you pay for. Next time I'll try another Japanese brand of natural lashes since all the ones I own are dramatic. I also was wearing my Prisila wig piece fringe bangs with my short bob wig because I wasn't feeling my hair that day. It looked pretty good after all!

Oh and did you notice I changed the watermark on my pics :D I was playing around with my Monoprice Professional Tablet Kevin bought me for Christmas almost 2 years ago after someone suggested to do a Draw My Life tag video and went crazy with's a lot of fun actually so expect them in more of my pics I post on here :3 It'll be mostly for lulz :) I'm going to also try to announce the winner of my giveaway next week but I'm working almost 40 hours again so it may be a bit tough but I'll try. See you guys next time!

P.S. THIS ANIME IS AMAZING YOU MUST WATCH!~ I caught up the the current newest episode and haven't spazzed out so much about an anime since I last watched "Another" I think. Yeah, check that ish out...I'm going to watch another one my friends recommended to me too. Gotta mentally prep myself for A-KON somehow, right?
Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil)


  1. Awh those bags are so adorable! I have a few HK stuff but I just haven't used them in ages D:
    That bikini is hawt <3

  2. That swimsuit is so cute! Bet you look fierce in it :D

  3. OMG I LOVE THAT BATHING SUIT! I really want a new one piece! I think i'm going to have to buy that too! lol That wallet is really cute too!

  4. Everything you got is super cute! The swimsuit is sexy ^__^ I also really like your hair.

  5. The swimsuit is so awesome! Great design! And that bag is adorable! I actually read 1-3 books of Flowers of Evil! It's really good, and I didn't know it had an anime!

  6. Thanks! Haha yeah I really am trying to get other Sanrio character merch besides HK, but that deal was too good to pass up.

  7. Haha thank you sweetie <3 I try to lol

  8. Thank you! Wet Seal girl...they had another one I was going to get that was a cute one piece as well but this one killed it when I tried it on so I bought it instead.

  9. Haha thank you! I miss having straight edge bangs lol I really do.

  10. Yes it does but I hear that the manga is way better than the anime from a few people on Facebook so idk if you'd still like it but I say it's worth a shot :)

  11. Love your style and the red hello kitty bag is awesome :3

    Love your blog =)

  12. Cherry Wallflower6/9/13, 6:08 PM

    That wig looks sooo cute on you OMG.
    and that anime looks pretty cool. I'll def check it out because the animation looks really different like it's modeled off of real people xD
    and like everyone else says that bathing suit is to die for


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