May 11, 2013

Pre-A-KON hangout!

I'm finally remembering to take pics of hangouts now so I can share on my blog lol I've missed so many! Last Friday, me and a few of my friends gathered together to cosplay as a way to pump ourselves up for the big anime convention Dallas has every year in June (A-KON). I didn't quite "cosplay"...I mean, I never really do lol but I did dress up as you will see from the pictures I shared below! I was wearing my silver wig but added some pink extension clip ins and used my new purple hair chalk on it a bit. I love that stuff and will make a review about it very soon! Here are the pics I managed to take that day at our friends' restaurant.
Can you guess who the guy in the right is cosplaying as? *hint* I cosplayed one of the characters from this show not too long ago and shared it on my blog ^ ^
My sister on the right :) They unintentionally matched with each other lol
-.- My awkward pose is awkward haha I was not ready to take that pic!
Overall, I had lots of fun and enjoyed myself! I won't be dressing like that to A-KON though. I have a bit of a surprise for one of my outfits...I am going to still need to do a proper test run first though to see how everything works out because if I don't, I can potentially look like a train wreck and that is a huge no-no. So stay tuned for that! Also, my contest is ending in another couple of days. Either finish editing your tutorials if you're trying to enter it, or check out all of the awesome entries it has so far! I am going to have a tough time picking a winner. I'll definitely announce when my next giveaway will be so don't worry! Till next time!

This is an older video my buddy Philli made, but I really liked how she did her character's eye make up. Check it out and subscribe to her channel! She deserves more views!


  1. Ooh you look awesome! Those frills on that skirt look so cute *_*
    I'm planning on dressing as a maid to expo! I can't wait~ It'll be the first time I've cosplayed-ish :D

  2. Haha thank you and ikr! I wish I wore a petticoat underneath that day though. It'd have had way more poof to it. Oh well...oh! Maid's are so adorable! If you do, I'd love to know where you got your maid outfit from. I hate the cheap looking ones and those are usually the ones I tend to find first somehow x{

  3. Thanks! She and I don't think so but other people have said the same and A-KON's not till May 31st-June2nd


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