May 9, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award :D

It's been a while since my blog has won an award TwT lol but it makes me happy to see others feel it is deserving of one when I sometimes feel otherwise especially following so many awesome bloggers. This definitely motivates me to step my game up though and I have the oh so lovely PANDA AGENDA to thank for giving me this award!

EDIT: I found out another adorable gal also nominated me with this award and that's Pinkie! Thank you so much ladies! Such a kind gesture, honestly you both rock!

♥ If you are nominated, you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award 
♥ Thank the person who has given you this award. That's common courtesy 
♥ Include a link to their blog. That's also common courtesy 
♥ Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly 
♥ Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award 
♥ Finally, tell the person who has nominated you 7 things about yourself

Oki doki, here we go...

7 Things About Myself~

No. 1 : As much as I love how they look when worn on me and other people, I really would prefer wearing other shoes as opposed to heels. I just can't deal with the discomfort for too long! Plus, the noise of them click-clacking against the floor makes me nervous for fear of getting cat calls...I fucking hate when guys do that.
No. 2 : See my furry little friend in the pic above? Yes, him. He is my son. lol I am scared that I'm overly attached to my bichon that if something happened to him I would be irrationally devastated to the people around me but it's too late to fix that now. I love him so much. He's always there for me when I'm happy and sad. So glad I got him 2 years ago and he also treats Kevin like he's his daddy which is super cute like ahhhhhhhhhhh y'all don't understand the level of adorableness when that happens.
No. 3 : Languages I'd like to learn fluently between now and by the time I'm a grandma are Cantonese, Igbo and Japanese. Cantonese, so I can speak with Kevin and his family in it as well as my other friends who may also speak Canto, Igbo because I should have learned how to speak it years ago but thanks to my mom and dad not teaching me when I was younger I have to learn late af, and Japanese because...need I explain more on why for that one?
No. 4 : I'd like to get back into gaming again but I just gotta buy a PS3 first. The only game console I currently own right now is a Wii and a PS2...both of which I have abandoned because of them being in my sister's room. I don't have a t.v. in mine so that's another reason...I've been prolonging this for ages now but first I gotta take care of other things. I'll most likely buy one over the summer though...we'll see.
No. 5 : I am determined to seriously go to Japan next summer. Even if it's by my damn self...I want to make this happen. I'll work my ass off for a full month full time if I have too. My time to go there is now and not when I'm 8403842471 years old like I initially planned.
No. 6 : I eat so much junk food and still weigh under 115lbs. What logic? I don't even...but don't be envious. Chances are I am probably the most unfit out of shape person on this planet on the brink of being diagnosed with diabetes. Lately, my daily diet consists of candy/soda almost every single day. It's pretty bad.
No. 7 : In person, I am really friendly but still considered introverted so if you guys ever meet me don't expect too much of a lively in your face personality xD I hope that doesn't disappoint anyone.

(not in any type of order)

Hope you guys have a good rest of the day and I'll try and get more posts out this week. Take care!

Btw, have you seen the nominees for the GGA? If not, here it is!


  1. Cantonese or Chinese in general is really tricky to learn, but if you're looking to just speak it then I suggest watching lots of Chinese dramas and listening to Chinese music while having someone explain the words/phrases to you ^__^ It's easier when someone who speaks the language breaks a sentence up and explains to you each part of it (idk if that makes any sense).

    I wish you the best of luck getting to Japan! I'd really like to go too but that probably won't be until after I graduate >n<;;

    I also nominated you for this award but I guess my comment didn't go through on your last post ;____;

  2. Yeah immersing yourself in any language is a perfect technique. I wish I could just be in the parts of China where majority of the people will speak that way with me but my friend told me Cantonese is not spoken as much as Mandarin there. Maybe she was referring to the big cities but I'm not sure. So far, my bf's been a good teacher! I just gotta start writing down the vocab so I don't forget them haha!

    & Thanks a lot for wishing me luck! At least you still get to go :D

  3. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"5/11/13, 7:49 PM

    How come im now seeing this post <<
    I wish it was the matrix so I can automatically learn 2 other languages >.<

  4. Dude, I know. It kills me hearing being able to understand only bits and pieces of those 3 languages when I know I could fully learn them if I put my all into it. *le struggle*

    It's cool, I miss a lot of people's posts too somehow. Google's slippin up man :<


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