June 21, 2013

A-KON 24~ Text & Pic heavy @__@

How are you readers? Good I hope! I need to stick with making my posts once a week. So far I've been doing okay and am slowly catching up with recent events occurring in my life on here but I still got a way to go before I am completely caught up with everything -.-

A-KON weekend was almost 3 weeks ago (lol shows how delayed my posts are!) and went by so quickly sadly but of course they say time flies when you are having fun and I definitely did have loads of it despite me getting over something I caught from some kid at my job a few days before. I'd tell you all I took crazy amounts of pics..................but I didn't XD Just because I had myself tied up doing so much during the con I couldn't lug around my dslr or even be bothered to record anything on my nearly dead phone so I just enjoyed every moment as it came. I honestly enjoyed it better that way I feel like but I'll still share the pics my friends tagged me on my FB on here though. They are cell phone quality just so you know.


First day of the A-KON, I got up and felt nauseous because of the food at dinner I had the night before with Kevin and was throwing up a total of 5 times throughout the morning for 2-3 hours straight. It was horrendous and I thought my weekend plans were going to be ruined but soon enough after I was done puking my brains out everything turned out okay and my body regained stability. I took a Double Shot Starbucks energy drink (I know their bad for you but I was desperate, okay!) and immediately was good to go! My first day I went as Nana, one of my ultimate FAVORITE anime series I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Sadly because we got there a bit late I didn't stay in it for too long but here's what I did for my look if you haven't already seen it via my Instagram.
I'm still putting that short wig to werq with no shame ;D Some co-workers of mine saw my pic on my FB and said I looked nothing like myself which is just what I wanted ^ ^ I switched up the look a bit from when I did my tutorial on it a few months ago early this year by wearing a DIY distressed shirt and my leather vest instead of a regular white tank and a long sleeved leather jacket because of the hot ass humid weather. The thought of being in that thing in any type of summer Texas heat gave me a heat stroke so I didn't bother taking the risk but I still looked the part regardless :) Here's a couple pics I managed to actually take at the con of other cosplayers that day.

There was wayyyyy more cosplayers than these that were just as if not more picture worthy but sadly I didn't get to take any pics of them :( That Minecraft dude looked adorable waddling every so often in his awkwardly shaped suit! I could care less about the game but seeing him made my day! Then we hit up the dealer room an hour or so before they were gunna close and since they moved A-KON to a bigger hotel this year, the room was massive in comparison to where they used to have it.
See that pink tote bag in the bottom center next to Keroppi? I bought that mug!

(From left: Audrey, Nicole, and me!)
Sadly for me, I saw nothing super amazing within the final hour that they were opened so bought nothing that day but I did meet a few gals at the meet we had there. Unfortunately, it wasn't really organized and I wasn't sure who exactly to meet up with so I hope next time we can all do the next meet on a day where everything isn't so hectic. But I hang out with a nice gal named Nicole who's from Arkansas and her make up was bomb as well as her D.I.A. belt. I was jelly af! Never seen one in person but now that I have, I want one even more now!
Theline to the rave! MADNESS!
Most of us raved that night and then crashed...next day!


Saturdays at cons are always the best for me because I normally get to experience everything that I want like shopping, panels, performances, and so on so typically of course this is the day I try to bring out my best cosplay or rather "outfit" for the occasion. No seriously, I will legit cosplay soon one of these days...maybe next year at Anime Matsuri if we all end up actually going. But this was the look I wanted to not talk too much about since I didn't get to do a practice run with it beforehand so I wasn't sure how well it would turn out on the day of but I said fuck it and did it anyways after customizing my old prom dress into a floral design I came up with and bam! My own recreation of Minori's shironuri style that I love so dearly!

lmao look at that expression XD It looks like I smelled something stank.
Lemme tell you....I got so many pictures taken I have never been so annoyed at such a kind request in my life! lmao kidding but not kidding. I was tired of always having to stahp for some body but it was still flattering looking back on it and made me feel like all the last few days before A-KON making my dress was worth the slight stress. I definitely did NOT wear this look for long though because of the heat, having to always pick up my dress to walk, my make up fucking up, and contacts giving me hell. Speaking of contacts, I'm switching back to soft lenses later this year when I can because my friend Precious does the same thing I do with her circle lenses and regular contacts by pairing them on top of one another so that she can see with them and she says hers never tears so if it's true, I'd much rather have that texture in my eyes than these hard ones. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who did it. So sadly that outfit was only seen by a few hundred con goers that day but I got posted on a few different websites/blogs :) I already lost the links to them though :(

Later that night I got ready for the rave with my friends and one of my newest friends Caroline did my make up so well! It was a nice surprise especially since I'm so used to being the one doing my own make up but she did an awesome job! I can see her being one of the chicks I'll be friends with at UTD this fall semester so hopefully we get to hang out  ^ ^ I have to say, I have never stayed up at a convention as well as I did till this year. It was passed 4am and I still had a little energy to spare. Glad we dipped though because like always, the weirdos come out at night and they surely started showing their drugged out sweaty faces to our group which creeped me out enough to say goodnight. Here's what I wore!

Me and my supermodel tall and gorgeous friend Simone
Audrey and I getting ready to leave for the rave!

Sunday was sad because all the fun was surely coming to an end. We had oodles of fun all weekend but it seemed to have gone by way too quickly. I was exhausted after checking out of our hotel room but still planned to make one more trip tot the dealers room for some good bargins. I still had no luck with any major steals, but I managed to buy my first kigurumi and it is super adorable! I'll share in a collective haul video of mine that I will do soon. They were actually the same company of Kigurumi Shop which is U.S. based and they had so many adorable choices to choose from! I bought a lot of new shirts including one for my hubby and a bag. We all just wandered around and talked for the remainder of the day there. It was nice and I ended up sleeping in my kigurumi at some point when we sat down XD I needed that nap!
Beautiful koi fish swimming in the pond in the gardens at the hotel that day. Heard they were worth $2k each! O.O
Overall, I had lots of fun! Although I didn't go to many of the panels, having my friends there really made it all the more enjoyable for me! Sucks Kevin didn't get to join me this year but he had to take a break from it which I understood. The Anatole is such an amazing hotel as well...I loved it's spacious and artistic features. I think that if I had to make sure to go to any con next year however, it will finally be Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. Me and a few of my other girlfriends were talking about this for a while now so I think it'd be loads of fun to plan out properly and do. We would all truly enjoy ourselves in a new fun place :D

Anyway, I did wanna say thanks to all of the new followers I have gotten recently! That's all I honestly have for this particular post. I hope you guys enjoyed it and next time I'll make sure to take quality shots for y'all! Before I go, you guys should ALL watch This Is The End movie...just go see it! I loved it so much!


  1. Omg! *0* So smexiii as Nana!!!
    All your outfits & make is so pretty! <3

    Wished I could have stopped in Dallas to meet up :/
    Seems like you had so much fun & all those plushies *.*

  2. all the props in the world to you for sticking it out in that white paint all over your face AND arms @_@ and I totally feel you on the whole documenting everything vs just relaxing and having fun. guess it's best to just go with the flow!

  3. Nana-Kuma Rawrr6/26/13, 11:37 AM

    you rave?! saaay whhaat? go headd girl aha

  4. Omigosh, this looks so fun! ;n; I've never been to a convention before, and this totally inspires me to gooo~ ;n; Must go this year, ahh!

  5. Diana Horsfall7/4/13, 10:30 AM

    so awesome. love ur make-up http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  6. Haha only during events like this XD I'm really a huge hermit crab .__. lol

  7. lol yea it really is. I wish I could have my own cameraman follow me everywhere but I'd feel bad making them do all the work while I have all the fun :<

  8. Thank you!! Haha My Nana cosplay seems to be everyone's favorite! I love her so much <3

  9. Thanks! Haha you're not the only one that loves that cosplay :3 & you don't know how difficult it was for me to say no to getting one of those plushies. I mean it was tough as nails walking away from them. Such a shame.

  10. You think so? Thank you! I need to work on making my body paint more opaque and less patchy but I will next time I give it a try. Isn't it going on right now? Hope you're there having loads of fun!

  11. It was definitely a bunch of fun! & thank you! Haha I need to make sure next time I take more pics with people. I hardly took any with anybody it felt like.

  12. Thank you! I could have done better but I know what to do and what not to do next time :) I did have loads of fun I can't wait to do this again next year at a different con!

  13. Thank you for following me and being my 500th follower! *hugs* Thanks a lot for the compliment too :3

  14. It's loads of fun! One of these days you should go with some friends :D If you want you can just browse the place. Most cons I know you don't have to pay to be there unless you wanna see concerts, go to the raves and the dealer room to buy stuff so it's pretty much free :)


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