June 12, 2013

The Boiling Crab & OOTDs (x2)

Hello dears! Finally have a nice day off to myself today :D But I'm going to get ready here in another few mins or so to film two videos, head off to buy some new bras at VS, go to my dentist appointment then rush over to UTD to officially change my major and hang out with my new friend Yoyo. I'll end the night with Kevin if all goes as planned but we'll see ^ ^ Tomorrow I'm working a double so I'll be gone from 11am to 12 midnight but I'll still have a lot of breaks in between which is always nice! Still, it does sound exhausting and even my mom grew concerned but I'll be good :3

About 2-3 weeks back I went to The Boiling Crab in Richardson for my friend's birthday dinner and we all had lots of fun! I heard about it before at school and work so I was definitely pumped to try it out for the first time and it was sooooo delicious! I got the whole shabang as my seasoning for the pound of shrimp I ordered and it was like no other taste I've had before! I also wore this outfit.
*Note* If you guys ever go to a place like this, it's best to go far more casual just so you don't ruin your clothes. Shockingly I didn't but that's because I was super duper careful. Also, my hair was a mess that whole week, please excuse me for that. Remember my recent post on Sammydress? Well here are what two of the clothes I reviewed look like on me. The skirt and striped blouse paired quite well together and people liked it that day! I was also wearing Phillicia's choker she sent to me in the mail a little while ago that is going to be a item you can purchase from her new shop! I got some people looking at it and smiling at me which was definitely pleasant to see! I'll be doing a proper review of it soon now that I am catching up with all of my reviews slowly but surely...just give me time! Here's some food p0rnz...
Oh yeah baby. I finished every single last mofo up in dat dere bag you see above...well okay I shared a few pieces of mine but still! I felt accomplished afterwards and mighty gluttonous. We left The Boiling Crab then went to Mozart to surprise the birthday boy with a lovely cake. It wasn't planned at first but then we all agreed secretly that we should do it and ta-da! He got his awesome Korean bakery styled cake!

Look at that handsome smile on his face! Such a good friend of mine, I'm happy to see that he had a great birthday! As a gift I bought him some stuff from TheFaceShop. They actually have nice stuff for men. Even some really nice smelling cologne that I will eventually buy for Kevin because I literally salivated when I first smelled it. I immediately sprayed it all over him and well...you all can guess how that day ended. XD Hahaha! Speaking of TheFaceShop's good smelling stuff, I bought this uh-freaking-mazing perfume! Like...it is the best smelling fragrance I have ever owned! Kevin loves it on me too.
That was really it though. I had a good time. I am currently working on so many future videos specifically so for those who are waiting for anything I mentioned in the past at all, please hang on tight for me lol I will be doing them shortly. It's tough when you're working full time/overtime pretty much every single week. This summer has already been absorbed with being at work all the time but the good news is that I may be able to go to California for a week with a few of my friends in July but that is still being planned out. I really hope it happens because I need a fucking break from this routine.

Anyway before I go I didn't want to dump this outfit because I thought it still looked really cute but my hair was blah (again...don't worry, it looks smexy af as of right now! lol!) so I pathetically went on photoscape to slap on a wig XD
Pahaha! I'm having too much fun! Okay, and now I am off. You guys don't forgot to enter my mini giveaway by clicking here!


  1. DiamondSweetCrystals6/12/13, 1:10 PM

    Cute Oufits! The food looks yummy!

  2. The outfits look sooooo cute!!!<3
    and that cake looks DELICIOUS~

  3. Your outfit is too cute! I also love that cake. That's the fun of having a birthday at the end of the year, you see everyone else's cakes and just want to mash them all together for your own lol. I've never heard of the Boiling Crab, but I don't think they have those here. Lastly, if you go to California, you guys should go to DisneyLand(I love it, the shows and some of the rides can be fun still for older people lol) or come to San Diego! We have Seaworld, but that's in Texas too and Knotts! Most of the fun is in LA though!

  4. koakumajojo6/13/13, 4:29 PM

    nice outfits!^^ I especially like the first one!

  5. Oh it was, believe me. I nearly died and went straight to heaven with the first bit alone.

  6. Thanks and yea I think we did a good job at picking the perfect cake just for him ^ ^ He really deserved it.

  7. Thank you Alexy dear! Boiling Crab is yummy and is actually a California based I believe and is expanding to other states...but I could be mistaken :T Oh DisneyLand sounds fun! I will have to check with my group and ask what they all want to do as well. All I know is I wanna shop in China Town because the one we have here is not as nice as the ones in Cali.


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