July 24, 2013

Gyaru Night Out Make Up Tutorial (VID + PICS)

Hey people! Got a new video up in case you haven't already seen it! I made this tutorial ages ago but never got around to uploading it because I was not sure if that was okay with the staff of GAL VIP back when I was a model for them. *small voice from a distance* "What?? You were in GAL VIP?!" lol yeah nobody knew because the issue with my content has yet to be released but I believe they're still working on it. I actually enjoyed doing the model assignments despite it being in the midst of my school crisis earlier this year. But I am taking some time away from the gyaru world in general and am going to try to discover my own style so I'm no longer a model anymore. That was short lived but I may come back one of these days to it, who knows :) Danny was such a sweetheart the entire way and was very understanding which I really did appreciate!

Anyway, please watch the video, share with your friends, like and subscribe to my channel if you would! I will of course share with you guys the issue of me in their magazine whenever it comes out. Regardless I'll always be a supporter of it. It and gyaru valentines are the only positive things keeping the community from falling apart so that's always refreshing to know :) Here's some pics of my look and up close shots of the eye make up.
Hope you liked it! After today I will be headed out to San Antonio tomorrow with my baby cakes and we're going to be gone for most of the week. We may be hosting a live broadcast so if you all would like to join us you can by following me her eon YouNow:


And as I said (or at least I think I did) I'll be sure to take loads of videos and pictures of our whole trip for you guys to watch! Before I head off, here's some MV's and songs that I'm obsessing over atm. Can you tell Xia is killing me with his latest album? I mean damn...DAMN!


  1. This is some seriously bold, pretty makeup! And I think it's so awesome that you were a model for Gal Vip! o.o <3 That's so cool~ (And yeah - Junsu/Xia is AMAZING in that video, eee!~)
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, it means so much to me hehe. You were one of the very first gyaru blogs I stalked! ^^ <3

  2. Jeanette Stewart7/30/13, 11:51 AM

    Really cute photos! I am envious of your pink hair! Is it your natural hair dyed pink, extensions or a wig??


    The Pintuck Owl

  3. looks good! i envy your eye shape, haha

  4. All the best in searching for your style <3
    Super pretty makeup! Your skin tone goes beautifully with purple~~

  5. Thank you so much! & you're welcome :D Wow, was I, really? To hear somebody say that means a lot so thank you once again! I admire your blog a lot actually so it's a shame I'm just now finding it but I'm definitely glad you follow me as well :D

  6. lol nuuuu! Yours is super cute though! It doesn't look so nice with natural eye make up sadly :c Thanks for commenting~

  7. Awwwww~ *hugs* Thanks so much! I think so too! I need to use more purples here and there. Idk why I don't though. I'm going to change that :3

  8. It's a lovely wig I got from Gothic Lolita Wigs last year :D Yes, the color was what drew me in the most I loved it! They have it in a pretty pastel purple shade I almost got as well but I loved this one so much! Thank you :D


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