July 20, 2013

K-pop Make Up Look #1 : CL The Baddest Female & GETSSSSS

Watch tutorial here~

If you haven't already seen the tutorial, click the link above. I am kinda bored of doing generic Japanese make up looks so I going to venture out from my comfort zone and do some k-pop idol make up looks every so often! It should be fun and hopefully I don't be criticized by trolls with "ERRMEHGERRD LOOK SHE WUNTZ TUH B KOREAN SOO BAD" but if I do. Meh. Oh wells :) Most people will like it I hope and that's what I aim for! Who's look should I do next I wonder. I sort of wanna do Park Bom's make up from 2NE1's MV Falling In Love but I'm still waiting on the blue lenses I ordered off of loveshoppingholics last week...I mean I could just wear my new Vassen grey ones but ehhh idk. What look do you guys wanna see me attempt next?

I also got some stuff..........I really am always getting new shit aren't I? XD I am not a proud shoppoholic but sometimes when I get certain things that I wanna rave about it may come off that way. But I did announce that my blog will have less posts on the new things I got because I'm tired of always making my posts about these things so I'll just shove em all on my YouTube channel. It honestly gets old and some people assume stupidly that I'm some materialistic individual who seeks acknowledgement from others because of it (I'm not kidding, it's true!) but that's not the case and I'll just leave it at that. Too lazy and not enough fucks given to explain myself to people who probably will believe what they want to believe anyway. Not you guys though...nah, you guys are coo *daps* :D


I went to the Sanrio store in the local mall and found they had a buttload of stuff on sale including My Melody goodies! I might go back after I get paid next week. I found this adorable alarm clock and a set of markers in this cute convenient holder thingy.
I don't need or will even use those markers it came with unless I'm doing a fansign or something. I bought it as a cuter way to store things and guess what I use it for now? My circle lenses! And they look picture perfect prettily positioned inside of this cute little holder of mine now instead of that plastic small bag I used to have them all in. I'll share it in a post on instagram soon.

When I was at the mall with my honey, we walked into my new favorite store in Northpark mall called Shasa. It's relatively affordable imo compared to the overpriced stores they have there since it's considered a high end mall. Even more affordable the LOVECULTURE and yet their quality still isn't terrible. Look at what I bought from their jewelry/accessory section.
That geisha necklace was a dollar. A DAMN, DOLLAR! It's a steal. I went ahead and got that cool ring bracelet chain because I've seen pieces like it and have ever since then wanted to try one out for myself. They look really cool but I'm just worried about how fragile they are. Then I went to Ross and bought these two tops for cheap too with my sis.
I wore the one to the right in my most recent video about my Aliexpress extensions. Speaking of which, I used some Palty hair dye on them a while ago if you haven't heard already. I loved it! except the color pay off would have been better on lighter colored hair of course but it's still really nice! Check out tutorial on how I used it by clicking here.
Lastly this one was sponsored to me by Luxaddiction.com...I could not even believe they contacted me but they did and I was ever so thankful that they sent me such a gorgeous phone case to review on my YouTube channel. If you haven't seen it yet, you can click here to check it out.
That was really it though. Although I caught you guys up on a lot I still have more to go before I'm done. This summer has been packed with activity which is a good thing but a bad thing for me because I feel pressured to take my camera everywhere I go. lol well I'll try to make the next post come sooner than it did this time.


  1. I love experimenting with different looks and kpop inspired ones is one of them! I like the look you did ^^

  2. Thank you! I'd like to see you give one of them a try maybe on your blog someday :D It'd be nice to see ^ ^

  3. Eeee, I love the look - and the pink top! So pretty! *___*

  4. Thank you sweetheart! I've already gotten compliments wearing the pink one out :D

  5. so pretty!!! love your accessories gets~ *_*


  6. I should! haha It's been a loooong time since I last did!

  7. Hi my name is Briana Aka Toby. I found your YouTube channels by chance a few days ago and was completely inspired by you. Recently I followed links to get here and read some of your blog. I've never had much confidence in myself to pull off those cool and cute Japanese looks even when I really really wanted to. However seeing your channel has made me want to throw caution to the wind and give it a try. I was wondering where you found most of your clothing and product? I've searched and can't seem to find any in my price range. I'm a college student so I can't afford much. I was hoping you could give me a few places to start looking. My email is Brianajgreen@gmail.com. I also hope we can chat and become friends.

    - Your new forever follower, Briana.

  8. Aww how sweet of you :D Yeah I personally buy my clothes from online stores as well as local shops around the area tbh. No where too special. I like buying from local places like Forever XXI, H&M, LoveCulture (personally my favorite), Image, Papaya, Claires for accessories, Hot Topic sometimes, and a few other places. As for online, eBay, Amazon, Taobao stores, storenvy is a huge one, and tumblr also shares with me new places to shop online a lot of times so I just follow the blogs that reblog or post outfits that I find appealing and do my best to find those type of clothes by searching for them online or in person at a store of some kind really. I hope that helped out a bit! If you have facebook we can deifnitely chat a lot more on there if you'd like to!


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