July 9, 2013

Quick update!~ & Send in questions for my bf and I to answer!

My apologies for being so behind on my blog lately :( I've just been super dedicated to making new videos for my YouTube channel which now has over 5,000 subscribers! I am in tears TwT I mentioned on my Facebook Fanpage that I'm crossing my fingers to get to 10k before the year is over but I think that's aiming a little too high......or is it? *challenge accepted? You decide!*

But other than that, I mainly been just working and trying to hang out with as many friends of mine as possible to make up for the last couple months of being distant from them. I feel terrible for that but sometimes it's inevitable. I did have a super fun month in June and will hopefully have more fun this month! 

I also wanted to quickly say a few things too. Idr if I mentioned whether or not I was going to see a dermatologist on my blog but if I didn't I went ahead and had an appointment with mine for the first time and she prescribed me to go on birth control to help with my hormonal acne as well as this night cream called Tri-Luma for my hyperpigmentation. That cream was super pricey but I paid it off however it's not working the way I hoped it would so I need to tell her about that in my check up appointment later this month but as for my acne, it is GONE! I've been on Yaz for about 3 months now and although it can be expensive, it's so worth it because it totally diminished my acne and I have unexpectedly gained bigger boobies! Yes, I've actually grown nearly a whole cup size from taking this birth control and although they are more sensitive than before, it still feels pretty nice to not have mosquito bites anymore attached to my chest :D *Embraces womanhood to the fullest* Just in time for my anniversary ;3 lolol! 

Of course birth control is also exactly that, so my anxiety levels have gone way down since I started taking them for obvious reasons so this is good for both me and Kevin :) If you come from an overly religious traditional home like myself, don't let your family's perceptions of birth control stop you from taking charge of planning your parenthood. As much as I want kids one day, today is not the day! Or the next 5 years of my life...maybe when I'm 27 ^ ^ Although it's not the sole reason for me getting on it, now I can't see myself getting off the pill. Btw, I gained no extra weight either with Yaz...I'm definitely loving it despite those scary infomercials about the lawsuits against their company. I've done my research and I'm sure my dermatologist would have recommended something else for me if she was worried of me having a health issue of some kind from taking it.

Last thing I wanted to mention in this post before I come out with proper ones is you guys should know that Kevin and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary in San Antonio the weekend of the 26th this month (in almost 2 weeks!) so I thought it'd be a great opportunity to shoot our Q&A video at the hotel we're staying at. However we would love to see more questions being asked by you guys so send yours in by leaving your questions below. Ask as many as you'd like! You'd be surprised at what we might answer. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a splendid summer! I need to close today at work and get my phone back from these piece of shit scammers...that'll be another story for another day but anyway, I'll ttyl! <3 center="">


  1. Oh dear, it doesn't sound like your phone story is going to be a pleasant one XD Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! What are you two going to do in San Antonio?

    Also I added your link into my link exchange page! ^__^

  2. Oh thank you sweetheart! I will go ahead and add yours to mine then ^ ^ We're probably just going to hang out by the Riverwalk and enjoy the area. It's full of places to go and see plus our hotel is right by everything so I'm super excited!

  3. That sounds really nice! I hope you guys have lots of fun ^__^

  4. Congrats on 5k sweetie, you deserve it!
    Good riddance to acne >:3

  5. Yay for 5K and your two year anniversary with Kevin!!! i am so happy for you!!! Congratulations lovely lady!

  6. lol thank you sweetie <3 Yes, so glad to not have it be an issue anymore :D

  7. Thank you!! I'm so excited! Only a week left before our trip!

  8. I am a fan and have been for the last year I never comment but I watch your vids and share them with friends. I saw your tumblr post the other day and I wanted to tell you that I totally understood your comments and I think that your sentiments where exactly on point. To celebrate your coming anniversary I want to send you a song by Junsu from my favorite Kpop group JYJ its called Chocolate Girl! Lol! You have to read the lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzvd2I44sj4
    Enjoy being in love it is one of the most valuable things we can do in life. XO

  9. Awww *hugs* thank you for sharing that with me! Sadly that link was removed from YouTube but I'm looking up the lyrics right now and it is such a sexy song I love it! Definitely downloading this song! It's funny because my friend is in love with JYJ but I rarely listen to them. Welp, looks like that's gunna change now lol!


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