August 7, 2013

2nd Year Anniversary Road Trip Part 2!~

On the Riverwalk boat you can tell I was tired at this point.
Welcome back to my blog lovelies! A lot of you liked part 1 of our trip. Hopefully you'll love this half as well as the two videos we filmed there together (not XXX, sorry!). They'll be up within about 2-3 weeks time just be patient with me please.

Let's carry on from where I left off. Still on day 2 of our trip, me and Kevin walked to the Alamo which was immediately across the street from our hotel and we took some pictures in front of it. I took my grey shirt off and wore my cami because of how fucking hot it was outside.
Poor baby didn't bring his sunglasses! We didn't go in because one of the attendants said they didn't allow drinks inside and our cup was still pretty full of ice cold soda so considering how hot it was outside and how disinterested we were after hearing that news, we decided not to go in and drink our sodey-pop instead!

After we dipped from the Alamo, I remember seeing some attractions the day before across the street on the other end of the Alamo so we walked there and I was instantly drawn into the Ripley's Haunted Adventure (house)!
This guy in the hat was pretty good at his job with scaring people and kept picking on me but his voice transformer was making him sound too incomprehensible so I just keep smiling and laughing at whatever the heck he was saying to me XD
That dude above was a smartass for saying some comment to me...but I forget what it was now. But we walked into this cage thing that positioned us at a slightly upward angle so I didn't quite know what to expect from this set up.

Couldn't take pictures of the entire experience because one guy yelled at me to put it away in his character which freaked me out so I didn't risk it haha! Here's the first cool guy I showed you a moment ago and myself taking a pic together.
It ended up being a so-so haunted house...there was definitely more horrifying ones I've gone to in the past but whatever. I got to hold this adorable little girl's hand the entire way through because she was scared and crying. Her mom was so sweet too and she was cute so I didn't mind at all. After that we were headed into the entrance of The Guinness World Records museum. I felt like it was boring since I've gone to so many museums like these in the past when I was younger so the theme has worn off a bit for me but some of the stuff was kind of neat.
At first glance I wasn't too sure what these virtual looking guys were but then I looked closer and they started to move! I never seen it before and this was actually the coolest part of this place!
We entered the game room...GOD I wanted to do a photoshoot here so bad with some Akihabara get up or something. It had perfect backdrops :3
 Saw some wax figures here and there.
I really did love seeing Mike's wax figure. If you looked into it's face it really almost spooks you out a bit. I was pretty sad for a moment but perked up after taking this picture...RIP MJ!
Not sure what that last one is trying to reference but I liked it's head being a T.V. :D That was that and then lastly we went on this craptastic Tomb Rider 3D ride that pissed me off beyond belief because my damn gun was not shooting the targets I aimed at! Kevin showed me a certain way how to hold the gun towards the end which helped but it was already too late and my score was pathetically low in comparison to his. I think all in all, these three places are best if you're a kiddo or young teenager so don't expect too much.
Next we took a ride on the river finally! We luckily didn't have to wait in a line for too long like we feared and got on the ride when the sun was slowly setting. It was still pretty hot out but not as hot as it was earlier in the day thank goodness.
The next few pics are the snaps I took along the way on the boat.
Apparently this next building had these scary faces attached to them to ward off evil spirits back when it was built. Look closely and you can see their distorted faces...creepy af!
 More pictures on the river.
Can I live here please?!
We ended the night in our hotel room without eating out since everywhere closed right after us filming the Q&A video, plus we ate somewhere fancy the night before. The next and final day was so sad for the both of us as it was our last morning waking up to each other in our room we grew fond of. We checked out and were on the road again but we definitely made quite a few stops to see the places we didn't get to see on our way up to San Antonio like Buc-ee's!
I had no clue what the deal of that place was but I knew at the time it had to be something special when I saw literally 3 signs of us nearing the exit for Buc-ee's! This place was massive and also owns the world record for having the biggest gas station and cleanest bathrooms! Why did I not need to piss here?! OTZ Luckily, we didn't pass up their fantastic brisket sandwiches and were so in love with them! He bought more for his family lol it was better than Dickey's BBQ and I love theirs so that should tell you something! We stopped by a strip mall and went into this anime merch store and I must say it was the most snazzy of it's kind and had the best staff! I bought this Totoro poster and now it's hanging above my Miyavi and Black Rock Shooter poster near my bed in my room :D
I lav et! It helps me take naps somehow easier than before I had it too. Last thing I got from our trip that I mentioned briefly in my part 1 post is this adorable Hello Kitty x My Melody plushie! It was cheap too because the Sanrio store there was closing down. After getting this, it makes me want to buy way more for my room.
Saving the best for last, here is the letter I got from Kevin.
His handwriting shits on mine so hard omfg
I got this incredibly sweet letter from Kevin the day he came to pick me up for our trip and teared up after reading it in front of him in the car. I always do when he says how much he wants to have a future with me and shows me how much he cares. It's literally one of the very few things I can't resist crying to at any given moment of my day which is why I try not to think too hardly on it in public places. My tears are of course because of happiness and gratitude. I swear, he's really the love of my life and I hope next anniversary we do something fun like we did this year together as well...

Honey, so long as me and you are with each other I will always be forever happy. Thank you for being such a great boyfriend to me (。・ω・。)ノ♡


  1. I've never been to an anime type store before T^T That Totoro poster looks awesome and it really makes me want to buy a Spirited Away on LOL. Can't wait to see the video =)

  2. Omg that game room <3
    I always though wax figures were creepy idk.

  3. The Totoro poster is soooo cute >w<. And I want to see this video, you two are cute too :3

  4. Nana-Kuma Rawrr8/8/13, 12:14 PM

    awws sniff sniff makes me wanna cry yall so cute ahaha

  5. Wow <3 The ending was so sweet. I forgot to mention on the part 1 as well.. The "he drove the whole way" I thought was oh so very lovely. I squealed. As for the letter. Yes Yes. The little details like that are just as sweet to me than anything. <3 You two look great.

  6. Aw, <3 I enjoyed reading this post so much ^-^ Everything was so interesting and at the end I felt so happy for you two! <3

  7. They're nice to see especially in malls you don't expect them to be in! haha Spirited Away = <3

  8. Same here omg! Cannot do it for the most part. Mike's looked a bit creepy although I was still somehow moved by it.

  9. Thank you! I am trying to upload it soon tonight so make sure to look out for it on my channel ^ ^

  10. Thank you! Yeah he honestly would not let me drive for us lol so I thought that was really sweet. I totally agree with you on that!

  11. Good! I'm glad you liked it :D Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  12. Aww! I'm so glad ya'll had a great trip! I haven't been to San Antonio since I was six, so hopefully I can go there soon! Looking forward to the videos! ^^

  13. Thank you! Yeah part 1 of the trip's vlog is already up on my channel but you can view it on the header of my blog if you'd like :) It was so much fun I hope to go to another fun place like this with him sometime really soon!

  14. Emi Doll (恵美)8/10/13, 7:41 PM

    Such a cute post ^^ You 2 always make me smile ^^

    Happy anniversary!!!!! So cool to go on road trips!!!

    恵美より ♥

  15. Thank you Emi!~ Really glad to hear that from you!

  16. Ugh, I'm seriously going to die of diabetes from all of you guys cute, but before I sound bitter(too late?) the both of you are soo adorable. I really wanna take a road trip. I actually wanna go to Texas and drive around. Mostly I just want to go to different states and try to blend in and check them out without looking too touristy. I already know I'll look like that, most people say Californians don't fit in anywhere else lol. This post makes me want to go to one of the Guinness museums and wax museums. I've only been 2 both once in LA. Needless to say the haunted house part of your post got me excited for Halloween. Great post and I almost forgot to mention how much I love that Totoro poster!! <3

    xx Alexis

  17. lol thank you Alexy!! Texas is nice especially the DFW area if you like to check out Korean/Asian stores and supermarkets. Omfg Halloween is going to be amazing this year! I cannot wait for it I'm so pumped! I plan on going to at least two different haunted houses and hopefully six flags :D I have met a girl from California before and I really liked her! She was super cool ^ ^ You guys have lots of carefree spirits there than we do in Texas.

  18. Happy Anniversary! Cute!!!!


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