August 30, 2013

Back To School Kogyaru Make Up Tutorial (Video)+ UPDATE

Hey lovekins! Sorry I've been slacking on the posts lately. These last couple weeks have been really stressful on me with my 21st bday weekend, dealing with my bank still, getting ready for school and all. I hope you understand! Anyway, I went ahead and uploaded a cool tutorial for back to school inspired by the kogyaru style. This one was also made when I was with GAL VIP so it was filmed a few months back. Better late than never right?
I've actually started going back to school this semester earlier this week! I really love my classes you guys omg! I'm taking Digital Photography & Design, Basic Design Principles & Practice, Sound Design, and an online course called Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication. It all sounds so interesting doesn't it? :D I've been a fanatic of social media for years especially because of how much I use it. I love having a blog and making YouTube videos! So hopefully you guys will see me gradually becoming more skilled in every aspect of how I engage myself to you all. 

I still really need to make a bday post. That'll be really soon so hang on tight for me, okay? That's about it for this post! I hope you guys have a fun weekend. I might be going to a convention today and tomorrow...feeling like taking a nap right now though first since I woke up early and couldn't fall back to sleep this morning heh heh ^ ^; Before I go, I've been really drawn into creating my own pixel art recently...they kind of suck lol but with time I hope to get better. It can be pretty fun especially if you get the shapes and colors right!

Can't wait to make more! :D


  1. OMG you're taking all the classes I wanted to take!! XD I got stuck having to take all my boring core classes before I get to do all my program of study classes but can't wait to get these required ones out of the way LOL. Hope to hear more from what you learn because I don't know that many people who likes that kind of stuff and I have no idea how to make anything so I think your pixels look better than other ones I've seen =)

  2. Those classes sound awesome! You got me thinking about doing some continuing education courses for funsies or maybe re-learning a language. I am really excited to see the ways you'll incorporate your studies into your blogging! And girl, your pixel art is cute! Looking forward to hearing about your bday bash!

  3. ermegerdddd hai gurl <3 long time no talk.
    this tutorial is awesome you've come a long way with make up and its getting better and better :3
    I was always so curious about that blush by nyx and lol i had a feeling it wasnt pigmented.
    I like that your tutorials are not like 20 minutes long omg i like short ones some youtubers talk to damn much LOL. You look great babe <3

  4. sooo pretty!!! the eyelashes you used in this tutorial looks so lush! can't wait for your birthday post, hope you had a great time! *_*


  5. Thank you! :D I always combine mine together with another pair ^ ^ Works out well for me every time!

  6. lol thank you :) It really has been a journey with make up but I know I've improved significantly from when I first started. Still, I wanna try new make up styles especially play with eye shadows. It seems like it'd be loads of fun! Yeah I can see it working out okay for people with a lighter skin tone but it's not that great on me. lol it's hard making them short though! XD They're much better when they aren't past 5-6 mins though so I try to make them as short as possible. & thanks a lot! It's nice to see your face on my comment section again!

  7. lol really? :D Oh you're doing your basics. Girl it's okay if I can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it haha! It'll be done quicker than you think ^ ^ You think so? lol thanks! I really need to be less sloppy but making these were fun! I'll get better hopefully over time.

  8. Thanks darling! This new program has ignited a new fire in me. I feel so excited when it comes to school and my classes. Hopefully by the end of the semester I at least improve my digital photography skills noticeably on here. Which new language would you like to re-learn? Thanks and yes I am about to edit it in a moment ^ ^

  9. I am thinking about re-learning Spanish or Japanese. Spanish sounds a little more appealing right now because Boba speaks it, so we can practice with each other!


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