August 12, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys! So in case you all didn't know, my 21st birthday is coming up (August 25th! Less than 2 weeks from today)! I am going to have a huge celebration for it which is going to be a little stressful since the last time I tried to have a big celebration was when I turned 18 but this will be even bigger and better since everyone will be coming and of course there will be alcohol! Don't get me wrong though. I don't need to drink to have a good time but it definitely does lighten up my mood. *ahem* Fun fact. I get super lovely dovey on everyone in the room when I'm drunk ;__; but Kevin will be at the party so he'll be the only one taking my drunken love blabbering and antics the entire night haha! Kidding, I won't be that bad till the very end so I can at least remember the majority of it. 

I made a MASSIVE wishlist for my friends to pick and choose from as presents they can get for me. Is that bad? Idk...I always hate guessing what to get for people and feel so thankful when there is a clear straight forward wishlist to go by instead of generic hint on what a person likes. Is that just me? Anyway, I hope it didn't come off as spoiled of me...that wasn't my intention but so far, a few people have already bought my presents from that list so I guess it can't be that bad ^ ^ I made it big enough that they cannot possibly buy the same thing for me twice. I would be extremely shocked at that outcome. Anyway, here are the clothes that I would like as a gift for my bday I wanted to share with you guys! These have been sitting on my wishlist for ages now so it'll be nice to finally own them. The first set are from various storenvy pages I watch.

lol notice how I have dark and pink girly items. I'm always having this internal conflict with my style on which way to go but I always do my best to sport off both. I really like that "TOKYO" top the most and hope to God someone is sweet enough to get it for me but in the white color. The black one is okay too though. If not, I'll buy it myself :3 Here's the second set from sheinside.

I love their items so much I nearly went crazy buying stuff from there once but realized I needed to save up for the trip to San Antonio before I went mad. It's a lot like romwe except I wanna say that they are a bit more affordable. Still a little pricey but much better than romwe's prices. I want more galaxy print clothing in my wardrobe. I only have one measly pair of galaxy print leggings and the print isn't high res so the details look a little fuzzy looking up close T^T but it was expected considering I got it for cheap. 

Anyway, thanks for reading this short post you guys! Are you an August or September baby? If so, how do you plan to spend your birthday? Comment below telling me all about it ^ ^


  1. Emi Doll (恵美)8/12/13, 4:33 PM

    Awwwwww so sweet!! So sweet yay your birthday soon hehe I'm also a August baby mines ont he the 18th hehe. I have that floral jumper and would definitely recommend you get it cus I think it'll look perfect on you *0* I also love all the items there...Especially the 1st maxi dress so cute <3

    Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Ohh have fun! I'm totally with you when it comes to wish lists. I hate having to guess about whether or not someone will actually like their presents >:|

    You're right; your style is all over the place x) but sometimes it's fun to try new things and dress in different ways :)

  3. the shorts is super cute dear
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!
    The simple life of rich people BLOG

  4. I'm with you and Pearl Heart, wish lists make things a LOT easier for both people in my opinion, I'm very picky and change my mind or tastes a lot so it's just simpler for me to make a list or get a gift card. Hope you have a fun party and great birthday, I'm a September baby and will also be turning 21 on the 4th next month ;D Not having a party but more of a small get together of close friends, sounds a little sad but I hate parties >__<

  5. Oh really? *high fives* I hope you enjoy yours this month! :D I'm glad to hear you say that because I really really really want it so bad! I can't wait to have them all ^ ^

    Thank you too :)

  6. lol yeah it's more convenient to me imo. Idk I guess some people see pros and cons to it but I mostly see the pros so hopefully people don't mind it ^ ^

    It really, as soon as the fall/winter time arrives I'm going to look less cutsey and girly. Haha it completely changes my mood and everything.

  7. Thank you! I thought so too :) I hope I get them!

  8. That's a nice idea to make a wishlist! I always wish my friends know me enough to buy things I like without me telling them... but they don't ^^" So it's a really nice idea ^w^
    Oh and, it's a bit early but happy birthday!

  9. I'm the same when i have a drink, end up telling everyone how much i love them haha!
    Sheinside seriously has the best clothes right now, so hard not to stick everything on my wishlist.
    & i think it's a good idea to tell people what you want to receive as a gift, at least they will know you like it that way ^^

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  10. I absolutely love the star sweater and the flower sweater! I'm way to excited for Fall to get here and it only gets cool enough in the Fall here for light sweaters. They are lovely.

    xx Alexis

  11. Christabel Ehui8/13/13, 2:54 PM

    Omg!~ My birthday is 17th. C: I should also make a wishlist ^^ If I were evr rich, I'd buy everything on that list for you >.<

  12. I think so too so to take the load off of people, I just tell them directly what I'd like as a gift and bam, everyone wins! :D

    Parties aren't always my thing. I actually get bad anxiety and feel nauseated when I am the one hosting these things but hopefully it all turns out well...I'm just really freaking nervous.

  13. Haha same here, sometimes clues and hints are not good enough.

    Thank you!

  14. Awww <3 You're such a sweetheart!! Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy your bday this week!

  15. Emi Doll (恵美)8/14/13, 3:35 PM

    *High 5s Back* Hehe aww thank you, you too!!
    Yup I know how you feel just wanna buy so many cute stuff and go crazy XD

  16. you're welcome! One day I will splurge on so much it's going to be glorious! One beautiful day haha~

  17. Telling people what you want is a great idea! Saves them the trouble of brainstorming and worrying about not getting the right thing haha. All the clothes you picked out are adorable!

  18. I thought so too, I'm glad others see it the same way I do haha ^ ^ & thank you! :3

  19. Haha it's inevitable that I end up thinking everyone is a beautiful lovely person and that they deserve endless amounts of hugs from me when I'm drunk XD But I'd rather be that way than an angry drunk o.o I can't wait to see what the presents are. I have a feeling at least one thing is off of sheinside.

  20. Yeah it's really cute and I'd love to wear that this fall/winter. I love fall since the weather is more gloomy...for some reason I enjoy cloudy weather at times more than sunny clear skies haha weird.

  21. If you don't mind, could you tell me which storenvy shops had that long, pink dress and those blue overalls? Thanks :)


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