September 25, 2013

Akimatsuri Japan Fall Festival & GAL VIP Vol. 6!~

Hello you guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I wanna really get into the awesome experience I had at the Japanese Fall Festival last weekend. I am pretty much caught up on updating you guys with the latest major events that's been going on with me btw *cues applause* :D It was loads of fun and never did I expect to be surrounded by so many Japanese speaking people! The kiddos looked extremely adorable too, wait till you see the pics! But before I jump into that, you guys should check out the newest volume of GAL VIP. It was my first and last time being featured in it, at least for now who knows? Looking back on it, I wish I had better skills with my photography but oh well. Now I know what not to do thanks to the class I'm taking. I've already learned so much! How do you think I did? 
Click here to view!~
The Japan American Society organized the fall festival with participation of many Japanese related organizations and restaurants in the DFW area. It's one of the biggest Japanese culture event of the year and I was excited to finally be able to go since usually every year I miss out on it.

At the event, there was be authentic Japanese food, games, perforamnces, souvernirs and Japanese Akita puppies! I wish I had a chance to eat the food but I missed out because of a silly mishap with finding an stupid!

My university's organization hosted a fun game booth. I never found out if we made a big profit but from the looks of how backed up the lines always were I think we did pretty good! We had to make origami and I was taught how to make a cool star!
The one in purple x black was made by someone else, but I made the pink x peach surprise surprise!
Here's some pics of around the festival when I first arrived.
I gotta show you guys inside the shop of Shop Minoya one day! They sell really great stuff all from Japan and the owner is a sweet lady!
 Our booth below!~
 Did you see the little girl's hair buns? OwO akdlfjafjkdafdla *dies*

I missed the beginning of the drum performance but it did sound cool when they played. I can only imagine how they must have been baking under that sun in those clothes though ;__;

These next set of pictures are of random folks and me with my buddies! I didn't expect to bump into so many of my friends there because I was specifically there to volunteer and occasionally roam around the festival so I didn't bother asking anyone to join me. Turned out my club didn't need as much help as I thought so I mainly hung out with those I was lucky enough to see (´∇ノ`*)ノ
This guys was so cool as well as wearing that jacket (shingeki no kyojin)
She kept wanting our group's attention and was just insanely cute! Her mom was nice as well. Loved her little bonnet and cute onesie haha♥
This girl was a follower of mine and was so sweet and pretty! We are hanging out hopefully this Friday I believe. Loved her!
ASHER!!! lol Asher is one of my favorite co-workers who I am never scheduled with so I rarely see him T^T But it was nice bumping into this guy :D
Group photo before we head home.
And that was all of my experience at the festival. It was only from 11am - 3pm so it felt so short lived but we still made the most of it. I can't get over not eating the takoyaki they had there but I definitely will next year. It's just so far away! Hopefully they sell the authentic kind at some restaurant I never heard of.

Do you guys have any festivals like these in your area? If so, have you gone and what was it like? :3 Lemme know in the comment section below! Bye for now~


  1. super cute event dear


    happy day

    NEW POST!!!


    The simple life of rich people blog

  2. You looked like you had a bunch of fun :) There were many Japanese festivals where I lived but I could never attend them D": Hopefully in the future I can!

  3. You should they are lots of fun! The food, music, people, just being immersed in the culture for a short while is such a nice experience. Plus it's less expensive than going to the country xD But that is still on my wishlist!

  4. Thank you! I wish it lasted longer though > <

  5. Loving all three coordinates in your GAL VIP feature! pretty as always *_*


  6. Thank you <3 :D I wanna do more looks like this! It was fun dressing up ^ ^

  7. The three most popular food stalls in the festival of Japan are of Okonomi Yaki - Japanese savory pancake, Tako Yaki - octopus balls, and Yaki Soba - sauted noodles with ingredients without soup. Don't wait till another one year, but why not come to Japan and enjoy your time in the trip solo or with friends.

    To save your budget, use the Japan Rail Pass ( must apply in your country, but not in Japan ) and/or highway bus network for long distance moves, and for the stay in guest house, youth hostel, capusule hotel, manga cafe and/or night highway bus will help you.

    The impression from your photos suggest you will like the belows.
    Check if it needs resevation beforehand.

  8. Hello Taro! Yes, I just learned about the Japan Rail Pass and will take full advantage of it. Right now I am out of work due to being a full time student so saving up right now is dificult but my university has a program where they might let me go there if I am admitted into it. Thank you so much for all of the helpful links!


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