September 29, 2013

A/W Inspo: Fashion, Hair, & Make up

Hey guys! Just thought I'd share with you some inspiration pics of mine I have for the coming seasons. The weather here in Texas is slowly dropping to the mid 80s as a high on most days and we've been getting some rain every week so I know the weather will chill out pretty soon :D I'm so sick of this effing heat always making my make up sweat off -.-

If you remember in my last inspo post, I had lots of D.I.A. models and coords but I never fully adventured that style because it really didn't fit who I truly am in the end but it still looks fantastic on others! I'm going to break this post up into sections of make up, hair, and fashion. Here is my newest style of choice for the fall and winter!

I want a mixture of studs, leather, and dark colors along with hints of pastel cutesy warm coords combined. Don't know if I'd call the look I'm going for creepycute but I may take some small inspiration from that style as well. Because both ends of the style spectrum I want try out are so opposite from each other, I might just have to dress in a style one day and the other the next since I can't pick which one I want to stick with so this should be fun!

(I do not own any of the following photos)
I still need to find thigh highs that don't squeeze the mess out of my American girl thighs. Anyone know where I can find some like those?
I've been wanting to try these snap back caps with funky letters on them so hopefully I can find a couple good ones to wear with some of my outfits ^ ^
The cold weather makes me feel like immersing myself in oversized sweaters! And pair them with cute tights/or leggings :3

I'm getting some new hair next week (22" long! OwO) and it's going to be the hair I will wear for the remainder of the year so I'm pretty excited to try out new styles and add some purple temp color to it for fun occasionally. I've been loving that hair color for months now! Just been too scared to dye my hair extensions that color in case I screw up.
Most days though I'll be wearing my hair without the purple just like this lovely lady. That length is to die for! EEEEE I can't wait to get it!


Yet again I will be trying a wide range of styles from heavy gal eye make up to the straight Korean brows and aegyo sal eye make up. This time I seriously want to incorporate different eyeshadow colors for once instead of neutral shades. I recently bought Urban Decay's Deluxe Palette off and so far I love it! Expect a review of it really soon :D I'd like to use lots of smoldering looks with blacks, purples, even blues. Roseshock is to blame for the eye shadow color inspo! I also wanna try the high placement of blush like how Seto does hers.
Realistically, most days since I'm in school I'll be pulling of these last two looks as they're more wearable but you'll still no doubt see me pulling off the others!

That wraps up this post! What do you guys think would work best for me? Do you find any of these pics inspiring? Please comment below letting me know! Have a great weekend!


Attack On Titan season finale was INTENSE! I had so many feeeeeellllllllssssszzzz!!1!1!!!!1!! Mikasa is my girl and always has been. If you've never seen the series, you need to! It's amazing! I can't wait for the Fall 2013 anime season to start next month :D It's going to be grand!
Lastly Breaking Bad Series Finale is premiering tonight! I'm so sad to see it come to an end T^T
It's been a fun filled weekend! Minus me passing out at work yesterday but that's another story for another day.


  1. You could try sock dreams ( for some really cute american sized thigh highs!! They also have really cute tights and knee highs!! And its free shipping within america <333 (its my favorite place to buy socks lol)

  2. Emi Doll (恵美)9/29/13, 6:46 PM

    WOOOW i love everything here, everything is so inspiring and cute and pretty and would look so good on you!! I love the first picture of the devil hoodie!! Too cute :3

    Oh I've heard so much about that anime but I haven't watched it yet XD

    恵美より ♥

  3. Thank you Emi ^ ^ I hope they do, I really want to complete transforming my wardrobe by the end of this year. Yes, she looks adorable with it :D I gotta find something similar to it somewhere.

    It is so gooooood! You will love it, I promise lol!

  4. Aww thank you for sharing that site with me! I've heard about it before but never purchased from them since I didn't know what other people thought of their products till now :D I'll give them a try for sure!

  5. OMGEE WAS THAT FINALLY!? YOU'RE KIDDING. that leaves too much want for more T^TTTT /end
    Anywho~ I really love those purple hair inspo you have here in this post! I've been wanting purple hair for oh so long and it'll still be a while till I get it :P

  6. Yeah it was but you can read up on the manga. I hear the anime is wayyyy behind o.o so I might do that between now and the premiere of the new season ^ ^

    Thanks! I think purple is already a pretty color but on hair it is gorgeous! I think you'd look great with it Christina :D

  7. Haha I liked it so much that I already am reading the manga x) And thank you ^^ Def will get my hair that color one day :3

  8. I really should watch attack on titan..

  9. I want to dress in the same style!! XD LOL, I've never worn an over sized sweater before, but they always look so cute when I see them in pictures so I hope I can find a cute one this year >__< And I'm obsessed with tights and long stockings, usually I just get them when I see that they're on sale somewhere so IDK where to find any good ones online =(

  10. It's shoooooo guuuuud errrrmehgerrrrd! Go watch it nao!! >:3

  11. Do you? Haha yeah they really do I'm sure you'll make it look good too! Tights man...I must be careful with overstocking on those. Every time I see a new cute pair I want to get it but I already have a billion so it's like...why continue this cycle of madness? I feel your pain, haha! But typically I think ebay is one of the easiest places to spot some cute tights for sure. There and storenvy.

  12. Shatori Lacy10/5/13, 3:50 PM

    Awwaa!~ I love this inspo post! > w < Everything in this post would look good on you! I definitely know how you feel about thigh highs. OTL I'm obsessed with them, but I usually get stockings because of how thigh highs strangle my thighs. ; 3 ;
    I'm a few episodes behind on Attack on Titan. ; w ; I can't wait to have the time to see the last few episodes!

  13. Thank you! Yeah I wish they weren't so tight in that area but otherwise they look so cute with so many different outfits!

    Yes the last few are so amazing your mind will be blown to smithereens lol of course in the best way possible! I actually wanna read the manga to speed up through the plot like lots of others but it's such an awkward transition so idk if I will or not :/ Still thinking about it.


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