September 10, 2013

Birthday Gifts!~

I was going to just make a haul on my YouTube channel but I wanted to share these cute gifts I got on my blog as well. These are just some of the amazing gifts I got and I appreciate every single last one from the bottom of my heart! Kyle, who made the cake for me also still thought of buying me a present ON TOP of that which is the following...
You can never have enough cute cell phone charms and kawaii cases, am I right? xD I really did love how the elephants looked and honestly, I wanted a lighter phone case than the blinged out one I've been kluging around for the last month. She bought them from an etsy seller I haven't heard of before but you should check out their shop because from what I saw their prices aren't too shabby: GeekSugarPuffs
Kalicia got me some rad headphones from Rue21 that are pinku~ And some apple scented body fragrance that is great since it's perfect for me to use in the morning before school. It wakes me right up!
Jazmin got me some body butters her mom sells for her business and so far I really do love the Eucalyptus + Spearmint scented one oh my heaven it smells delightful!

I can always use more higher quality make up brushes so Precious did a great job buying these for me! I haven't heard much about this brand but I think it may be from Target which is awesome since I love make up brands they sell (EX: Sonia Kashuk ♥).
Caroline, oh Caroline. Haha love her! She got me these fairy-kei hair accessories. I will have so much fun with these! :D The blue bunny ring is my absolute favorite!
I knew Sam knows my fashion sense inside and out when he got me this along with some badass leather leggings! The gold spikes added a nice touch but I love how it has that high-low cut. I can't wait to wear this whenever we do the kpop photoshoot he and I have been talking about!
The other gifts I have gotten were also just as amazing that I didn't include in this post and I'm still getting more! The money was awesome too ;D I hope you guys have been having a good September. Kevin's birthday is coming up but I'm not too sure what to get him this year. I already bought one gift already but I want something bigger for him since he's going to be a big boy now! He'll be 26! lol jk, he's been a big boy. I always mess around and call him Papa Kevin but he knows I'm playing. Hehe love you babe! When we first met, he was 23...time really does fly! He said he wanted Grand Theft Auto V but of course being the considerate boyfriend that he is, he wants me to not buy it since he thinks it's too expensive but I can handle paying for that. I just wanna know if there may be another gift I should get him that he'd appreciate as well. Maybe I'm overdoing it like he says ^ ^; I think I'll buy it for him because the commercials look really good so I can of course play it at his house since my lame self still doesn't have a PS3 yet -.- I need to get on that. Do you guys have any ideas? 


  1. Lovely gifts!! I love the cute phone accessories :) And yes the elephants are sooo cute! You have some amazing friends out there :)

  2. Thank you and yes they are incredible! I really wish I could find more time to spend with them than I do now. It's so tough with so much going on in my life all the time but I really must.

  3. GTAV will be amazing lol defo get it so you can get some cheeky plays in yourself too~! :P
    can't wait til mine gets here lol

  4. lol yeah he keeps saying how much stuff there is to do in the game. It's one of the biggest worlds in a game he'll play so yup, I'm definitely going for that one ^ ^

  5. Lucky girl, these gifts are adorable! :3
    Gahhh, I NEED one of those kawaii phone cases. I've been debating whether to buy one or not for the longest time

  6. Thank you! lol I'm sure you'll find one that's perfect for you somewhere ^ ^ There's so many out there I'm sure you'll be able to find.

  7. Emi Doll (恵美)9/18/13, 1:55 PM

    So adorable *0* You have such brilliant taste in everything ^^

    恵美より ♥

  8. Aww haha thank you so much Emi <3 You do too, believe me! I look forward to your next post!~ Thanks for commenting!

  9. claudiasengraving.com9/20/13, 7:06 AM

    All these gifts are just perfect for birthday present. I like the headphone and a top idea the most for giving a gift!

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