September 7, 2013

My 21st Birthday Weekend~! (*^◇^)_旦

My birthday weekend was about 2 weeks ago and I will say although I had splendid times, it was just too stressful for me so I doubt I will be planning a bash like this again especially if it's by myself (¬、¬) I don't wanna get into it too much so here were the highlights of the event. We started the party at this cool restaurant in Addison called The Social House. Thanks to this guy named Meddhi, he helped book me my reservation for the party and I was so thankful because the location in uptown was full thanks to their crappy party planning manager. The place was nice and the food was really affordable! I regret not taking pics of the building. 

I'll first share one of the most awesome gifts which was this birthday cake my friend Kyle made me for my bday!
Look at the detail and all of the make up and my first letter initial on there. I was speechless! One layer was vanilla while the top was strawberry. The girl is good! Feel free to ask me if you want her contact info and I will gladly e-mail it to you!

Kevin and I shared this plate of braised ribs in some was good but I was feeling super nauseated right before my party because of some pills I took so I could hardly stomach putting more than 3 bites in my mouth. I let him eat the rest. Surprisingly I never threw up that weekend after drinking so much though.
Miraculously, A LOT of my friends showed up that night. It was hands down the biggest turn out of an event I've ever hosted. I was so incredibly thankful for them all being there. The dinner was honestly the best part of my entire night because of how smoothly everything least compared to the hotel mess that later occurred. Here's my beautiful friends and myself posing together before we left the scene.
Look at all of these lucky people and their gorgeous skin! It enrages me!! щ(ಥДಥщ)

Me and my honey bee, who just got off from work~

Idk what's going on to the far right side of the photo lol!
 I think this was accidental but a lot of us used our hands to pose XD
These two were the ones that got married last year and I was a bridesmaid at their wedding! It's almost been a year! They look happy together as always. I truly admire their love!
 Erika and her boo thang ;D
Kyle and her boo thang! Kyle again was le pastry chef who made the cake. That's a skilled individual right there.
Suzanne and Precious both making me both making me look bad with their perfect smiles! I really wanna poke Suzanne's cheeks in this pic~ *pinch pinch*
 My amazing big sis! Prior to when she got shitfaced. *mwauh* ILY! God I look like my mom here!
Brittany giving me me more reasons to hug on folks for being so awesome.
 Haha of course I'd make to goofy face with Julie xD There had to be one in here at the very least!
Tam and I! Kevin will be cutting his hair again soon. I might film that and put it in a video :o lol!

A section of The Social House turned into a dance floor and we went berserk there and completely took it over! ┌(・。・)┘♪ Mind you we had about 30 people in my party....yeah lol! But only half or so went. Since it was my birthday I went a little cray cray but it felt so damn gooooooood! Finally, we left and went to the part that I mostly disliked...the hotel. Like I said, I won't go into details but I will say that the bastard who booked the room gave me the WRONG ROOM! I asked for a two bedroom suite and he gave me a one bedroom with two doubles >:x so not okay. But I couldn't change it so I just dealt with are some pics we took there.
Two of my favorite co-workers showed up! I love these guys so much I swear because I can be myself around them and won't feel like I'm being judged AT ALL! If you aren't judgmental around me when I reveal who I really am around you, then I am in deep loyalty to you as a friend. Never will I allow anyone to screw with these guys. They're part of the reason why I decided to stay at my job when school started. I miss them though since I'm never scheduled to work with them it seems anymore but hopefully that'll change soon.
 Haha Sam sleeping...I think? I didn't take any of these pics actually!
Not sure who we were focusing our attention to but they must have been doing or saying something interesting. Oh yeah and I changed clothes 3 times the entire night lol! Last photo which shows the level of ratchetness it got...
We were a mess and I loved it! I realized I didn't take pics with quite a few people after posting this :x

Although there were a lot of things that could have went better, I will always take the best of what I experienced and cherish those fond memories forever. I hope that everyone who came enjoyed themselves to an extent. Sorry for not saying goodbye personally to everyone...another reason why I hated the hotel portion of the night was because I was responsible for doing lots of stuff that required me to leave room often. Never year I'm doing this at my apartment or maybe just spend it with just Kevin. Something chill.

I'll share all of the gifts I got in the next post :D Till next time!


  1. Happy birthday hun! <3

    Damn your friends have amazing skin, you weren't kidding O___O
    That cake looks delish! Super sweet of your friend Kyle to do that for you ^__^
    I couldn't even tell you and your sister apart! You guys look super alike. Glad you had fun~ <3

  2. Happy Birthday babe! Im glad you had a great 21st!!! You looked so beautiful :3 That cake was amazing!

  3. Omfg that cake is so gorgeous *_* If only I didn't live in a different country... Or I would've ordered one haha!
    Happy Belated Birthday! :D

  4. Happy birthday once again!!! Glad that you had good friends around you to bring it in!

  5. lol ikr! I gotta ask them what they're using because mine could use the extra help.

    It was really good! I love her for doing that for me. She's really sweet! & thanks! It's funny because half people say that and the other half say the opposite. I think we look like each other in photos but not so much in person lol it's weird.

  6. Thank you Banny sweetie <3 It'll be a long time before I top a party like this I'm sure haha! Ooo that cake was insane. I regret not paying her anything for it although I know it was a gift.

  7. More reasons to come visit Amerricuh! XD lol she's really good though! Thanks a lot Lizzie darling!

  8. Thanks again sweetheart! :D I am so thankful for them. I'd be a mess without their existence in my life, I swear.


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