October 11, 2013

Dinner Date W/Bf & Teaser Pics!~

Kevin and I met up at the Japanese Restaurant called Abe near H-Mart last night for dinner. I'm trying to get in the habit of taking pictures more so I can post on a weekly basis but usually when I have the chance my dslr is not around so I use my phone camera which has retched quality xP Sorry for that! 

Additionally, in case you haven't noticed I no longer am using watermarks because I'm wanting to make one that suits my blog best and I still haven't thought of a cute design yet so until then I'll just have to hope that everyone who comes on my blog doesn't steal these pics...it's happened to me before -.- But on my Tumblr. *le sigh*
I got the beef yaki soba and Kevin got the Zaru soba. His tasted very bland and it was served cold but he seasoned it up and eventually said it was good. Below is the plate I got. I loved how they season their beef ohmyheavens.
We then went to Brown Sugar cafe and had their ice castle also known as pat bing soo (팥빙수). We got the red bean one and it was delicious! I'm always sad when summer ends because they usually take it off the menu for about a year during the cold seasons so it was probably my last time eating it for a good while :c

I took some selfless in their bathroom that had incredible lighting. I couldn't resist XD

Btw, here I'm wearing one of my new circle lenses from a new sponsor of mine. I'll be sure to make a review asap early next week :D I hope you guys are enjoying your Friday! I am going to hang out with the JSA group tonight and go to karaoke. It should be loads of fun!

Before I head off, I'll share a couple pics I took the other day of when I filmed my newest make up tutorial for a fall gyaru make up look. Please tell me what you think!

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  1. Ahh so pretty! I love your hair :3 The pictures from the tutorial looks so sexyy! Looking forward to it :D

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to see what it looks like curled. I wanna play with it this season :D I'll definitely make sure to post it on here when it's uploaded ^ ^

  3. You look so adorable in that second picture! Were you going for a more toned down ulzzang look on your dinner date, because that's kind of how it looks and you look really gorgeous!

  4. Aww thank you Alexis! Hmm, I'm not sure if I intentionally wanted a toned down ulzzang look come to think of it but you're right it certainly does look that way huh? I had on a pretty deep purple lip liner earlier but it wore off so the look in that second picture seems more softer than it did earlier.

  5. You are stunning!!! You and your boyfriend look like the popular couple at school lol And yes, the lighting in the bathroom was perfect xD You look so beautiful +_+

  6. Yeah Abe is right next to the Denton Tap Rd near the entrance so you most likely have
    ^ ^ It's one of the cheaper places to eat there but they still have incredible food!

    Thank you!! The tutorial is already up! You can view it on my channel: youtube.com/thelovelyify or in the header of my blog ^ ^

  7. Neiro, just so you know I always look forward to your comments! ^ ^ They're so sweet~

    Haha omg no, we're so dorky when we're together at school and mainly are glued to each other the whole time it's pretty sad XD Unless there's an event with my Japanese club we're always alone together it seems.

    Bathroom lighting is seriously the best! I wish I could take it with me everywhere somehow so I don't look derpy in some craptastic lighting.

  8. *0* Thank you so much xD I'm very happy that you look forward to my comments ( I feel special now xD)

    But still you guys look like a perfect couple! I would be so jelly just seeing you guys in front of me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  9. It's no problem! Just me being honest! :D & thank you but don't be jelly! I'm sure you'll find that special someone one of these days ^ ^ It will happen~

  10. Hanasaku Hime10/20/13, 4:52 PM

    your blog is soooo cool and you are a very pretty Gyaru!! <33


  11. Aww I'm gyaru? Thanks! I'm surprised to hear people say that since I'm usually hearing other things instead. How nice of you!


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