October 22, 2013

Goshikk Garter Belts & Chokers By HeirOfGlee~

You guys know my awesome friend Glee, yes? If not, fix your life! jkjk...well a while ago, she sent me these awesome items that she is currently selling on her storenvy for cheap that you would normally purchase for much more. Look at the price tag below and see for yourself.
I know you see dat $15 price tag...don't lie. You saw it and dropped ya jaw. I did too, it's okay! In all seriousness, I have been wanting garter belts like these for what feels like forever! Reason why I haven't bought one is because all these damn shops sell them for an arm and a leg! You know the popular ones you see being reblogged all the time on tumblr that I won't state the names of. The price of those things are just too damn high! *pun intended* So that is why I wanna share this shop with you. Continue scrolling down to see further details on the garter belt she sent me. 
Who doesn't love the forever trending cross and heart designs? Oh but she has more on her store that are super cool too! The first photo of this post was showing the way it fits around my legs. I have the typical American girl legs so if you can get an idea, that garter belt will not make your thighs look like a sausage being squeezed to death. The straps are made so that they are adjustable! I love it! Next is this choker.

The detail looks so nice and the gold coating is actually lasting up pretty well. I've had this for a few months now and it still looks pretty new! You've already this in my last video I put on my channel and a few other different looks I've shared. She really did a good job with making it feel comfortable on your neck. I sometimes forget that I'm even wearing it.

Both of these items are lasting up and I hope to get more of these from her shop soon! I hope she plans to come out with a cutesy white x pink themed pair of garter belts and chokers soon ^ ^ I would die a happy woman! Click on the link below to view more of her items!

Glee's Shop!~
I'm super busy this week with a major project for my digital photography class. I'm doing photo shoots for people all week so it's going to be cray cray! I have a few videos I really need to get out soon before Halloween gets here (yes they are Halloween themed :D) but it's been tough with time going against me. Wish me luck!

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  1. Love those garter belts! I'd love to get me some.... ^__^

  2. You should! I'm not just saying that the quality is lasting I mean it is seriously holding up really well! I'm pretty impressed with her work, she's so skilled in several things she does. Lemme know if you do! I wanna see how your garter belts end up looking like! :D

  3. How much is that choker? Looks lovely!!!

  4. If I end up getting one I'll be sure to let you know. ^^

  5. Hmm not sure but you can shoot her a message to find out! She will give you a reasonable price just like that garter belt! :D

  6. Dang that's cheap as heck! I always see them on tumblr too and they are so pretty~

  7. Haha ikr! So do I, and they usually link to their store only for me to find out they're over $30 O.o Craziness...Glee's shop is so worth it.


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