October 18, 2013

Gyaru Comm - A Place For Catty Elitist Bitches

Have you ever wondered why the gyaru comm has been depleting in it's amount of members as of late? I'll tell you why. Everyone nowadays is always bitching about something. Always...no seriously, it's true. Don't believe me? Go on someone's Facebook who's well involved into the gyaru community, look at their statuses, and try and find a status where they are complaining about issues related to the gyaru community. That was easy wasn't it? It's ironic because those bitching the most in the gal comm are the reason why it's turning to shit. They're the ones who people disregard when it comes to forming genuine friendships and are also the ones that make people too disgusted by their behavior to consider joining. They have poisoned the meaning of gal in my eyes and it's why I never want to go back.

Remember how back in high school (I say this as if I'm a grandma lol) there were cliques? Hell, even in college there are still clicks but it's way less as people mature and become more open minded to different ideas and other groups of individuals. But in the gal comm, it's exactly like a fucking high school. I thought distancing myself from the FB groups would suffice for me to not see this childish irrational behavior but it's still all over my fucking news feed. It's a damn sickness that won't go away. These girls are the same people who are always saying something about somebody when they look mediocre themselves. I don't get it. How can you be so high and mighty when you look so basic? Take a hard look at these people. You cannot tell me they look jack shit like a gyaru model. Not even close! If they're lucky they can barely get their eye make up on point at the very least but usually that's their highest accomplishment shown in their "gyaru expertise". You call yourselves gal but you have so much work to do on your entire appearance so what does that make you to be disrespecting others like this? Hypocritical that's what. 

I need to vent because I saw someone make a post about what is generally people attempting to help others by making tutorials and how it is crazy for them to do so because blah blah blah they're not truly gal and blah blah blah. My response: Shut. The. Actual. Fuck. Up. All they do is find people who "suck", feed on it by insulting them as much as possible with their ugly like-minded friends, and continue the cycle. It's distasteful and I can't understand how people can be associated with girls like them. You take bits of pieces of who your friends are so why be affiliated with these negative minded girls who have nothing better to do than rip others apart for enjoyment? Is it not borderline cyberbullying? Yes, help others by giving critiques that aren't potentially offensive but don't be a fucking asshole just for your own sick entertainment. It's why I left the community but when I still see how it hasn't changed, if anything has gotten worse, I get upset for those who have contacted me about this being an issue for them. It's extremely discouraging to always be around such negativity in a community that is meant to uplift and encourage confidence. It's not about that anymore. No, it's about who can call someone out for their shitty make up the quickest without giving real constructive crit while looking busted themselves. How is that a community worth spending your time in? How and why on earth would you even want to?

I personally am also upset because there are so many people who are for the first time taking a stab at gyaru and posting it online. They have that choice to do that yet we have people who rip them apart for simply trying a new style. Ffs let them be! What is the issue with venturing out to something new and showing their followers what they came up with? And creating a look that isn't entirely gyaru but heavily influenced by it does not make these people bad. They're experimenting with their creativity and are also answering the requests of their fans. Speaking of which, if these idiots have a fraction of the supporters these gurus have, they would know what it's like to constantly be pressured to make a gyaru make up tutorial all the time but of course they have nothing to bring to the table so of course they have little to zero REAL followers. Not talking about fake ass ghost followers you can buy for your Instagram or YouTube channel, no. I mean ORGANIC REAL NON-GENERATED THROUGH MONEY followers. Like some of you guys who I worked hard to gain, that sort of thing. There's nothing wrong with experimentation. If you're going to tell me that you have never considered experimenting with your gyaru look then your style must be an extreme cookie-cutter look that it'll bore the death out of anyone who sees you. You'll never make others see you as a role model for that reason and for your craptastic attitude towards others so keep up the bitchy attitude. You're only allowing yourself to stay at the level you have and will always remain in. 

Overall, what I am saying is people in the gal comm need to stop taking everything so seriously. This is just fashion and if you want to argue that it's a lifestyle too, then okay fine great. But even so, you can't dictate how others perceive and want to utilize that lifestyle...it's really unfair and I'm really close to just deleting every single one of those who keep complaining about this all the time. I've had enough! Come at me bruh.

Side note: There are definitely some gals who do not fit this description that I know but funny enough, most of them just run blogs and stay away from FB groups and those doing all the bitching. Gee, I wonder why? Could there be a correlation to that? Hmm, I wonder....*sarcasm* Yes of course there is a reason for that. They're distancing themselves away from the negativity.


  1. It has a lot more punch coming from you than it would be coming from me,thank you for saying what's on everyone's minds. At least the ones of us who aren't seniors in the style. Honestly,it's just a popularity contest in the coms, even if I'm an admin I try to stay out of the discussions and only engage when there's anything solid I can assist with,like links and stuff like that. It's sad but it seems like this problem has existed for so long that it's impossible to fix by now

  2. I use to attempt to be a part of the Gal community. I had fell in love with it all from seeing one picture, probably the oldest one. The one of the gal in the pink halter top going up the escalator and everyone else looked practically the same. I really loved the way she stood out and fell in love with gal! After researching, I found out gal was about being free, unique, having fun, being wild and basically the definition of everything youthful and young! So, I loved the idea and the make up and wanted to get into it. I remember signing up for Ricoche and Tomo being the first gal I talked too, then I found other gals, followed them and not too long after I somehow found GS. Everything changed after that. It was just so much hate and evil. Eventually I stopped wanting to do gal and managed to find Ulzzang. I've been into it ever since and it's such a universal thing. I still see gal as a community for having fun, being unique and just enjoying yourself, but I feel like the gaijin gals took that away. All people do is claim this person isn't gal and that person isn't. I've even seen girls who that some of the Japanese gals don't do it right! How do they not do their own style right? I feel like people just can't let others enjoy themselves. I also have to agree with you. I believe gal is a lifestyle, for the Japanese, it was meant as a way for them to stand out and define themselves, but in America I feel like it's different. I feel like everyone should do the style as they please. Only you live your life and ultimately you have to live with your decisions. Lastly I also feel like all the people who sit back and say ignore the haters, should do it themselves. People continuously post, ignore the haters, but by posting about that you aren't ignoring them lol. I feel like the best way to handle it is to continue doing you and as long as you're happy with yourself, your look, your life then it's all okay.

    Sorry for the long comment, I just feel like people sometimes take things to seriously, ultimately it's just makeup and clothes. Someone who is uuber popular as a gyaru today, can move on to a new style tomorrow and rock it or try something way in the left field.

  3. A popularity contest is EXACTLY what it is. If you're able to be accepted in the click of elitist then you're considered "gal" regardless of how you may look. So many of these girls are usually slapping on make up and claiming to be gal because they have girls who are friends that do the same exact thing. Having a friend that claims to be gal doesn't instantly make you gal. So many if not each and every one of them needs work on their look before they can parade themselves around like they are true gyaru role models.

    I really do not blame you Keziah...seriously. You're strong to remain involved in a shit hole like that because I would have snapped on all of the bullies in that useless group at this point. I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did in there but yeah, the technique you have is really smart. You wouldn't believe how many people are still telling me that they agree with my feelings towards the current state of gal comm.It's crazy. I feel like it's a done deal. The bitchiness is too overpowering with those who are purely sweet and unbias of which clique others belong to that it's too overrun to try and fix it at this point. I'd be shocked if it ever was somehow fixed but I really feel like if all of those nobodies would leave, the gal comm would come back so strong. I just know it would. This disproportional ratio of drama to no drama is unappealing to any normal individual...I can't see it lasting but I can see those girls feeling great that they ruined what used to be a great sisterhood community. Pathetic.

  4. No it's okay I am pretty angry right now because I wrote a super long response to your comment and my browser backed out of the page erasing everything I had to say D< But really though I love your response! Thanks so much for seeing where I'm coming from in all this. Yes, g_s was discouraging when I first found out about it myself but somehow I still decided to remain apart of the comm despite all of that. It was when I saw the trivial behavior of the new members in the FB group I left being continuously insulting new gals who make common mistakes with their make up.

    It was a place for people to improve and lend respectful useful advice...particularly for new gen gals so OF COURSE there are going to be girls who have awful make up looks. There was no need for the rude tone in their critiques if you even want to call it that.Ulzzang is as you said very universal as well as other styles which is why I've moved on. It's less limiting and you deal with more open minded people I feel like...now lolita on the other hand, that's a different story.

    You're right, they absolutely take things way too seriously when they themselves don't practice what they preach at the same time. It's ridiculous. All of those girls need way more work and even if they did look half as good as a gyaru model which they don't, they still have no right to speak to others the way that they have been on those group and attack one another for their sick form of entertainment. I'm glad to see more and more people are agreeing with this being an issue at hand.

  5. lol thank you sister! Somebody needs to say it and idc how this may result in a war with those girls. It needs to be said and known that they are the reason for the decline of this community.

  6. Have I told you that one day ill just be goth. Any goth, pastel, creepy cute, hard core etc... It will happen I know it will and ill label it anything; oh about labeling you know I also gave on labels as well. Ulzzang is used plenty on tumblr now. I also haven't been in a group for awhile, Im in them but I dont join them in conversation. I dont even know how to feel I just feel whats right and no one can take it away.

    I do feel sorry for girls who guild other girls or at least try to guide them to better makeup or looks to fit the look they are going for and then are turned around on and called a bitch because they get easily offended. I also think these are the same girls (the girls helping) who were called bitches and distance themselves from the gal community and into their own world aka blogs.

    I guess there are extremes for both sides. I have seen the side you seen, oh boy I have. But I also have seen the other side and even experienced it way too many times myself. So I guess there is not only one reason to leave the community, their are two extreme reasons....well three. Like what happened to black sui and some others, the harassment's. Those girls obviously looks gal but no, not good enough. If they are not good enough WHO IS? I think this extreme is the worst of all...jealousy

  7. I just want to quote your statement: "I just feel whats right and no one can take it away." Is that not the true mentality a gyaru is meant to have? A trendsetter? But no, guess not. Obviously gyaru has a foundation of basics we all must follow but once that is achieved people want to be creative but it seemed with those who dared to do that they would get shut down unless you were Asian. The whole thing about us needing to look as close to a Japanese gal because we have westernized features bothers me to a degree because we're then forced to only be restricted to doing minor style experiments. How in the hell is that a lifestyle worth having pride about? It's just not.

    Phillie honey, you seriously have been on of those people who have given critique RESPECTFULLY. I've seen you do it time and time again. It's never once been insulting and those who called you out on it for being rude or get offended by you merely offering up your knowledge for their advancement in the style is just silly on their end and I feel like they know it. No one can tell me you are one of those girls I described in this post because it's clear that personality trait isn't even in your nature...a lot of these girls have always been this way for the years that I've known them and don't show signs of ever changing. You and a few other gals who gave genuine words of advice would do so with a sisterly vibe, a sort of kind gentleness which was so uplifting. I thank you for being one of those rare few to not follow with the herd of bitches. It must be so easy to do so looking at how many more gals are becoming like the main ones who created this mess.

  8. I hope so too. I believe the same thing but it's such a sad truth to admit to you know? Makes me feel awful that people are able to take something and destroy it so maliciously this way.

    Yes, the computer screen is definitely what motivates these attacks these people make towards others I think. It's such a cowardly thing to do in my eyes but is so easy for them since those they talk smack about live several miles away from them.Nevertheless, I do believe a gyaru meet is where you'd be more likely to bond with less catty people who have been into the style for the RIGHT reasons.I think remaining active on gals blogs is the best way to go about it. It's all relevant things you find interesting, no one usually bashes people on their own blogs, I mean there's really much more peace in the gal blogging world than messy FB groups. I like that stability so I'm going to keep it up and keep posting as regularly as I can.

  9. Agreed! I only peek at those groups once in a while, but I find myself very hesitant to make a post as I feel like it would warrant unwanted and hateful attention (because it's so large).

    I totally agree with you on the blog part. People are so much nicer in the blog community! It's quite refreshing really.

    I'm actually a bit sad that the attempts at "nice" communities have failed so quickly (gal_val, daily_gyaru).

  10. Basically a warning I guess. I've considered Ulzzang or gyaru and sounds like it should be a solo journey.

  11. Yes it should...I mean make friends though, don't get me wrong but as far as aiming to make a presence in a community like egl or the western gal comm...it's just not worth it. You'd gain more confidence and happiness on your own and surrounding yourself with friends who will genuinely be good to you on your journey. I hope it all works out!

  12. Sadly it would most likely despite how sweet you may come off. People just grow a pair since they're behind a computer screen so it's so easy for them to be trolls via the internet but in person it's a whole different story.

    Yeah they have :/ There was a point when gal_val was strong but that was only for about one weekend or two then it went back to being inactive. Such a shame...I feel like our society in a general sense has conditioned many of us to seek out these kind of environments since our media glorifies them so much. Adding these immature minded young people in one place they're bound to find something to pick on and start fights as impressionable as they are.

  13. Jacqueline Rushing11/7/13, 9:12 PM

    OMG!! It's not just gyaru, it's lolita groups too... mostly the black ones and that makes it even more irritating! Thank you.


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