October 6, 2013

Loving My Lovelies Monthly Giveaway!~ #1

Thanks for coming back! As the title says, I freaking love you guys! The ones who always stay up to date with my blog, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You all are my truest online buddies I would do so much to have the chance to meet one day. So here's to hosting giveaways each month for the rest of the year to show my deep gratitude! The last and final giveaway I will make sure is the absolutely BIGGEST! This event is also worldwide. I'm really hoping you guys like the prizes I have for the first giveaway of October which is . . .

TheFaceShop's Phyto Powder In Eye and Lip Make Up Green Tea Remover
FACEit Nail Polish in "Plantinum"
Aloe Fresh Toner & Emulsion Samples

OPEN: Worldwide!~
ENDS: November 2nd 11:59pm Central Time
MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: Be a follower via Google Friend Connect & Subscribe to my YouTube channel

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Share and win!

I personally have yet to try the make up remover but I can say that the description on the packaging that it is great for those with sensitive skin and doesn't feel thick or oily. I thought it looked really clean looking so hopefully whoever wins this loves it!

The FACEit nail polish is a lovely deep purple color that will be really trendy this season. It has a nice edgy appeal and I'm sure whoever wins it will really like it! Plus, purple is one of my favorite colors :D

I've used another sample of the Aloe Fresh Toner/Emulsion and I really liked the toner but they sadly don't sell it anymore but it they do have the gel moisturizer which I have and LOVE! It's a good brand to look into if you think you'll experience any dry skin conditions this coming season. 

Good luck to the lucky winner and I will be back with another giveaway next month! You guys have about a month to make your entries! Good luck and see you in my next post!


  1. Oh I understand, green tea skin care always makes me feels super detoxifying for me. I need to purchase more but I still have way too many random products that I know I should finish first. Yeah I think it's straight from TheFaceShop's company but usually they produce quality items which is why I typically purchase from them for myself as well as freebies for you guys to try too ^ ^

    I'm happy you are supporting the giveaways I'll be having! If it all goes well I might make it a regular thing to have a monthly giveaway but hopefully things won't get too pricey for me after the last one of the year is up. I totally realized I spelled Monthly wrong in the stupid graphic XD I would...

  2. Tbh I didn't notice the typo until right now xD! I love the smell of green tea products and like trying them, it's just soo many I find are for oily skin and I have dry skin, usually the ones for dry skin are sold out or don't exist. I have to agree about the having too many products thing. I try not to buy things right now unless it's a really good deal or I need it, but then my sister works in the cosmetic section at Walgreens' and they get to try products free and she's constantly bringing me junk, because she knows I blog. I seriously find out about so many brands thanks to the blogs I read. I never would have known about TheFaceShop if it wasn't for you, because I've never seen it in the stores over here.

  3. lol of course I'd be the one to point it out to you xD

    I wish my sister had your sister's job! I'd be shooting out reviews of stuff all over the place XD lol no I'd probably just be a bum and let the products piled into a heap of beauty clutter. Walgreens and CVS are great places where I now get my drugstore make up from. They always have every shade of every product item I'm looking for unlike stupid Walmart that rarely restocks on those things.

    Oh I'm glad you learned about them through me ^ ^ I'm sure they'll continue to expand across the globe as time goes on. They're business is doing really well it seems.

  4. You're so generous to host a monthly giveaway!
    Unfortunately i don't use Youtube so i can't follow you on there ; n ;

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  5. Ah that's a shame. Well next month I'll switch it up a bit so others like yourself can participate!


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