October 18, 2013

Selling My Clothes! + Food Pr0nz, Hang Out W/Friends!

Hello lovelies! It's my first time doing this, but I decided it'd be a wise idea to actually sell some clothes I've had in my closet that I don't wear anymore or have hardly ever worn for that matter. Feel free to take a look at some of the items below and to see more, click on the URL below:

 I couldn't think up of another name for my shop so this was the best I could come up with ^^;

Important Info to Buyers~
  • I only can ship within the U.S. at this time. Sorry~
  • Prices are definitely negotiable!
  • Return Policy: I will be glad to give refunds but because shipping is not retrievable that will have to be paid by the buyer.
If you guys have any questions you know you can always comment down below, e-mail me (crystal_ezeoke@yahoo.com), or pm me on my Facebook. Here a few more things I'm selling.

Last week, me and my friends and sis all went to go to karaoke at KTX with my Japanese club and it was loads of fun! I like how my lenses looked on me that day :D

I need to take more pics with my friends so thankfully I remembered to that day! It's me with Brittany!
lol why is my sister making that face? XD
Much better!~ lol! I had a little bit of strawberry soju at the bar so my face looks a little odd in these pics > < I'm surprised I was even able to take them.
My model friend Simone! So damn pretty it hurts aaarrrrgh!
A couple of days ago, me, my friend Caroline and Kevin went to this new joint at H-mart's center called Kimchi!~ It's really cutesy looking and has pretty good food for cheap. I like how they serve their beverages in these jars ^ ^ Here's some pics of what we all got!
Kevin's plate.
My bulgogi fried rice with egg on top!~ Twas delicious!
This was Caroline's dish. I really like there boat shaped plates! Next time I go there I'll bring my dslr so the images are clearer. A couple nights ago me and Kevin felt like being fatties after playing GTAV all day and went to Brown Sugar. We got the ice castle again lol and I felt like having their honey toast bread :9 We couldn't finish it all but it was so good!
That's all I got for this post! How are you guys feeling about this Halloween season? I feel like this month is going by super fast T^T It's my favorite month of the year because of Halloween but because I've been so involved in school I barely have time to take it all in and it saddens me. I hope yours is going better. Till next time!

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  1. Those lenses look amazing on you, lady! Your hoodie is adorable, too. Strawberry soju sounds soooo delicious. I had watermelon soju before, and I nearly lost my mind it was that good! That toast dessert looks amazing. There's a place here in NYC called Spot that's an Asian dessert bar that reminds me of the dessert you and Kevin had.

    Boba and I have been eating a lot of fatty food too because of GTAV lol So much Ben and Jerry's girl, so much ha How are you two liking the game so far?

  2. Thank you!~

    Yeah the hoodie is from dreamv and it's really warm feeling on the inside. I love the material! I wanna try all the flavors of soju ooooommmmmmgggggg XD I would have to do this with all drinks though in lifetime, there's just too many interesting sounding combinations to resist! Yeah the toast is really soft and the syrup drizzled around it makes it taste even more delicious! You'd love it I'm sure :D Is Spot owned by Koreans? I wish they made more of these kind of cafes everywhere than just Korean market places. Luckily I live right by it but most people don't.

    Mmm you said Ben and Jerry's *drools* lol I like it a lot! I only come over his house maybe twice a week so I've seen bits of the beginning stages. He's only played up to 12% so far but it's so goooooood! I'm liking the new characters that are being introduced. Pretty funny dialogue.

  3. I should not have read this post with an empty stomach...it wouldn't shut up the whole time I was reading D": Anyways I really like the picture you took of yourself~ You look like a very pretty doll~ *^*

  4. Hanasaku Hime10/20/13, 4:48 PM

    your blog is sooooo awsome *^*


  5. Aww lol nuuuuu! Sorry haha next time I'll try to remember to make a disclaimer that these kinds of posts will make you hungry! Thanks! I would love to wear circle lenses everyday but my prescription doesn't allow it :/ So I usually look like this about once or twice a week :<

  6. hehe You don't really have to do that, it's because I didn't eat breakfast yet when I read it xD

    I understand you girl, I wear prescription too D: Like 5.00 so that's high :( If I could, I would wear circle lenses almost everyday too D: I was thinking about buying plano circle lenses and wearing it with my glasses on with eye make-up. Do you think that would work? It's just an idea I have been thinking about,~. :3 To embrace my glasses~ xD

  7. Your clothes are so purdy >w<

  8. Thank you love!~
    I wanna get cuter close though. My wardrobe is so sad T^T

  9. Haha oh no I was only joking about that first part hehe!

    I remember back when my prescription was over -10...those were the days. It's to the point now where I can't even get lasik eye surgery anymore because of complications :/ But yes girl that would be a great alternative! I've done it before and it feels just fine. I actually have had better experience with comfort doing it that way than piggybacking the lenses together which I don't recommend since it's not proven to be safe on the eyes.

  10. Dang gurl that's really high :O

    Thanks for telling me, I'll try it then~

  11. Yep, it is owned by Koreans. They opened a location in K Town a while back. I haven't been to it yet, but the pics of the interior look really nice. I know!!! Luckily, NYC has two or three Chinatowns so they have cafes and bubble tea spots like this but the Korean market places always look super trendy inside.

    Girl! We have crushed SO many flavors because of that game lol Ugh, now I want some ^_^ The GTAV dialogue had me rollin, too. Especially Franklin's friend! Unfortunately, we abandoned it when the new Pokemon came out. I bet Boba's copy of GTAV is feeling dejected and neglected, poor thing lol

  12. No problem! And yeah I know...it's a pretty serious condition of mine :/

  13. Ah gotcha. Yeah the Korean markets have set the bar down here as well and honestly I'd prefer going there as opposed to anywhere else most days XD I heard they're making a new branch soon somewhere nearby as well so I'm excited for that! More reasons to spend my time browsing through cute Korean cafes!

    lol yes! Was it the first scene when he said "Nyaaaguhhhhhh!~" XD I died. Actually no, me and Kevin were pronounced dead that day. Hahaha! I hear people are getting into that so it's understandable. I'm sure you'll return to it soon!

  14. Ooh the food looks yummy! I haven't been to H-Mart in awhile. I usually just drive to UTA and back home. Maybe I'll get over there soon to try it out! :P


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