November 7, 2013

Monthly Giveaway #2 (November) Is Now CLOSED!

My lovey dovies I got a spankin' new giveaway for the month of November! I hope you all like some of the prizes I picked out for this one. I also made it more flexible for those who don't have a YouTube account unlike last month so you guys get a chance to enter in this one!


If you say you don't love this show you're a bold faced liar! XD No really, I figured majority of you would appreciate some SNK merch so why not add this to your nifty collection? I plan on doing a Mikasa look really soon but that won't happen till I get my software fixed xP

Get ready for the Etude House spam of prizes
Pretty party themed glitter nail polish...I always giveaway nail polish XD
The perfect shade for a lip liner omg I cringed at giving this away because of how perfect it is for my skintone. Etude House has awesome lip products you guys should check out if you haven't!
Some Etude House samples ^ ^

Saving the best for last...
This awesome huge Hello Kitty Tote bag! I was shocked when I saw how large it is on the inside and even has a cute small pocket to hold your phone or electronic device. Really cute find and I'm super happy to be giving it away to one of my fanfreakingtastic lovely followers! I always try to write a cute note as well to the winners btw so you'll also be receive that.


OPEN: Worldwide!~
ENDS: December 2nd, 12:00 a.m. Central Time
MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: Be a follower via Google Friend Connect & Follow My Instagram

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Share and win!
It's needless to say you guys have rocked in participating in last months giveaway. I'm hoping for an even bigger turnout for this month. As I initially mentioned, next month will be full of bigger prizes and multiple winners so please stay subscribed to always be up-to-date on that!
I'm so surprised it's almost Thanksgiving and Christmas is only a few weeks away! O.O My dentist says I should be getting my braces off before then but I don't take his word anymore lol he's lied to me so many times about when I was going to get them off so I'm just going to announce it when they are actually off my teeth! Ooo and guess who's going in for an interview tomorrow morning to apply for an assistant manager position at Christopher and Banks? MEEEE! I am more excited than nervous but boy I really do hope I can get the job. You guys pray for me, pretty please! It'd mean more fun trips to places, items to review and much more! Just thinking about it has me going crazy! Anyway I'll talk to you soon!
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  1. Jacqueline Rushing11/7/13, 8:57 PM

    I love your videos! I hope I win!

  2. Thank you and good luck sweetie! If not there is always next month's giveaway I'll be hosting as well ^ ^

  3. Want this so bad!

  4. thanks ! would definitely love reviews !!

  5. you should give away recommened circle lenses or lashes/ once a week oh and maybe more vlogs on your channel

  6. Once a week would be way out of my budget but maybe lashes I could do included in the monthly giveaways. Definitely will work on doing those vlogs, I'm waiting to get my stupid software fixed right now TAT It's been acting up as of late. Thanks for the tips!

  7. On anything or something specific? ^ ^ & You're welcome!

  8. No problem! Glad you liked it ^ ^

  9. Sorry I meant u should blog once a week o_o; lol :)

  10. Oh haha that makes more sense. lol gotcha!

  11. ladystargazer11/24/13, 4:22 PM

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win! I really want the lip liner and tote.

    Etude House Giveaway★

  12. Not a problem I will be having them monthly from now on hopefully ^ ^ Thank you for joining!


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