November 13, 2013

The Best Of Both Worlds

Sup guys? I should go ahead and say that I am officially employed as an assistant manager now so yipee to making more money than I ever have before! I start in another hour from now so I hope that I am comfortable with the duties I'll be having and also pray being the youngest doesn't bite me in the bum later on.

As for this post, I'm sharing the photos of my dear friend Simone who was kind enough to give me her time so I can dress her up for my project I mentioned earlier. I was really trying to go for a merging image of cultures that have heavily influence my life but without making one appear more or less significant in comparison to the other. Idk how well of a job I did with that but hopefully it seems to be split 50/50.
There will be a rant post I plan on making here soon about how people judge me as neglecting my Nigerian background for Asian culture. It's one that I've been wanting to make for quite some time now but I think sharing this first wouldn't hurt to introduce my opinions on the matter.
Simone actually had a lot of elegance in these shots to my surprise and I say that only because we were giggling so much throughout the shoot. Otherwise she's a classy lady lol! She embodied the soul of the woman who I see within, not just myself, but in a lot of my friends and followers who are also of African descent but are influenced by Asian culture in some way. They know who they are ❤ Also this should not be taken as me trying to mock another culture for fun but to express my deep admiration for its beauty. So please don't take offense to this as I would never try to demean or disrespect anybody's culture.
I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures and take some positive inspiration from it. I know my make up skills could have been better XD When you're in a rush to get a grade for a midterm, you throw making details a priority out the window!

Question: Do some of you here relate to this set of photos? Or are you influenced by different cultures instead? Leave a comment below. I'm pretty curious to see how many people also feel this way.
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  1. these pictures are really nice! I totally relate since in Nigerian inspired by Asian culture too!

  2. EEEE! Naijas represent :D lol you know what's interesting? I'm finding more and more Africans that are into Asian culture each year. It's really cool and makes me so happy! There's a guy in the JSA group at school who has a thick west African accent (I'm pretty sure he's Nigerian) but he's so involved in all of the activities and is also in anime club. It warms my heart to see that ^ ^

  3. Thank you! Next time I wanna shoot some of her cosplay looks, they're so awesome you would love it!

  4. I can totally relate, though not being directly from Africa, being a Caribbean (Antiguan) teenager, its expected to listen to only dancehall or american music. So when I tell people that I listen to J-pop and K-pop, they always make jokes about me not being black anymore , or that they (asians) are my people now and it get really frustrating and sometimes. i'm glad that there are people like you on the internet that inspire me to not stop loving what i love when people when tell i'm not normal. Anyways I love the concept of your photos, sorry for the long comment lol :3

  5. Thank you! I'm training this week and next week. I gotta be ready for Thanksgiving though so I'm a little nervous.

    Thanks again I really hope that they can! ^ ^ That means a lot!

  6. Sorry? Long comments are usually the BEST comments so thank you for taking your time to post yours on here! I always look forward to them.

    I wish people wouldn't do that to you :/ It's happened to me so much and hearing that makes me feel terrible since I know what it's like to be judged for silly things like that. Love what you want to love and keep doing you.

  7. Firstly, I love the outfit!
    Secondly, yeah sometimes people look at me strange for embracing Japanese culture the way I do, dressing Loli and gyaru, etc etc... But at the end of the day, who really cares? Why should I have to dress to my stereotype anyway? Keep doing what you're doing! ^__^

  8. Congrats on your new job! I really like your concept for these photos. People used to (and still do, to a certain extent) make fun of me for liking certain things. I think it's funny (sarcasm) how just because you like certain things people think you don't like or appreciate your race, only like a certain type of man or whatever. I always wonder how do people get all of these assumption out of one thing that you say? Anyways, great concept and I definitely understand what you mean!

  9. Yayy! Thank you <3 I completely agree with you. People really want to see us remain in our box but nope, the new generation is changing and I like what I see. So tired of the same comments coming from the same kind of people about those who choose to be different. It is nice to see more people like you feel the way I do :)

  10. Thank you Ciara honey!

    It's a shame that you get made fun of over something like that. I do too though so I feel ya but what can we do other than to keep loving what we love, right? Let's just let all of those people remain bitter and envious of our contentment. In all honesty I pity them a lot because of their close mindedness.


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