November 24, 2013

Updates | Future vid ideas, sushi, kigurumi camwhoring, more!~

Hey cuties! Sorry I haven't been too good at updating my blog for the last couple of weeks. After finding out my video editor was wonky I lost motivation to post much of anything. Although it doesn't tie to my blog I still was pretty bummed but thanks to my hubby it is now fixed so expect videos from me soon!

Speaking of which, I have some ideas that I am wondering what you guys may feel about in the near future. One is that I wanna make a cooking series with Kevin and I which should be cute and fun, right? The other would be more OOTDs but incorporate Kevin since I'll be buying him a butt load of clothes soon for my male followers. Do you guys like these ideas so far? Lastly, I'm going to make more rants, advice, and opinionated videos but if time doesn't allow for these things this month or next don't think I have abandoned any of these ideas I'm just trying to get my priorities sorted out first (school, work, etc). I really am always trying to go full throttle with my channel and blog but then life gets in the way and time for anything d:

Sooooo it's catch up time! I went out with a friend on Friday and we caught up so that was nice. It was incredibly cold that night so as soon as I got my little butt home I took my kigurumi (from this site) out from my closet and popped that sucker on. It felt perfectly warm and toasty like you would not believe, homjezus \(T∇T)/
Thank goodness for the technique I use for making my brows look somewhat groomed because they are in desperate need of being threaded. Too lazy to make the trip to the place I get them done at but I will's gotten out of control ( ̄□ ̄;)!! At least I can still grow out thick brows right instead of having none at all. I'd definitely be thankful for that when I'm older.

My friend Fatima and I went to hang out all day at hmart together. She hardly gets to go so this was a fun new adventure for her and we ate at Nari sushi bar. She got the yellow tail sashimi and I got this delicious roll that I can't remember the name of XD It was expensive but reasonably so. Best sushi I've ever had!!

 My cute little cream tart I got from brown sugar later that night~
I ended up shopping more than I should have TAT This is why hanging out with my girlfriends is such a trap but then again it can't be helped when going to hmart. I never tried this drink called Calpico (カルピス) but I was tempted to get this big jug of the strawberry flavor so I got home and put it in my Hello Kitty mug. Something told me to add some scoops of sherbet ice cream in there and my oh my, that was a heavenly combo.
Random haha! Anyway, I really hope everyone's been enjoying this month. I'm significantly behind on reviews and such but earlier this weekend I filmed a video for one so hopefully that gets up pretty soon. It'll have lots of cute clothes including more I got from bobon21 off of yoybuy so yay! :D
Before I go, this drama my friend Analy recommended to me called Scent of A Woman is incredibly good so far! I'm only on episode 5 but I have had so many feels lol it's keeping me from doing my homework and paper assignment :x
It's on Netflix but I'm sure you can also find it on other sites too. At first I thought the main male character wasn't too attractive but the more I watch it his looks grow on me lol I missed my kdrama watching days. They usually happen more during the fall and winter o.o No idea why but I'm glad I picked this one up.

Are you guys watching any good Asian dramas?

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  1. I'm glad you got your video editor fixed! I've wanted to make my own videos for a while now but never really find the time >__<

    Adorable kigu and that sushi looks amazing ahhhh

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. Oh wow that kigurimi (sp?) is so adorable! You look cuute! *_*
    I really like the ideas you have so far :D Would be fun to watch the videos of you both cooking! I need to cook different food rather than stir frys all of the time hahaha~

  3. Thank you Lizzie ^ ^ I splurged on it this summer and was angry at myself for it but now I'm happy I got it! I wish I could make these at home but idk if there's a pattern to find online somewhere for em. If there was, I'd make so many cute styles omg!

    You think so? Yay! Okay good I have lots of ideas of me and him cooking our own traditional food while we are each other's assistants on the side ^ ^ Can't wait to make the first one.

  4. Thank you and omg so am I -.- I was freaking out thinking I would need to buy another license or something. So much money that I do not want to spend atm. If you made videos, you can always start off small. It's lots of fun ^ ^

  5. ladystargazer11/24/13, 4:17 PM

    I literally just spent over 5 min. staring at your sushi pics. smh.

    Etude House Giveaway★

  6. Kawaii_Steph62311/24/13, 5:03 PM

    I'm so glad you did this post! I just ordered a kigurumi from the Kigurumi Shop last week! I got the Hello Kitty one in pink! Oh, tell me it is just as soft inside as it looks outside! <3

  7. Awww that kigurumi is so cute! I've wanted one for so long but I highly doubt I'll actually ever get to it haha I've also heard of that drama but haven't watched it yet, maybe I should :P

  8. Wow how fast :D Oooo could you possibly share that coupon because I can't seem to find it? :< That would be really useful since I wanna also get my boyfriend one.

  9. That's quite possibly the cutest kigurumi I've ever seen! The food looks delicious :3

  10. Kawaii_Steph62311/25/13, 5:45 PM

    It was on their Facebook Page last weekend. The sale was for last weekend only though. *2 minutes later* I found it and shared it on your Facebook Page wall. Try it and see if it works! You never know!

  11. I saw it thanks so much sweetie you're awesome! :D

  12. That kigurumi look sooo cute on you! I love that it's got pink leopard prints on it too!

  13. Thank you <3 They had the brown print too but the pink one was calling for me a little bit more ^ ^ Wish I could have got both.

  14. Ugh, H-Mart feels for real! I haven't been in so long. Hopefully I can go soon! Love your kigurumi! Super cute! I've heard about that drama, but I haven't watched it. It's on my [ever-growing] list! Currently, I'm watching Thank You with Gong Hyo Jin & Jang Hyuk. I like it so far. I want to watch Heirs, Answer Me 1994 & Gu's Family Book, so those are next on my list! :D Excited for your new vids! The ideas sound great!

  15. You're adorable! Absolutely love the photos. ^^

  16. Thank you and yea they actually opened up another h-mart somewhere in Plano which isn't too far from where I'm at. I wanna go to that one soon because I hear it's just as big as the original location.

    lol yeah I'm trying to lessen what is already on my list starting with this one. It's awesome so far omg! I'll have to check those ones out soon too ^ ^ I love anything with romance but comedy. Too much of the two though make it not as interesting to watch but there are some exceptions like Winter Sonata.That one was so sad but good! lol thanks for your comment sweetheart <3

  17. You look so adorbz in the first pic hehe <3 And I love that Calpico flavor~ It's so delicious ^-^

  18. girl you look so pretty ! xx

  19. Girlsaredolls12/3/13, 3:46 PM

    Love all these cute pics :)

  20. Kawaii Selfies and nom noms :D
    OMG i watched this K-Drama scent of a woman, i love this guy he is so cute <3
    i recommend "Pretty Boy" and "Marry Him if you Dare"

    ~ amz88 Punky Bunny Blog, xoxo

  21. Isn't it? Thank you sweetheart <3

  22. Thank you <3
    Yeah he is soooo hot like omg idk why I thought he wasn't so much in the beginning lol!

    Ooo okay I'll try to watch those next, thanks!

  23. ivoypearles1/3/14, 6:59 PM

    omg the sushi/sashimi looks so good *:.。. .。.:*・

  24. Oh em gee Crystal, I have the same kigu... aaahhhh so cute! <3


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