December 22, 2013

Winter OOTD + Ice Storm ; - ;

Necklace - eBay
#OOTD cropped sweater - Romwe
Skirt - Hot Topic
Leggings - eBay
Boots - Ross
Hey loves! I'm here again trying to play catch up before I start to have no time again. This outfit was worn at a bday dinner I went to earlier this month. I actually loved pairing those leggings with that skirt and cropped sweater.
As for my make up, I kept the eyes pretty simple but did a bold lip. I really am loving this color from Etude House I got from KollectionK. They will be talked about within the next couple weeks :)
This was what the inside of the Korean restaurant looked like inside that we went to. I was here with Kevin a week prior to the party too and we loved their seafood pancake. It may sound gross, but believe me when I say it is far from it!

Such nice interior designs. They recently opened a new H-mart in a neighboring city but it hasn't developed yet since it's still so new. After time I'm sure it will.

Aside from that, we experienced a snow storm and guess what happened to my poor mom's car as a result?
Crazy thing is, I heard a metallic booming noise while I was asleep the night before it happened and it alarmed me but not enough to think something like this happened. So far nobody has compensated her for it at all...apparently this has happened in several other places too. I call bs on it though. My mom already got everything fixed thankfully.

My sister graduated and I was so proud! I cried when I saw her cap and gown the day I came back from work. I know she will go far with her career goals. Good job sis!
Now I am honestly just thankful finals, my sister's graduation events, and all the shit between Kevin's ex and us is over. If you follow me on my personal FB you'd have seen all of what happened between me and that stupid girl a couple weeks back but I set her straight and Kevin will too if she tries something again. My mom was being a pain in the ass during the graduation planning so I really was not having the best time at all and felt so zapped out of life that I cared about nothing more than for the new year to hurry up and get here. I passed all of my classes with 3 A's and one B+. I'm still salty about that B+ being 2 points away from an A... -.-'

I haven't even really had a full day to myself in a long time. I think this Friday I will stay my ass at home all day and watch kdramas. Nobody better bother me with anything XD *sigh* I just need some TLC so bad right now. Can you tell? Speaking of which, Kevin and I will be going to Spa Castle next month on the 7th so I'm excited for that more than I am Christmas, isn't that sad? lol! I need this.

Hopefully you all saw my latest video of our bloopers to the Q&A we did together. I just uploaded it last night. If you haven't here it is below!
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  1. Congrats to your sister! That's a really big accomplishment ^__^
    I love your sweater, it is just too cute <3

  2. Thank you :D I'll tell her you said that! It really is. Not many people can say they graduated from a university. Super duper proud of her as her little sis.

    I'm happy to hear positive feedback with that sweater! I usually don't get things with text on it since I'm kinda iffy unless it's something I can truly relate to like this particular hashtag haha! Worked out pretty well ^ ^

  3. Thank you and yeah it really is a shame. I felt pretty bad that she had to deal with that on top of so much else but luckily she was able to fix it on time for the party.

    Thanks! I hope to dress more like this soon :) Been too busy to look nice lately. So sad v.v

  4. What did she study?

    Same! I think text is hard to match around and stuff so I try not to buy too much of it >__<;;

  5. As always, your outfit is impeccable! Merry Christmas! (^_−)−☆

  6. I loveeee your outfit especially that beautiful skirt <3 and congrats to your sister ^^

  7. So am I! I have a day off this Friday. I'm staying home and watching kdramas the entire time lol XD

  8. She was an English major and specialized in women studies :)

    I love seeing bold text on others because they usually know how to properly wear it with an outfit but awkward little me is all like....derp .__. haha! Maybe one day we'll both get a better grasp of it ^ ^

  9. Thank you and I hope you had a terrific Christmas my dear <3

  10. Oh yes go right on ahead! Thank you so much for asking me, I appreciate when people do that ^ ^

    I'll tell her you said that and thank you!

  11. Yes it is! Sorry I responded to your previous comment ^ ^; Thanks so much for asking me!

  12. Thank you! I need more skirts in my wardrobe ; A ; lol so sad I always wear leggings or jeans. I'll tell her you said that!

  13. you're welcome and thank you!! :)

  14. Aah I love your outfit! Especially that t-shirt, tres chic <3
    Congratulations to your sister for graduating! :D
    I'm gonna' watch that video of you and your boyfriend now ;D


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