January 8, 2014

2014: A Year of Happiness + Grad Party

I'll be the first to say I am late as getting out my New Years post out. Exactly by a week to be precise. No worries though, I have content coming up soon here so it should make up for lost time. At least I sure hope it does.

Last year wasn't the best year I've had truth be told. Plenty of shitty things happened involving school, finances, work, friends, my health, my relationship, and my family. I'm sure I missed another area as well. Towards the end of the year, things got so bad I hated every single day as it presented itself to me because of everything going terribly wrong. I genuinely felt my luck was continuously growing worse for me and I had no control on how to stop it. It's needless to say my holidays were a mess too. None of them went the way I'd hoped. Usually I would want something big and extravagant but this year I just wanted yummy food and to be surrounded by the people I love to keep things simple but even so I got less than what I was expecting. 

NYE was the absolute last straw for me. The next morning I woke up, watched Bubzbeauty's video since I felt like she'd say something that'd sort of cheer me up. Low and behold, her video did indeed contain a quote that was so relevant to the beginning of this year for me. I used a cute memo pad my friend Katherine got me as a gift to start a mission each month and added that quote at the bottom of it.
Yes you're handwriting probably poos on mine, I know I know.
I would say what my resolutions are for the year but I am just going to take baby steps each month and chose small projects I wanna work on and complete instead as they come. Sounds a little odd but I think biting off more than I could chew last year screwed me up so I'm taking things easier this time around to see how that goes.

Now I'm feeling loads better because of my optimistic view on things. I'm over being in a funk so here's to enjoying life again! My sister had a grad party the weekend after Christmas and although I was really sick, I still tried to doll myself up as much as I could.
Not sure what kind of face that is, but it definitely looks disapproving but still thought I'd share. Also those curls were achieved by the best curling wand on the planet! I will do a review as soon as I can find the time.

The party was full of awesome people and we ended up having so much fun spending the night there! Thankfully I enjoyed myself which was desperately needed at that time. Below is my friend Ryan and Kevin chatting it up for the first time ever! Or maybe in a good while...idr but it was pleasant seeing them talk like buddies.
My friend Odely came up with the idea of putting mustaches on everyone using a stache ring. Didn't get too far down the line of people but check out that last photo.

Tumblrworthy. I can't even explain how funny this photo is. Courtesy to the photo bomber!

Kevin actually was sweet enough to buy me and Vicky a PS3 slim that day too. We tackled him with hugs and so much love, he really out did himself. It's been forever since we played games period so this was nice for us to catch up with the times. So far it is so much fun and although I was used to playing on a PS2 years ago, I still had to do some practicing with the controls.

He came over last week and we played his game Flower his sister bought for him. Never knew accumulating flower petals would make me emotional. No, it's actually much more than that which is what makes it such a unique game. It's quite relaxing and chill. When he was over, him and Hachi were both passed out after a few minutes of me playing funny enough haha!
Priceless photo. I need more like these. Speaking of my boyfriend, you guys might have already seen on my instagram that he took me to Spa Castle yesterday. A day at the spa was needed after all the stress I experienced these last couple months. We came back this morning and I felt like a limp noodle because of how relaxed my body felt. No worries, I'll make a post soon on how that went so stay subscribed. 

I hope all of you have a pretty decent New Years celebration. If not, keep in mind of the quote I shared. It will really lift you up from staying in the dumps. Have a good week you guys!
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  1. Girl, I feel you SO much! 2013 was not a good year for me either. It was filled with a lot of crappy things and growing pains. I, too, am just getting out of a rut. I want to let you know that your blog has always been something that has given me joy and helped me decompress. I truly enjoy your writing and watching you knock 'em dead with your style and makeup! I believe this year will rock us!!!!

  2. love your sweater color dear :D


  3. you're so cute! And I hope 2014 works out for you just as you want it to :)
    You should definitely do more ootd and fotd because you're so pretty with a cute style :3

  4. jfdkafjdla TEARSSSSS!


    First extremely sweetest comment of the year!! :D lol like wow, I am so thankful for followers like you. You just made my night with those words. Thank you so damn much. I mean really, I truly and wholeheartedly appreciate you for saying that. You too will have a much better year! Stay positive and it will happen for you I am sure of it! Good luck!

  5. I should so sorry it hasn't been too consistent but I promise to get back on that. I've been going out a lot lately and simply forgetting to but I'll start up since you mention it
    ^ ^

  6. I'm so jealous of how much hair you have! My hair is so thin that it's hard to come up with many ways to style it. Also, hope you're 2014 is wonderful!

  7. Oh haha thanks but the hair in the photo is just the lace wig I made last year. My real hair is not close to that in length but I wish it were. Have you tried castor oil? I hear it helps loads with thickening your hair up a lot!

    I hope yours goes well too sweetie!

  8. You look so nice in that sweater Crystal. :) This year has been pretty rough for everyone, myself included, for most of the same reasons you listed. But like you, trying to make the best of things, setting goals, and just having the faith and determination to make 2014 better almost insures that it will be. :D Good luck to us both and everyone else this year!

  9. Thank you sweetheart! I'm happy to hear from you, it's been a while it seems. Hope things have been well for you lately this year. You will have a much better one I'm sure. I'll cross my fingers for you :D

  10. ChocoBuniee1/26/14, 4:33 AM

    OMG!! its you!! i saw you on youtube not long ago and u are so cute.. your're like the cutest black gyaru i've ever seen.. :3 and you still look gyaru without the lenses ^^

  11. as always, really great and cute pics! I loved everyone's mustache photo.

    would it be alright if I used your first sweater pic in my modesty section again? you've always got such cute modern looking outfits for it!:)

  12. if you're still doing this then yes! Sorry!!


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