January 12, 2014

Spa Castle | Korean Spa In Carrolton, TX

Our Hotel attached to Spa Castle
You guys remember when I talked about Spa Castle? In this post, I'll share my experience I had there when I went with Kevin earlier this week. 

Located just across the street from the Korean supermarket H-Mart is Spa Castle which is a nice combination of traditional detoxifying Asian saunas and luxurious European water spas. What you will notice going into the spas is that the ancient forms of meditation are reinforced through some various forms such as their lounging rooms, heated pools, and more. Kevin took me here as a way for us to enjoy our holiday break together. We booked the standard room and for a standard...I was highly impressed.
The bathroom was so clean and sleek looking but what struck it to be most appealing to me was how modern it was! One of the first things I noticed was the pleasant scent in our room. Instantly I felt like melting right where I was, and because of the color scheme of the room my mood was so calm. Here is what the remainder of our room looked like.
The bed actually lights up at night throughout the headboard and frame.

So much white, blue and royal blue, I felt like we weren't still in the local area anymore. Not many pictures were taken of myself but here's the couple that I did manage to take later that night before heading out to have dinner.
Silly me didn't realize we were going to be given uniforms to wear throughout the spa so I ended up having to change out of my outfit I originally had which was fine since the ones they gave us was comfortable. They were just shorts and a comfy t-shirt. I don't believe shoes were permitted either so we were walking around barefoot which was perfectly okay with me. Some of the rooms had heated floors too.
Our hotel is connected to the building of Spa Castle but is separate as well. Once you get downstairs, you see the front desk and they can assist you on where to go from there. After walking from our hotel room and changing in the locker rooms, we found ourselves on the 2nd and 3rd floors. This was when I felt the most homey during the trip. We ate at Asya, the restaurant they had inside and got shrimp friend rice and a bulgogi skillet along with plenty of side dishes.
 This was the view from where we were eating at.
The Lavender area was where they did massages, facials, manicures, you name it. We didn't go here but when my sister's bday gets here I will probably spoil her to this spot ^ ^
Stupid Tosh.O was on while we were eating...really bad idea since we saw some nasty shit on those episodes they were airing. So gross!
We finally headed downstairs and walked around. They still had their Christmas tree up so I thought I'd snap a shot of it since I didn't get to at all during the holidays.
A neat thing about this place is that they have banquet halls and bridal rooms so I'm assuming it's a place where people do host weddings at. I'm sure the costs would be extremely high but I never made an inquiry. It is nice to know nevertheless.

These were how the saunas looked like from the outside. Pretty interesting looking domes.
This was the hottest one in the area. We peaked in and I said nope! We did go into the 122 through 156 degree rooms although my limit is probably the 143 degree rooms. Over that and I can't take it for long. They had one room that was 44 degrees and there was a massive ice block inside keeping the room cold. The other rooms all had heated coal.

A side note, if you are a contact or eyeglass wearer please take off your lenses and leave them in your lockers because you will do damage to your eyes if you have in your contacts and the material may not be the same afterwards. If you have any coatings on your glasses they may be ruined as well so that's just a word of caution because we saw no signs of this for people there.

This was the lounge room. Those things attached to the chairs are mini tvs. They had Korean channels and some American ones but there was no more than 10 total. Here was where they had nice heated floors! I would have spent more time here but we ended up getting some shaved ice dessert after the saunas pretty much wore us out.
Sadly there are no pictures of us in the pools since my camera's not waterproof and I didn't want to bother lugging it around with me but they were relaxing as well. Kevin accidentally almost shot out water at me TWICE by pressing the buttons that were on the edges of the pool which was scary but also really funny! The day we went it was really cold but it felt nice being mostly submerged in the hot water and feeling the warmth from the stem on your face.
Another warning I should also note is that in the locker rooms, there are naked women and men (the locker rooms are NOT co-ed though so if you are a female, you will just see naked women and vice versa) so just be aware you may see them walking around with everything hanging out. I didn't know about this but that's normal for these kind of spas from what I've been told.

As expected, the saddest moment of my time here was leaving. Being there with Kevin for my first time made it that much more enjoyable to me. You all should go if you live in the DFW area or if you ever come down for a visit. It's worth it. Admission is $35 and you get to be there for 24 hours after you check in. We got it for free since we had vouchers from H-mart and will probably go again before Feb. 8th since he got two others.

I thought I'd share this other event he and I are going to go to at Fair Park called The Chinese Lantern Festival. Have you guys ever gone to something like this? It looks so cool! I found a video from last year's festival that they had.
Neat right? Thankfully livingsocial has the admission tickets going for only $18 instead of $30 for 2 people so you can split the price down for you and a friend and it'd only be $9 a person! I'll share the link where I got my deal from below.
View this deal for Chinese Lantern Festival
School starts back up tomorrow and I'm a little happy and sad. Mostly happy though since I get to be in new fun classes so it'll be exciting! But I'm working a buttload this week too. Not sure why I was scheduled so much on the first week of school but hopefully things will slow down again for the next week. I also will be getting my braces off this Wednesday so wish me luck!
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  1. I go to H-mart occassionally, but I never noticed Spa Castle. Anyway, it looks like you and Kevin had an awesome and lovely spa trip! > w < Btw, that plate of what I think is bulgogi looks so good! XD Good luck with getting your braces off Wednesday. :3

  2. It is fairly new and is on the side of the Walmart building. It was one of the best bulgogi dishes I've had in a long time and thank you so much for wishing me luck! I'm afraid of it being a long and uncomfortable process too so let's hope it won't be that way.

  3. aww that looks o so so nice crystal! the spa looks very relaxing too ^^ thank you for sharing this :D and you are gorgeous as always <3

  4. Awesome! I'm going to have to look for Spa Castle the next time I go to H-Mart. $35 for a room isn't a bad deal! I'm glad that ya'll had a great time! Also, the lantern festival looks beautiful! I might try to go!

  5. Omg that spa/hotel looks AMAZING!!! Love how everything looks so sleek and modern. Damn, I want to go to this spa like now! LOL.


  6. Aww thank you!! :D It was super relaxing! I hope overtime they have more of these in the States because it's the first time I was able to afford something like this :) It's worth the money too.

    No problem, thanks for commenting sweetheart!

  7. Oh no so sorry I meant that it's $35 for the time spent in the spa ONLY. The rooms were $149/night.

    You should! Take a friend or two, it looks picture worthy from what the videos are showing :)

  8. Haha you should it's so relaxing and different from any other experience I've ever had. I cannot wait to go back!

  9. SuperRach Love1/20/14, 8:37 PM

    woah this place is awesome :D that bed looks so comfy O_O hahah

    hope we can follow each other :D
    Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other :) x

  10. I was looking for articles on spa in Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Though you topic was not exactly based on spa but it definitely highlighted some the spa products.

  11. I'm glad it helped you out in some way!


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