February 17, 2014

Chinese Lantern Festival Date w/Kevin!~

Hey guys! Notice the bigger width of my blog post section? Thanks to Glee, I finally am able to emphasize the image quality I share on here now plus I got a new camera lens in the mail that I cannot wait to test out tomorrow. You will see the high definition glory soon, do not fret.

As I mentioned previously, Kevin and I finally paid a visit to the Chinese Lantern Festival at Fair Park and although we decided to take the train on a chilly night, it was well worth it. There was a luminescent glow as we approached the entrance and the music was subtle but distinctly traditional and calming Chinese music. Here is some of what we saw as we walked through the park.
This fan lit up in a really cool way which I made sure to film and put into my next vlog for you guys!

These cuties caught my eye as they were on each side of this platform.
Those eyes and hairstyle ^^ Kevin playfully asked if I would ever get that haircut and I remained silent...lol! Looks good on these kiddos though!

We assumed the following was the American style portion of the festival. They had longhorns in honor of our state too. I thought this set up was charming!
 It reminded us of A Bug's Life.
This next one of Mario Bros.


This definitely made me think of the Disney castle. I wish it was made as a place to go inside of but sadly it wasn't.
Look! It's my zodiac animal the monkey! There were a lot of things in the description that it said about people born in the year of the Monkey I disagreed being accurate for myself but Kevin's was dead on. He was born in the year of the rabbit. It was kind of freaking reading how correct his was.

As we made our way back around towards the front we were where the amazing dragon boat was on the pond. It was my favorite set up in the entire area. Thank goodness the images we took by the water turned out okay.
We eventually got on and this is the shot I took while on the boat of the castle next to it.
Lastly we goofed around a little bit too since there was no one else around. Well maybe Kevin not so much haha!
Yes, that is me without any make up, no fancy outfit, hair not done, and just being comfortable around my boyfriend. 

FACT OF THE DAY: This is actually what I look like most days of the week (including school and work). Embrace the nerdy basic version of yourself sometimes. It feels pretty damn good!

As enjoyable of a night as that was for us, Valentines day was much better but sadly I didn't take very many photos :/ This is why I am glad my point and shoot camera came in last week finally (After the love day passed of course...grrr). Lugging around my DSLR as much as I love it is still such a pain to be bothered with most days. I'll make up for that though! I'm off to go read up on my notes for tomorrow's geology and health quiz. Fun, fun, fun! Goodnight lovelies!
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  1. AWW!!! I'm glad you two had fun!! looks amazing!! (especially the pandas)

  2. really perfect...I want to live here ^^
    happy day dear

  3. Emi Doll (恵美)2/18/14, 8:08 AM

    So lively and beautiful lights!!!!!!

    恵美より ♥


  4. Yeah it looks like a dream or straight out of a movie, I was highly impressed!

  5. Your pictures are awesome! I felt like I was there. That dragon boat picture is too bomb! Also, I love your everyday look;
    you look super adorable and nerdy, but still sexy : )

  6. Thank you! Wish I used my new lens to take these, the quality is wayyyyyyyy better than my standard kit lens. You will see very soon though ^^ Haha do you really? Because I used to feel super self-conscious about it for the longest time. I'm over it now but yes, I will start sharing more of my regular not so dolled up me on here in that case every once in a while.

  7. I'm excited to see the new quality because this quality is on point! I may not be able to handle the new lens lol It's really refreshing to see and you still look amazing ^_^ I find it refreshing because I get frustrated every once in awhile because I am trying to get into alternative fashion/find my own style. I follow so many fashionable people and I just want to be there right freakin now lol It's so nice to see you rockin your everyday and killin it. It makes me realize that maybe the little new touches that I am adding are making a difference. And that jacket is too cute!

  8. I love the colours, so vibrant! Looks like it was a fun event. ^__^

  9. It truly was, I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the cold weather we experienced along with it that night. It's worth the money I think especially since we got our tickets through livingsocial. That app has so many good deals it's crazy! Glad I discovered it :D

  10. It really was! I was shocked that they had something like that going on and no one else I knew was talking about it. Really glad I got to go!

  11. I know it was amazing in person. I'm so happy I went!

  12. lol you think so? That makes me happy to hear. I'm pretty hard on myself when it comes to judging my own photography skills since I've taken a class so far and have had PS experience for a few years so I'm all "THIS HAS TO BE PERFECT >:X!!" to myself before sharing a new post.

    Thanks so much!! <3 I got it a couple years ago from Forever XXI but I was real close to returning it because I wasn't sure how it would work with my future outfits but hearing you say that makes me happy that I decided to keep it :) It slightly reminds me of Tifa from Final Fantasy. Never played the game she was in but boy is she gorgeous! Might use it to cosplay as her one day if I decide to stop being lazy.

  13. Rinako グレー2/26/14, 12:27 AM

    So lovely post! I really love your blog! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! I hope we will keep in touch. ♡

    ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤


  14. Aww I'd like to but your url is not working for me and I can't figure out why :o

  15. Not to bud in, but try this link instead: http://macabrefledgling.blogspot.com Just removed the .czl and put .com

  16. Wow, commenting on this incredibly late, but these pictures are amazing and your boots look gorgeous, from what I can see(I have a boot thing, can't get enough of them even though it's not logical in California)! Also I'm year of the monkey too(Monkeys unite!) and when I read most of them they seem pretty relevant, but of course I don't know what that one said so, who really knows lol. I find the stuff on the Chinese zodiac is usually more relevant than my horoscope, but there's reasons for that I suppose and both can be pretty hit and miss.
    I also just noticed your Domo backpack. OMFG It's soo cute, makes me wish I had got that Domo tote I saw at Marukai lol, definitely next time.

  17. Allison Rascoe2/27/14, 11:49 AM

    Love this. It's amazing to see where you live has such cultural activities and events. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad you and Kevin had a great time. Enjoy your week.

  18. Thank you! The lights being so saturated helped with my camera taking these neat photos thankfully. Haha no, I hear you on the boots thing. I'm a boot girl too so I feel you. During summer, I'm that "shorts and boots" type of girl lol idc though, they make your legs look so much cuter.

    That's interesting, I feel the opposite in that my horoscope seems more accurate in describing my traits than the Chinese zodiac is but maybe it was just that one who knows? Either way you're right, they can be a hit or miss at times which is why they're just for fun to me ^ ^ Idk what it is about Domo lately but he's all over my room lol it happened unintentionally XD I want to build up my Rilakkuma collection now or My Melody. Time will tell how that goes though!

  19. Yeah this area has many different mutlicultural events throughout the year which is nice to know so any chance I can go to one I take advantage! They are usually super fun!


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