April 18, 2014

Gal Sleep Over + Funny Skit Video

Hey cuties! Believe me when I say so much has happened this week because now I gotta do some serious catching up with you! It's a little overwhelming and I am currently in the need for some sleep but probably won't get any till the morning since Kevin's coming over today. Even so, I'm still going to be a good blogger to you guys and make a post so I can catch up with all the awesome events that's been happening this week. Today's post is about a gyaru sleep over I went to that was actually a few weeks back now but I had to still share since we really had so much fun just being drunk college kids talking about lots of J-fashion related topics. Our friend Audrey hosted it at her apartment and this is what I originally wore minus the boots.
Nothing fancy. We had to take group photos of every one in the bathroom too. My friend Fatima didn't arrive till later so she wasn't in any of these and silly me blocked Lynn's face out for most of them lol I still feel awful for that! But her make up was on point thanks to miss Audrey who did hers. I did Joyce's but had trouble with her lashes because I'm a crap make up artist *sobs* luckily her eye shape naturally gave her some ~*kawaiiness*~ so I didn't have to do too much.
My favorite photo is of course the last! Then there's this not so insane one with Lynn finally in the front!

Audrey's make up collection is amazing and this was only a fraction of it! We used some of this on our ladies we dolled up.
Btw, Audrey makes a mean guacamole dip!
Is it embarrassing that her container full of brand name lashes makes me drool a little bit?

We also drank but I didn't get super drunk for some reason. I felt like I drunk a lot but I guess not.
We learned a twerking choreography on YouTube which was exhausting and we stayed up till 7am before finally passing out. How we did that beats me but that was a first in a while! I enjoy nights like these so much so when summer gets here I plan on attending or hosting more girl nights!

The following week me and Kevin got some froyo at Yogurtland. They are always busy there!
These were our cups of frozen yoggi we got while we were there. They definitely amped up on their topping selections! 
Left: Kevin's; Right: Mine!
I always go crazy with the red bean if I am given a chance. Here's Hachi being cute to Kevin when he was holding a marshmallow in his hand during the filming of the video. He ended up looking like one with a pair of eyes, button nose and a pink tongue!
"Marshmallow Hachi desu!"
That face will get him anything he wants! Well, not always but it's pretty effective on people who aren't used to it. I hope everyone's having a good week so far! I wanted to end this post with a video I uploaded to my channel earlier today. It's intended to be a light hearted comical skit between my Gloomy bear and Hello Kitty plushies. It's very short so please watch and tell me what you thought! I plan to edit videos in this way more often but do you guys think this should be turned into a series? Lemme know in a comment below!
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  1. Emi Doll (恵美)4/18/14, 9:54 PM

    So sweet and adorable, really reminds me of my best friends XD

    恵美より ♥


  2. Haha I felt like I was in high school again lol it was really nice :D

  3. Is it bad that the first thing on my mind to comment was, "Oh I like four lokos!" Is there ever a day I won't make myself look like an alcoholic lol? Honestly didn't know too many people outside California drank it, with the way people look at us lol. I always talk about sleepovers and have them sometimes with some friends, but I am a terrible sleepover host and guest! It's like when I know I'm going to one or having people coming over, my body decides to deprive me of any sleep the night before and leave me tired all day. I'm the only person who is like, Sleepovers are for sleep zzzzz! You guys look like you had fun and you're all soo effin pretty, I'm totally jealous. Lastly, those yogurtland pictures make me want to go get froyo sooo bad. We don't have a yogurtland(never even heard of it), but there's an amazing froyo place close-ish too us and I love it there! Also, I had really planned for this to be a shorter comment, but it seems like all my comments are so long oops. Dx
    xx MochaLexy

  4. Fernanda Azevedo4/19/14, 5:31 PM

    Aww, it has been such a long time since I last had a sleep over. And it looks like you had a lot of fun~ *O* It is okay, I understand how you feel with all those beautiful lashes (and make up as well) in that big container D:

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  5. Haha honestly my mom wouldn't allow me going to other people's houses to sleep over when I was younger but now that she no longer cares it seems like that's all I want to do now haha! It's a great way to bond closer with your friends. lol yes her hoard of lashes made me want to splurge on some soon after seeing it.

  6. Alexis your comments are of a perfect length! I always enjoy reading them for the simple fact that they always make me laugh lol so no worries! Four Lokos gets me super messed up so I didn't have any that night but maybe I should have towards the end. Darn! Next time though I will for sure. Have you ever tried Joose? It's just like Four Lokos actually but idk how popular it is in your area. I understand you on the sleepover tiredness part if you're the host. My place is usually a damn mess so cleaning it up the day before wears me the hell out I'm just like, how about no one come and I just sleep all day? - w -

    It's honestly all the same thing. Yogurtland is most popular among the kiddos in my area but I've been to others and they typically provide the same flavors, toppings and so on. But their spoons are pretty cute I won't lie!

  7. Always nice to have sleep overs with some girlfriends. Makes me want to have one with my friends too!


  8. Aah that video is so cute! Lovin' the story ;D Your voice though... adorable!
    I really want to go to a gal sleepover! Looks like so much fun ^^

  9. Cute video. ^^ I really miss having a girly night... Yours looked like so much fun!


  10. Ha, I usually try to keep them short and to the point, but in my quest to leave a comment of value I tend to babble xD! We actually do have Joose here, it's on the same level of popularity with the 4Lokos. I have never tried, but might have to now. Also same about the froyo places here and it seems like ever sense I turned 18 and keep older, I've become what 14 year old me said she would never come lol. I can't stand going places where all the middle schoolers and high schoolers are. I'm such an old fart now(and only 20 lol). I'm like why aren't you in school or at home doing homework, but then I say the same thing when I get annoyed with the people my age at my school. I've aged so quickly lmao.. So therefor I am forced to go to the one at the shopping center as there aren't a lot of kids except for early on the weekends. Yay for it not being super popular!

  11. That sleep over sounded like fun...and ...awww, you dog is soooo cute!! Ha ha, I loved the video at the end. it's so cute and creative! It actually reminds me of a shirt I have with a turtle and a giraffe with love hearts around them and the text :Love is Blind".

  12. I think when I first tried Joose during my anniversary with Kevin last year, we got the green can and I think one that was strawberry flavored? Idk they honestly just looked pretty interesting to us so we got them and I was so gone after drinking half of my can XD I don't think it has energizers in it unlike four lokos does. AND OMG that feeling of wanting the youngins' to go away has been so strong in me lately especially when I go to malls or movies. The worst is when you see them in hoards it's like BE GONE YA LIL HOOLAGINS!! It's pretty awful because I'm 21 and I feel like the younger a group of teens are the more likely they are going to annoy me so I stay away from teeny bopper scenes as much as possible lol don't feel bad though, every generation does that to the newer ones.

  13. Haha he makes love to the camera most days XD He's worse than me! I love cute stories like that so I'm happy to hear people got a good laugh from it! And your shirt sounds cute but the message is so true.

  14. lol Thanks Lizzie <3 I wish I could somehow switch off into making that my real voice just to tell adult humor in it haha!

    The sleepover was great! It was more of me and my friend Audrey playing around with gyaru make up styles on our girlfriends who also like gyaru :D Next time I hope we do nails! that is and has always been my weak spot.

  15. You should it's pretty nice to have every so often :) It makes me really appreciate having them as my friends.

  16. You should try it out soon one of these days! I like to get creative with ideas but the smaller the group the less hectic and pressured you'll feel in making it more like a party type thing. Small personal groups are more enjoyable for me ^ ^


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