April 12, 2014

Mini Gal Meet + My Cooking!

When I say mini, there was literally three of us haha but I really enjoyed spending time with my gyaru friends Nicole and Kalicia a couple weekends ago. They are a rare kind in my area so talking to them about gyaru lifestyle is still quite refreshing. We met up and had some sushi at Abe since Nari Sushi wanted to be lame and close despite having their door unlocked welcoming business. Their loss. I got this roll for lunch and Nicole got the one after:
Tempura rolls are always a good choice for me! I was the chauffeur for the afternoon, so we went to many different Asian super markets and a Japanese store in Plano called Shop Minoya. Kalicia and I ended up getting crepes as dessert made by this funny Japanese guy who kept calling us "dear" lol! I went there before but it was a little better to me this time around than the first time I went here.
My Canon Powershot EPLH does a pretty good job at automatically blurring out people's skin. Less work on my hands is always a major plus! Here's Kalicia with hers!
After venturing just about what felt like the entire metroplex, we parted our ways. We were close to not being able to get a group shot together but luckily we did before leaving.
What cutie pies! As you see, my outfit is a bit funky to label gyaru (or is it? Who the hell knows anymore...) since I tried to go for a zipper model style instead. I'll bring my gyaru game back one day now that I'm no longer in the negative mindset that I was in last year from the drama that unfolded.

I also wanted to share some food porn shots that I took over the last few weeks. I have gone crazy with making fried tempura, fried rice, and most recently I took a stab at making Egusi soup because I was crazing Nigerian food so badly! It turned out tasting amazing thanks to my mom for assisting me and Kevin liked it more than the African restaurant's food since he finished my plate instead of theirs ^ ^
I was too much in a hurry to eat this plate so I didn't bother using my DSLR like the others so that explains the quality. But fufu and soup is what I ate a crap load growing up ad even though it's not good to eat on a frequent basis, it is a great meal to make for your loves ones! Still working on that cooking series lol!


I'll be reviewing this wig soon and share with you all where I got it from ^ ^ Different color and style from my other ones! Going to go edit me and Kevin's video of our chubby bunny challenge hehe. Toodles cuties!
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  1. lolol I loved the cute face on the fufu! I haven't had egusi in ages (I'm African, but not Nigerian... I need to go to my Nigerian friends' parents house & put on my "hungry" face :P )

  2. Fernanda Azevedo4/12/14, 5:11 PM

    I now how you feel, I think there's like 3 gals in my city, and my city has like 3 million citizens xD And all the food looks super delicious! It really made me want to try, please send some to Brazil via airmail T n T.

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  3. lol idk why but it seemed appropriate because of it's fluffy nature hehe! I'm sure they would feed you quite well if you did that! Are you West African? Where did you try fufu?

  4. Haha aww *pats on the back* I know the feels, it's okay. I hope to be able to go to one of those international meets. lol I certainly will miss Fernanda!

  5. the food you make looks amazing!! also, the girl in all that juicy merch - LOVE!

  6. You're outfit is cute, but I have to say that Kalicia's is definitely more my style. I love the sort of hippie/boho look. Although every time I see you wear tha #OOTD shirt/sweater, I want it! Also the sushi pictures are killing me. I love sushi and just started learning how to makeit at home, simple stuff like the California rolls, but I can't wait to move on to the BIG guns. I'm already making plans to go buy eel from our local Asian grocer, because I love those ones and the sumo rolls. BUT enough about sushi(I could go on about sushi forever!). All your food looks amazing. I haven't tried messing with tempura yet, even though we have a box of the stuff that my stepdad's SIL gave us(I guess I could've said my aunt lol) and I love tempura shrimp. I'll have to give it as try now. Awesome post & I love that brown wig, the colour is soo pretty on you! <3

    xx MochaLexy

  7. I am from Central Africa (Congo), and we eat fufu too! ^_^ I think it's made with different flour though, so it tastes a little different than the Nigerian fufu I've had.

  8. Aww thanks Snow <3 I still need to get better at certain dishes but I think I've mastered tempura! Yes, Nicole was werqin it!

  9. Yayy, foood!!! ^^

    My weakness, haha. My stomach is now growling uncontrollably and I'm drooling D:

    ah, the dishes you made look so delicious. I envy your cooking skills haha most I can do is fry an egg and boil water pretty much. I need to learn! In my family I'm blessed to eat a mix of delicious chinese food my mom cooks and amazing african food my dad makes so I never really felt any need to cook. Nah, haha I think I'm just way too lazy and would prefer to just eat over cooking!

    The dish with the fufu especially had me drooling!! It's been awhile since I've had some and ever since I was little I've always liked rice and fufu way too much. It's bad for me but it's just way too good I can't resist!!

  10. so glad gfc is working again! Got you on my feed nau~

  11. Yay! GFC drives me crazy with being glitchy. I'm slowly switching over to bloglovin' for that reason. It's ridiculous.

  12. Oh neat! I've only tried yam, rice flour and gary. My favorite it yam! I am wondering what yours would taste like ^ ^ I'd love to try it out one day.

  13. Love all of the food porn!
    Your outfit is awesome, who cares if it's gyaru or not. The gyaru style has changed so much anyway... lol


  14. haha to each their own ^ ^ She wears that styles perfectly imo. I felt the psyche-gal trend being revived again when I saw her actually. I've taken a stab at making sushi before and although it was fun I ended up making a mess haha but this was luckily at my school's organization club room so it wasn't too terrible. I still sort of cleaned up my area afterwards but I couldn't imagine doing that in my own kitchen. Practice makes perfect though so one of these days I'll get it down as will you! Tempura is the noms! lol like ahhhh something about it's crispy lightly salted taste and juiciness makes me want more all the time when I think about it.

    Thank you! I will hopefully make the review sometime tomorrow or later this week.

  15. I made a lot of you guys hungry lol sorry!! Frying an egg and boiling water is way better than just using a microwave like some people I know so you're still a step ahead than them! Don't worry! lol eating vs. cooking...hmmm, I'd definitely go with eating without a doubt! :D Cooking can be enjoyable but without the right ingredients and cookware it's a pain which is why when I move out I want my kitchen to have all of the essentials to make yummy food!! I'm going to be a cooking machine >:3

    When I was younger, jollof rice was my thing! Fufu was my other thing too! lol I was a bit heavier back then but it wasn't noticeable compared to now. I still kept my appetite for all my favorite dishes at least haha! Gotta love our African food. Getting hungry just typing about it! FOOD WILL BE OFF LIMITS ON MY BLOG FOR A WHILE!! XD I can't handle these intense cravings I'm feeling right now!

  16. Right? It really has. I'm so glad too, so people can shut up with their carbon copy mentality.

    Thanks a lot dear!~


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