April 1, 2014


I’m having a baby!!!
Even though we're not ready at all like...by any means, I'm officially preggo with my bf's baby. We're going to stop going to school and move in together and live poorly ever after!! Guess what else I have to share? I'm sure you already know what it is






That is probably the most obvious April Fool's joke I've ever done but hey, you guys have never been fooled by me before so there's a first time for everything, right? It's a shame that I still have to restate this but I know there are going to be people who still think I'm pregnant so let me rephrase what I just said...


As a matter of fact, instead of being okay with having a baby now as I previously stated in my joke, I would honestly be severely devastated and in depression. I keep getting questions on my channel about when me and Kevin will be getting married, moving in, or having kids. At first those comments were somewhat endearing but now I'm getting really concerned about the amount I've gotten lately. Do they realize I have barely lived life yet to start settling down? I have NO job, NO bachalor's degree, NO financial stability of my own so I wish they wouldn't push those ideas on me so much. How on earth would I spoil my little prince or princess by being a dependent on my mother's income? Do I give the impression that I already make good money because I don't at all, especially now that I left my job!

Before having kids, I want to go to Japan and Korea several times, revisit London again and so on. I can't do that as easily when there's a kid I must take care of. And don't even get me started about the wedding questions...man I want my wedding to be a BALL! Imma need to have a crap load of money saved up for that special event so now is so not the time while I'm a full time college student.

*sigh* For those of you who aren't asking me these questions all the time, I appreciate your support of what I choose to do with my life regardless of my decisions. I would like to share where and why these photos were taken though! I'm going to help out again for UTD's Japanese fashion show by modeling. MODELING! I'm not a planner and never was in the previous year...I just want to put that out there. I'm also going to perform as well but I'm going to keep what I'll be performing a secret.

A cosplay photographer Tania took these pics of everyone at the shoot. Kevin was there trying to study but we grabbed him in a few shots eventually lol!
 I really love how this next one turned out! It's my favorite!
 Me and my friend Yoyo took shots together since our coats both had ears hehe (=^-ω-^=)
These next ones are random but cute group photos.
 Don't know how we ended up on the floor but it was a good idea!
 And of course I had to save the best for last and post this pic of us doing the derpy neck face.
I'll be sure to record and take lots of pictures of the show for you guys! It will hopefully be much better organized than last year was. I hope everyone has been doing well lately! Tomorrow, my mom is going to teach me how to make egusi soup before Kevin comes over. Should be fun!

Who are you guys going to prank today? 
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  1. You nearly had me there! I mean, you never know. Most people I know are having babies at the moment lol... Haha, good one! Happy April Fools!


  2. Wow, I might still be sleepy, but I saw the title and the picture of you and Kevin and was like OMFG lol! Of course after reading the next line I, instantly, knew it was an April Fool's Joke. I give you props, most bloggers do the whole, "I'm shutting down the blog" joke and make it seems legit,but this was totally different. As for the people with the constant questions, I'm sure none of them mean anything bad from it, but a lot of people(myself included) love your blog! It's probably for them, like when people read XiaXue's blog and Cheesie's blog. I like to say that the whole point of reading blogs is because we're all a little nosy, but I still understand that bloggers want privacy and the same old question can be annoying. I ALSO HUGELY agree about the age thing! I think we're both the same age or close, and psh nothing wrong with people getting married early and having kids if they can take care of them, but there's too many AMAZING things to do to be tied down at 21 with a baby. :| Well, I've gone on about that long enough lol, all the pictures look amazing! I'm so in love with that bunny hoodie, although I have to say that if I had Yoyo's in pink, then my life would be complete(perfect combo!) I also love the colour of your wig, makes me want to try something like that out, although my first would be a mixture of green and blue! Other than that, I forgot today was April Dool's Day. Spring Break = sleeping in and ignoring the world around me lol.

    Lastly, I also agree with you about the wedding part. I have so many plans for that, by time I save up and stop being indecisive I will probably be 60(joking)!

    xx MochaLexy

  3. That's true they sure are. A lot of YouTubers I watch have been popping out kids left and right. Happy April Fools to you too!

  4. Haha do they do that? Oh man, I'd be too afraid of joking about something like that and then have some people never return to my blog again because they didn't get the memo that it was April Fools day D: They are pretty ballsy to do that one on their readers lol. Yeah they probably don't mean anything bad by it at all and I'm kind of just poking fun at them asking so much but it does get old after a while. I'll most likely just ignore the future comments/questions I get about that until of course I am actually ready to get married and become a mommy ^ ^

    I was super nosy about Dash when Xiaxue had him last year so I can definitely relate lol and yes that's my point exactly. If I were from a wealthy family then hey, I might already have been a wife by now getting ready to have my first kid or two! Sadly that's not the case. I'm really happy you liked the pictures! I wish I was as good at photography as the girl who snapped those photos! Yoyo's was also from Taobao but I forget what shop she ordered that one from. I'l have to find out from her one of these days, it's super adorable especially the back because it has a cute bow!! As for the hair color, just go for it! I love seeing more people do fun hair colors and that combination you mentioned would work really well with each other :D lol weddings are serious business man...at least I view them that way. I hope I won't be a major butt and become a bridezilla...I asked my friends to slap me if it ever gets to that point.

  5. your wig here looks amazing!!

  6. Emi Doll (恵美)4/1/14, 9:43 PM

    Lovely outfit and so cute ^^

    You really fooled me, I've actually never done an April fools before *0*

    恵美より ♥


  7. Thank you dear! I am super shocked it came out the way it did XD

  8. I almost had a heart attack before I remembered what the date was LOL.

  9. lol glad you're still in good health after viewing this post haha! Sorry about the scare :x

  10. Thanks! You should try it out next year ^ ^ They can be fun :D

  11. Christy Linares4/2/14, 1:43 PM

    oh my god i was seriously gasping so hard!! ah let me fan myself lol

  12. lmao Christy XD I'm so sorry girl *turns on the AC*

  13. how come? were you going for something different?

  14. ahh from far away it looks fine so alg~~

  15. Hahaha nice joke! You and your bf are adorable together! =) I thought the guy pays for all the wedding stuff? Well in most Asian cultures it is...especially within Chinese people so the bride doesn't have to save for anything. Except for maybe save money for doing beauty facials and slimming! LOL.


  16. SuperRach Love4/8/14, 4:32 AM

    this is cute :) hahah i was fooled by you

    hope we can follow each other :D
    Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    If you’d like, I’ll follow you back :) Bloggers should support each other x

  17. Thanks so much! Yeah I have no idea how that works but I never did ask him about how it's traditionally done in his Chinese culture. His parents are somewhat untraditional so idk if that's going to be done in our case but I won't mind pitching in since I've always assumed it would be that way with who ever I ended up marrying. But at the same time, it'd certainly be super nice!! XD Haha!


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