June 26, 2014

Hachiko's cuteness!

Hey everyone! Hachi got groomed a while back and I could not resist to be that pet parent who takes loads of photos of their furry kid looking their best at home hehe! Is it just me, or do you guys who have fluffy dog breeds hate to take them somewhere like a dog park where they might get dirty after they get groomed? I still walk him and everything but I never trust him going to dog parks because for some reason other doggies, INCLUDING small ones, like to tackle him a lot and he's such a slow little booger when he runs so it just continues to happen over and over again.

Haha well anyway I wanted to do a video of him this day which you can watch in the header above (if it has changed the click here). Check out these adorable photos of him!
"What's up with the camera mum?"
"Uh oh, why are you starring at me like that?"

"Can I have just one bite? I will be a ballerina for it!"
"That was so yummy! I could always nibble on some more though."
"Time to go take my nappy! Bai bai!~"

Haha what do you guys think? I really want to try a new lens (I know I just got one) that has a higher aperture than mine but these still came out good I think. I like using him to practice my videography/photography skills hehe so he's used to having a camera pointed at him. Lord help my human kids o.o lol! I'm actually going to hurry off now to get ready to meet up with my friend Cheyenne who runs the CheyenneKpop YouTube channel. We're going to do a collab together so it should be fun! Talk to you guys soon!
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  1. Cheyanne Sorelle7/5/14, 8:09 AM


    Very cute! Looks like a little snowman! x

  2. Oh my gosh, he is so adorable!

  3. lol doesn't he? hehe I want all his fur to grow back now but it's so hot for him to have it this season.

  4. I'll tell him you said that ^ ^ hehe!


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