June 20, 2014

High Waisted Shorts Haul + HELP ME OUT (Kawaii Leader Contest)!

Hello my cuties! First of all, thank you all so much for helping my blog reach over 700 followers on GFC! It means a lot to me to see that people still care to follow me on here despite my spontaneous hiatuses I tend to have with it. I hope you all are enjoying your hot ass summer. I'm really waiting for July and August to get here so the bigger events arrive! I'll be sure to blog more about those when they do. Check out the new high waisted shorts I bought over the last week when I was with my friend Tima and Kevin!

The pair you see me wearing in the pic above are the ones I got for cheap at L'Patricia! I usually never shop there for anything but I had a feeling they would have some high waisted shorts for cheaper than other places and lo and behold there were piles of these babies all over their denim section! I was in heaven! Most were lower than $30 too!

This pair was only $25~
Kevin's favorite ♥
The back pockets have big holes in them so they certainly aren't appealing to me for practicality but the amount of frayed fabric on the edges of these made me drool. The following pair I bought from them were even cheaper at $17!
Not as much frayed fabric as I would like but look at the pockets sticking out! I wish they were a different design (like an animal print or something) but these will be great for 4th of July I suppose. At least these have functioning back pockets so I can't complain too much.

These last ones I got when me and Tima were hanging out all day together. I only bought one because many of their "smalls" weren't true to size and cost about $40! That's kind of insane to me but not entirely surprising seeing how trendy they are. Still though, I can totally DIY these if I wasn't such a lazy bum.

These are probably the first statement pair of shorts I have ever owned! All my other ones I used to wear look so basic in comparison. This bright orange color with the dark denim dye peaking in it's crevices makes it look unique. At L'Patricia, they didn't have any pair that looked like these so I am glad these were the only ones that ended up fitting me at Love Culture instead of the others I tried on.

Tima had better luck though with how well they fit her which brings me to how heavily I lack in the booty department. My ass is so nonexistent. I feel like it's gotten flatter in recent months somehow so I just need to start doing work outs for my bum muscles before the next time I head to the lake or swimming pools. Anyone know of some workout routines I can try? There's squatting, lunging but what else is effective? Should I do a before and after pic? lol jkjk...or hmmm. I saw a girl do it on Tumblr and it looked pretty damn amazing after just 3 weeks! I will for my own personal records.

I somehow never mentioned the other plushies I bought back in March from Anime Matsuri! Isn't that sad? I love these plushies so much too and was reminded of them when I made my last post from A-KON. These cuties are part of my plushie fam for a few months now and have been just lovely to cuddle with!
Currently the softest plushie I have! And it's huge!
So freaking cute! I want nearly every Sanrio character in plushie form but I'm trying not to make this turn into a silly addiction. My bed does look like it belongs to a 6 year old now though but oh well. My bed, my rules!


I spammed literally all my other social media platforms except this one so it's only fair, right?

If you have not heard, Kawaii International started a contest where a lucky winner will be deemed as the new Kawaii Leader! I honestly hope the best person wins more than anything else but if you guys think I should be recognized as such, please take less than 5 seconds to click the "VOTE" button in the upper left corner of my photo! I do return favors such as these for those who say they voted for me in future reference.

So far it seems the amazing Pastelbat is winning significantly to where I would now need a miracle to match up with her numbers so it isn't that heavy of an importance to me at this point in the game but it was still nice to give it a try. (Still vote though if you can, ty!) I am really thankful for everyone sharing these links on their social media though and am acknowledging just how many each of you are so kind to me when these contests come up! Thank you so much! I may not do another one of these for a while because they take so much energy and time away from you only to still fall far from winning. I will go to Japan someday, but it might just not be my time right now and that's okay.
On that note, here's a funny video I made about some people abusing Photoshop to a Dakota Rose level. Tell me what you think of it and have a great weekend!
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  1. Absolutely love your outfit!

  2. Those shorts are cuuuuute! ^__^

  3. so much cuteness in this post! love your outfit and new shorts~ hehe i have shorts with the american flag pocket wing things too. great video too. i voted for you! best of luck <3


  4. also congrats on reaching 700!

  5. Thank you! I really like how comfy they feel! I just gotta watch out for my buttcheeks sometimes so they don't peek out too much XD

  6. Thank you so much gorgeous! :D They're really cute to wear but I forgot to mention that they are the only pair that make my butt look flat > < so I'm working on doing lunges and squats haha!

  7. Thanks :D I am shocked it's gotten to this much! I'm pretty grateful for it though!

  8. hahaha~ i know what you mean!!! those kinda shorts make my butt look flat too, and i have a bigger butt than most asian girls lol.

  9. I know the feeling, since I'm also a lover of extremely short shorts hehehehe ^__^

  10. E Centric Fazon6/22/14, 2:48 PM

    I originally found you on youtube some time back for one of your reviews and have been following you blog for some time now. I'm amazed at how much you have grown. The new videos are amazing and I truly think you would be a great ambassador. Stay classy and keep doing what you've been doing and you will get there eventually! btw I voted for you XD

  11. Oh my gosh, those shorts are to die for! I'm in love with your top... I recently got a statement tee saying "selfie" on it, tehe. I think OOTD is one to add to my collection!

    Already voted for you bby <3 Good luck!

  12. Wow, this comment really did make my day! Thank you for your support and I honestly am grateful to have a kind and encouraging follower like you. I am honestly thankful that you took time to say all of this :) Being recognized by something like this would help boost my confidence so much but I would not forget those who helped in getting me where I would be like you lovelies! *hugs* I really do appreciate you.

  13. Ooo I wanna selfie one nao lol sounds cute! I can see you rockin that! Thanks so much for voting honey bun~ :3 You're always such a sweetheart like ahhhh!

  14. Emi Doll (恵美)6/24/14, 4:56 PM

    wuaaaaa so cute :3

    Love the shorts ^^

    恵美より ♥



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